Top 10 tools you’ll need to work from home

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Organizations over the globe are rapidly adopting flexible remote work policies for their employees. But for some businesses remote working policy is no longer a luxury. For organizations that have just grasped collaboration technology to connect with their employees and customers, transforming to a remote work environment should be a breeze. For those that haven’t, we curated a list of our favorite work from home productivity tools.

How work from home tools make teams more productive?

Working remotely and employing remote employees can be favorable to your business. Your team’s remote work strategy will be remarkable from various perspectives, and will possibly require some experimentation, but you can even now stack the odds in support of you. By using the appropriate tools, your remote team will be more efficient and productive.

Lower overhead-

Remote workers eliminate the requirement for costs, for example, office space or supplies. Also, your colleagues won’t need to spend time or money communicating, which is a stressful part of any workday. Besides, this has the additional benefit of being more eco-friendly.

More flexibility-

Working from home can positively affect morale, from lowering stress to better work-life balance. Remote workers can plan the schedule of appointments and get things done without missing a workday. Studies show that they are less likely to miss work because of illness, and don’t risk getting everyone else affected from the sick person.

Wider talent tool-

If you sidestep geographical limitations during the hiring process, this allows you to pick from the absolute best candidates for a given job. If the most qualified potential hire is situated in another country, you can still hire them, no issue.

Be more available and responsive-

The individuals who work from home can be available outside of normal work hours and at any time. This implies you can make your services progressively available to customers, and extend business hours. This is important for both sales and support.

Now let’s look at which work from home productivity tools will be more advantageous to remote teams.

Effective Tools For Work from home-

1. Sharing information-

Regardless of the number of individuals who decide to work from home, everybody will require approaches to stay on the same page. These tools will help you with sharing significant data to your team, regardless of where they are.


The front tool deals with the issue of emailing about email. By consolidating help desk tickets with internal email, messages, and applications, customer service reps who use Front benefit by a centralized and intuitive communication hub. For teams that use Front’s integration with Aircall, this includes the ability to make and receive calls, and access crucial contextual information about them all in one place. With relevant data about customers readily available, your agents can forget busy work for significant discussions—and they’ll speed up the productivity in the process.


Zapier allows you to automate workflows by filling the gap between your many other tools. Busy team members don’t like to switch between applications, so Zapier ensures that all of your customer and team information is synchronized between platforms. Facilitate the integration of your different tools, and keep your entire team in the while saving everyone’s important time.

2. Communication-

Communication is a key aspect for success of a team. If the communication is easy and efficient for remote teams, it will be an advantageous for organization too.


Slack is a communication management application appropriate to remote work. You can make team channels for each department, and send direct messages. Slack allows you to drag-and-drop files, bookmark messages, and pin documents for quick reference. This application reduces internal emails since it’s rapid, more effective, and more user-friendly. For remote teams, Slack allows colleagues bond or let blow off steam. It provides your remote team members a hub where they can gather for both professional and team-building purposes.


Zoom is the app of video conferencing. Consolidating HD video with progressively important features like screen sharing, content sharing, and local recording make it an obvious choice for organizations in need of an end-to-end conferencing solution. For starters, Zoom makes meetings more accessible. Just a single person needs to download it– – every other person can tap the meeting link to jump in from their phone, desktop, or tablet. 

Zoom can also upgrade collaboration during meetings. Whether toggling  between members to share screens, or using shared touch screens with whiteboarding, Zoom offers more ways for participants to share ideas, concepts than most video platforms available.

3. Task Management-

If you have a remotely working team (means from different locations) at that point it can be more difficult to assign and track the tasks. Each one could use a little help to keep stay over priorities and work assignments. Without the appropriate tools, your team will get a risk running in circles aimlessly and missing significant deadlines.


Monday describes itself as The Work Operating System. We’d describe it as a powerful project management platform that helps teams of numerous types track, manage, and execute different tasks and activities. To do as such, Monday has a smooth and intuitive UI with automation capabilities that make it a breeze to use. Monday integrates with a lot of your preferred business tools—a basic feature for modern teams.


Trello lets your entire team to create, design, and assign tasks in a simple visual interface. You can make cards for each task, and sort them by department, assignee, or department. As the resolution of a task progresses, colleagues can slide the relevant card starting with one category to the next. Trello’s collaborative tool lets your entire team to stay informed on the progress of different tasks, in a way more engaging than emails or memos.

4. Productivity and reporting-

These tools will help to increase productivity of your team, and assist you with monitoring everyone’s progress.If you can figure out how to have a clear indicator of performance and success, your remote team will work from home like a skilled one. 


For some managers, allowing team members to work from home can raise worries about performance. With quality assurance tools like Klaus, customer service managers won’t miss a beat. Klaus allows support managers to carefully review and rate their team’s interactions with customers across channels. 


It is an intelligent assistant that helps sales and customer success teams to translate and analyze customer-facing calls to get summarized notes and helpful insights from each discussion. For sales and success teams, it offers searchable transcripts, AI summarized notes, and auto-sync to your CRM. Conversational intelligence features like speaker and topic identification, custom keyword trends, and talk insights help to surface basic information for managers. Avoma also powers cross-functional collaboration with searchable recordings, centralized notes, and snippet and playlist sharing. 

For developers-

Pivotal Tracker-

Your technical team can make use of Pivotal Tracker for logging bug reports, highlight demands, and plan for the day in a solitary interface. This gives you a top-down perspective on what your group is taking a shot at, allows you to set needs, and lets you to plan your schedule week-to-week. If your developers are scattered and doing work from home, Pivotal Tracker is a simple method to stay a firm unit.


With the use of GitHub your developers can share code. You can ask for feedback, comment on each other’s code and work on projects collaboratively. Also with Github’s Slack integration, code reviews and pair programming are even easier.

Final words-

These days work from home is more popular and the above tools will surely help you to collaborate within teams, analyze productivity and so on. We at Solace believe in the advantages of using these tools to interact with the team and also to increase productivity. We have successfully delivered the projects within the project timeline by allowing work from home. If you are looking to develop software for your business, we are here to help you through our highly skilled managers and developers. You can hire php developers of Solace team for effective web development. Connect with Solace and Get a free quote for software development. We will be happy to help you.

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