Must Have Features For Successful Fintech App Development

Must Have Features For Successful Fintech App Development

Fintech industry is continuously growing. Lots of new innovations are being introduced to meet the changing customer needs and expectations. Particularly in the COVID time, fintech apps are highly in-demand because people prefer to stay home and manage their banking and finance without going to banks. Hence if you’re thinking about investing in a highly potential domain, then Fintech apps are booming one. Also the need of banking and financial services will never go down and hence its shows a continuous growth and success of your business. Here we’ll see the must have features for successful fintech app development. But before digging into it, let us know the reasons to invest in a Fintech app.

Reasons To Invest In Fintech App Development-

Fintech app development

1. Need For Lower Service Costs-

Fintech fundamentally decreases the servicing costs while delivering effective business outcomes and automates financial operations to make seamless functions. Fintech companies have the preliminary information and insights of customers that when they need assistance, they are probably to know about it in advance and have the activity plan ready, leading to well-organized services. As coordinated to banks, consumer facing fintech organizations are simply seeing 1/100th of the complete acquisition costs and have a low-friction landing.

2. Today, Mobile Is Your Wallet-

Fintech companies are at the front position of transformation towards a wallet-less economy. They have delivered technologies that have made payments more comfortable and offer improved experiences, which is the thing that development is made or intended to execute.

3. Importance Of Data-

Fintech companies collects huge amounts of data sets on customer behavior. Using this data they analyze and automatically identify forecasted purchases. It predicts actions on mortgages, vehicle or business loans concerning prior experience and behavior.

4. Importance Of Financial Data Security-

Banks and financial organizations are facing lots of challenges to protect customer data from intruders. So, they are investing in fintech to eradicate their weakness to financial losses due to cyber-attacks.

Must Have Features For Fintech App Development

1. Voice Assistants-

It makes a new trend in mobile banking- voice banking. Voice banking will give a great user experience in the future. With virtual assistants, Erica is helping lots of users, the voice assistant makes a revolution in banking and financial app development. New trends can allow app to send voice alerts at the time of fraud. Also, they can support in bill payments. Optimizing apps with a voice user interface for sound driven search will increase the customer insights, engagement and leads.

2. Authentication-

Security of users data is a key responsibility for a fintech startup. Most of the fintech apps uses character-based password to protect against security breach. It is difficult to crack users’ password. Instead of character-based password, consider different methods to enable users with a fintech app with high-security standards. 

Biometric authentication- It can replace your text-based password protection technique. Touch Id comes under the category of emerging technology, it can be considered as a table-stakes for any fintech application. You can use this technology for password and user field too. 

Multi-factor authentication- For advanced security of financial data of users, you can apply multi-factor authentication methods for techniques. This verifies the user attempting to log in with the app is the account owner only and not a fake. 

Password less authentication- It is another method of user authentication which is gaining popularity because of its security and usability. Here, users get a secure and short lived link through push notification, text message or email. As it is a short-lived link, users have to click on this link to login to the application before it expires. It reduces the chances of fraud and instead of selecting anyone authentication method, it is suggested to use methods to improve the security level of fintech app.

3. Artificial Intelligence-

It helps businesses to automate business processes, increase sales, leverage predictive analysis, improve customer experience and detect frauds. Artificial intelligence allows you to use advanced technologies like- 

Machine learning- To take an advantage of predictive analysis by analyzing customers’ investment and spending behavior with targeted users. 

Chatbot- It offers better customer experience to the users by addressing their challenges or queries effectively and quickly.

RPA(Robotic Process Automation)- It can be used to automate and streamline different financial operations for professionals to improve productivity. Near about all fintech apps run complex algorithm processes to analyze saving and spending patterns of customers. Using AI for fintech apps, you can deliver intelligent banking services to customers. Also you can improve operational efficiency and accuracy of team by the use of AI. It lets you to free up your teams from performing same tasks and using their time on creative activities. All this improves the productivity of internal resources also.

4. Big Data –

Customer data is a key for financial operations, improving security with modern insights can build customer trusts towards your business. Big data helps to analyze customer behavior and market trends. Large amount od data can be analyzed to reveal trends, relationships and patterns hence the key factor shouldn’t be missed in fintech app development. Also, it will help you to detect risks and defend your customers.

5. API Platform-

API offers more options to the customers to interact with bank a nd finance service. Open Platform of banking joined an open API and has changed the banking ecosystem. Api is making innovation and improving customer experience in services, products, delivery channels etc. 

6. Instant Payment-

Rapid payment is the main goal of finance apps. While other applications are contending towards increased time spent on their application, financial applications should focus on users’ experience instead of consideration. Users always need simplicity in the process of transaction, hence the best fintech app should be easy to use. Instant payment platform offer a chance to achieve the highest transaction speed and improve customer satisfaction. Almost all the transactions will be digital- only as such payments will become more user friendly.

7. Blockchain-

Blockchain is the mainstream of digital money. It gives extreme transparency to the users by performing instant payments. Users can record, analyse and validate every transaction with a transaction record. By using blockchain technology for fintech app, you can reduce transaction fee for local and international payments and also increase P2P payments. It saves time and money for everyone involved in transactions. Blockchain improves the effectiveness of financial ecosystem. Technology offers lots of benefits like fast and secure data sharing across different platforms with interfaces like banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions.   

Final Words-

Ease of use, security and rapid access are some of the main reasons because of which fintech apps are gaining popularity. Developing a secured fintech app is a priority for development companies. Apart from security the above factors drive your fintech app to success. If you’re thinking to develop a fintech app, the above key factors will help you to develop a successful app. Consult with Solace experts and get a free quotes for an effective fintech app development. You can hire dedicated php developers, android developers, ios developers for a secured and effective fintech app development. We will be happy to help you.

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