Need Of Data Analytics To Enhance Mobile App Development

Need Of Data Analytics To Enhance Mobile App Development

As per the analysis, it has been recognized that till 2021, the number of smartphone users will rise to 3.8 billion. Those days are gone when mobile phones are just for messaging or calling. Mobile apps have enhanced the way people use their mobile phones. Today, mobile apps are used by enterprises, startups, and freelancers to run an entire company via smartphone through mobile apps. It increases the dependency on mobile apps to perform day to day tasks. Such apps require a lot of data. To efficiently analyze and manage such a large amount of data, a robust information management tool is necessary. And here comes the important role of data analytics. It helps companies to gain insights from collected data by the app.

How To Use Data Analytics to Enhance App Development?

1. Prior Product development-

Before starting the development of a product, it has been necessary to thoroughly analyze the user insights and market conditions for the product. This analysis can be from different perspectives, such as market research, the performance of previous apps, analysis of comparative apps, trends in the industry, and user behavior for those apps. Rather than a type of product, a complete analysis from all the above perspectives is important in making a product admissible to your audience. Data analysis does not stop here. Rather, it increases after the product development because the analysis is also what you will need for making an app popular and survive in the market. Consistent monitoring helps for exact insights and meet the demands of the market. Know the important considerations when building a mobile app at- 7 Important considerations when building a mobile app.

2. Post-App Development-

For the success of any application, it should be bug-free, easy to use, and offers an elegant look. But for users to continue to use your app, it is necessary that it meets all the user requirements. Big data provides a report of analysis based on users’ experience. By carefully considering these needs, app developers can effectively design an app that fulfills the user-oriented plans and unmatched user experience. By analyzing the customer’s behavior good big data analytics firms can offer you the detailed information. This data helps business owners to think about the upcoming innovative ideas for developing new apps. Companies can effectively develop solutions to attract more customers with retaining the previous ones. Developing client-driven apps, companies will get more revenue and improve their branding.

3. Analytics Of User Experience-

User experience is an important factor in any app or product’s improvement and growth. Big data is useful to study the critical behavior of users towards the core functionalities of apps. This collective analysis of users’ behavior gives appropriate information of user experience about how the developers should build the app. This helps users to get the developed app according to their own perspective. Also, big data analytics is beneficial for developers to detect any flaws that users may face and accordingly upgrade the product to offer an amazing user experience.

A large amount of data needs to be collected based on customer location, usage, payment, and banking information, etc. for the successful run of mobile apps. This data is stored and accessed securely by big data for the seamless working of the application. After analyzing the user response to app features, companies can add more attractive features within apps that can engage more clients. Know the best mobile app analytics tools at- Best Mobile App Analytics Tools In 2019 And Which One To Choose?

4. Exploring Your Targeted Users-

As we have seen that user experience is very important for the success of an app, hence analyzing the number of installs-uninstalls, session length, number of active users, etc. is used for improving the performance of apps. User information helps to target advertising campaigns more efficiently. The collected information helps change or add more interesting features, like products, languages and paid features, and so on. Data regarding the peak hours when users are active will help you to send notifications and gain more acquisition. For some apps, peak time is weekend whereas for some it is weekdays. Age and gender-related data of the user is also important when you are trying to target the specific age and gender group users.

5. Real-Time Data-

Technology is changing very rapidly and hence you must be aware of new trends, customer needs, and preferences to stay updated in the market. For this, you can use big data to get access to real-time information. This helps companies to make informed decisions to improve client satisfaction and sales conversion. For eg., in fitness tracking apps, apps need to monitor sleeping, eating, and exercise patterns with overall health. These statistics will help the doctors to detect health issues that an app user may face. With accurate data, advertisers can change the campaigns so as to help users to get a better healthy life.

6. Improved Sales Conversion-

Increased sales results in increased revenue.  Big data can help in collecting the data globally, hence companies can easily launch products in multiple countries so as to increase the reach of applications. With an in-app purchase option, you can monetize your product. To successfully achieve the target, is it necessary to analyze the purchase behavior and trends of the targeted audience. With the use of Edge Computing, companies can study the information closer to the source. This decreases the distance traveled by the data and hence reduces the latency and cost of data transfer. Big data helps companies to develop personalized app settings according to the user requirements. This increases the app performance and engagement.

7. Direct User Feedback-

Feedbacks are important for the analysis of user experience. You can arrange a simple quiz or survey to get direct user feedback. This will help you to improve the app’s appearance, features, and the way users interact with the app. You can get more genuine feedback directly from users and can change the app accordingly. Big data can be useful to collect all feedbacks and take proper actions.

8. Crash Reporting-

If your app ends up crashing regularly, your users will uninstall it and look for the better alternative. And this will largely affect your business. Hence it will be better to make crash reports with big data so as to solve each and every issue to deliver a high-performance app.

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Wrap up-

The use of the right metrics will help you to make proper decisions in sustaining the success of your applications and deliver a better user experience. We at solace believe in these practices and developed top-class mobile apps with great user experience. Are you looking to develop an effective mobile app? We are here to help you through consultation and development. You can hire android developers and ios developers of Solace team for effective app development. Connect with Solace and get a free quote for app development. We will be happy to help you.

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