Most common mistakes to avoid in Netsuite ERP implementation

Technology implementations are always complicated. There are always new processes to plan for, vendors to manage, timelines and budget to track, training and so on. After numerous NetSuite implementations, we list out some common mistakes that organizations should consider to avoid. Truly, you can and should depend on your system integrator to advise you, but you also should know about these apparently small issues that can turn out to be enormous headaches if not managed correctly. Let’s focus on those common ERP implementation mistakes that you should work on:

Most common mistakes to avoid in Netsuite ERP implementation-

1. Missing the “all in” budget-

Everybody has a budget for a tech project, yet it frequently doesn’t represent everything that’s required for a successful implementation. Many organizations have the “Complete it NOW!” attitude which makes everybody surge the process and set unrealistic expectations regarding what’s really required for success. Take a look at the total impact of your project and account for everybody’s time and cost. Be as fair as conceivable with yourself about the amount of your resources’ time you can commit. If you plan for the team to give 50 percent of their time yet you just get 25 percent, you will have some genuinely huge delays. 

To avoid this, know about and genuine about your organization’s experience. In the event that your SI is a good one, they should be asking thorough questions at the start of the project so you are aligned on resources, technical capabilities and budget. They can assist you to build out an “all in” budget that covers each part that should happen during the implementation, also what’s realistic for operating and maintaining the technology after the go-live.

2. Avoid Change-

Avoiding change can be overwhelming for any association. Companies today request immense customization that becomes critical to be adopted by the end-users. A few times inviting less customization than its actual requirement can also be a destruction deal for your business. In this way, ensure you are availing the degree of customization that you need. 

Introducing change in later stages can likewise be a costly deal hence, make an early plan for it. Additionally, remember to put resources into training your resources to ensure that your staff is ready to embrace the new innovation and boost its utilization. If requires, don’t hesitate for a second to hire new IT resources just to teach your staff or else more NetSuite implementation cost will be related later that may influence your initial budget.

3. Migrating and integrating everything-

Be straightforward about which data you really need. Your first sense may be to move over everything. Yet, if you take a look at what you really need, the truth could be a small amount of that. Organizations hardly use the majority of the data after it’s moved, so speaking the truth about what’s really required will save a lot of project/services time and give you much better worth include. 

With regards to integrations, know about what you need now and what you need in the near future. If you have something you need to change eventually, don’t spend time and money integrating to a tool that will soon end up in the trash anyway. Really investigate your roadmap and challenge your teams to maintain a strategic distance from discard work. Additionally, be insightful about what you integrate; companies that will in general connect everything don’t get a lot of significant worth from integrating older tools. They would’ve been better off retaining access to those tools than spending budget on a ton of truly difficult work for an integration that doesn’t give a lot of utilization.

4. Minimizing how important people are-

This goes for the individuals in your team and the individuals on your SI team. For the SI side, investigate their deep technical skills yet don’t minimize the culture. If you have culture contrasts, those can cause more conflicts than you may understand. Moreover, the SI’s sales and delivery teams should feel aligned; if the salespeople sound altogether different from the delivery people (if the salesperson will even give you a chance to talk with the delivery people), that is a red signal. Yet, in the event that the SI presents itself with one objective and seems to cooperate, then alignment will probably proceed through their engagement with you.

For your team, don’t wait until the last moment to engage with the end users. Including the field teams or stores teams is imperative for a technology implementation. They ought to comprehend what you’re attempting to do and why, and be permitted to give input on it. If not, you risk building something that doesn’t really support the work, responsibilities or expectations of the individuals who are responsible for using it.

In the event that you need IT to be self sufficient a month after the go-live, yet they’re not included until the last 30 days, at that point you endanger the whole project (even with the best implementation). NetSuite gives best training, so exploit it. They have the best possible approach of training individuals before the project starts and they give great license costing; they have two built-in releases for every year, so you don’t have any surprising license cost increments.

Final Words-

To avoid such issues, you have to involve the employees from every department over your organization including field team and store teams so they can comprehend what changes should be, the advantages of ERP framework, and how it will impact to ensure smoother workflow. This will help your employees to start the project with inspirational attitude indeed.

Today, organizations are going to ERP frameworks for rapid growth and achieve desired objectives with global scalability. Henceforth, it is necessary that associations’ ERP system should function at ensuring maximized ROI. 

These are some common mistakes noticed while implementing NetSuite ERP. There might be some fewer also. Solace experts are proficient in ERP implementation. If you are thinking to implement ERP for your business, you can consult with our experts and get the better implementation.

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