Need Of Modern Businesses- Cloud-Based Business Automation Solutions

Need of modern businesses-cloud based business process automation

World is progressing towards innovation, automation and digitalization. Each industry is exploiting automation to great extent. It reduces the human efforts, saves time, and brings a lot of accuracy. But What is Business automation? How businesses are exploiting these new technologies? Why should businesses adapt it?

Business Process Automation-

Business Process Automation alludes to the automation of complex business processes smoothen data flow to ease the complicated task and track it. Generally, humans are not perfect at data organization and keep track of workflow processes. This may reduce the efficiency. Hence business automation comes to the focus to effectively carry out business processes and data management. Some businesses might be using some level of business process automation. Cloud based business automation is one of them that provides web based services to help you by binding your team together and managing business. Does cloud-based business automation really need? Let us see.

Need Of Cloud-Based Business Automation Solutions-

Cloud-based BPA tools are simple to learn for beginners. Most of them has a proper documentation and training available to get started. Also they are  easy to deploy, and take a load off your IT infrastructure. Here we are going to discuss the reasons to adopt cloud based automation solution.

1. Allows Remote Work-

Cloud-based automation tools allow team members to work from anyplace. As these tools are cloud based, it is easy to access the information and inputs that need to be processed without missing any deadlines. This can be effectively carried out without consistent emails or what’sapp messages. Managers can analyze the status of tasks regardless of the location of employees. Remote employees can interact with team and avoid miscommunication and hence increase productivity.

2. Can Involve The Entire Team-

Sometimes it requires multiple teams to collaborate for a specific task to carry out. A cloud based business automation tool gets the multiple teams involved in a task at necessary steps. A business development team needs to collaborate with client, and managers too. Information by the business development team would then be used by the manager’s development team to complete the requirements. Also, manager can monitor the assigned tasks to relevant developers and so on.

3. Reduces Human Error-

Generally humans make a lot of mistakes due to the lack of efficiency, frustrated mood, forgetting nature and so on. Starting from an arithmetic mistake in calculations to forgetting the complete task or mis-classifying the documents, there are many important things that may go wrong if done manually. A simple workflow automation tool can fix such a large number of problems.

Most of the organization faces the issue of having cracks in its workflows. These cracks can be in the form of a lazy salesperson unable to catch up with customers on time or a manager that miscalculates the conversion rates. Also there can be cracks within a workflow that can cost the business useful resources. A business automation tool reduces your errors. Using business automation tools, everyone should follow the predefined processes of the system and hence miscategorization and forgetting a step can be decreased.

Cloud based business workflow tools are more effective because people can access information and do their part of the work process from anyplace. Because of cost advantages, all colleagues can team up on individual devices. By welcoming all of your team on a single workflow tool would not have to stress over the challenges of scalability and slippages in data sharing which tend to creep in with most desktop or on-premise software solutions.

4. Productivity Improvement-

Cloud-based automation tools follow with productivity tools for task management, time management, communication, collaboration, etc. Teams can use these tools to productively work together, assign the task, taking action towards latest notifications and managing the time to complete the tasks. Task management tools like calendar views, daily task lists can be used to manage daily tasks more efficiently. Employees can check the assigned task and complete them as per priority within the timeline. Teams can work together by effective communication and collaboration with real-time messaging, report sharing, task assignment and so on.

5. Enhance Customer Satisfaction-

Customers are rarely forgiving and patient. They can change their perspective easily and any small mistake with your business can rapidly lead to this process. If you don’t take a continuous follow-up, they may lose interest and consider your business as unprofessional. Cloud based BPA tools streamline customer processes of marketing, customer acquisition, bargain to deal closure and also after-sales services. Relevant team members can view the history of customers interacting with your business. It helps employees to give better customer service and accordingly a chance to improve customer satisfaction with proper analysis.

6. Saves Expenditure-

Capital expenditure is a major concern for businesses and it requires a lot of support. You need a lot of time and capital to custom develop an automation tool as per your business requirements. Also setting up a tool on your local IT infrastructure needs a purchase license which is generally expensive. Cloud-based automation tools have a subscription model where you can pay per user per month basis. There’s operational cost included and is just a small amount of the expenditure. Businesses can absolutely avoid more cost of hardware, which may go beyond your budget.

7. Security-

There is high reliability, scalability and security available for your applications with cloud-based architecture. It can be hard and expensive for self-hosted solutions to get similar levels of services. Cloud-based business automation tools. Cloud-based business automation tools are reliable in terms of their availability, and security. Most of the cloud-based solutions are highly scalable and can be changed to suit your increasing business needs. Platform and infrastructure-level security are ensured by the cloud platform provider,  leaving you to focus on what you do best.

Cloud-Based Automation Tools-

1. AWS CloudFormation- 

This tool is Suitable for AWS cloud platform. It helps to automate nad deploy resources into your AWS cloud infrastructure. It is able to handle automated management of accounts, supporting business scaling.

2. Puppet-

This tool helps to model, configure and enforce required infrastructure configurations. It can work for all cloud variants from computing to storage and also networking resources at a high scale.

3. Ansible-

It is an easy to use and task-based infrastructure automation tool popular due to its easy automating configurations. It uses simple ‘playbooks’ language for automation,  configuration, and organizing tasks.

4. Chef-

This tool helps in effective compliance management from enforcing configuration policies to continuous delivery of production code. It also ensures high availability and GUI-based workflow pipeline creation.

5. Terraform-

It is an open-source tool to automatically configure high-level resources through extensive graphing. It requires a configuration management tool like Puppet or Chef to automate software on those resources.

6. Cisco Intelligent Automation-

This tool supports Cisco and other cloud environments, from Infrastructure as a Code (IaaS) to hands-on management and provisioning of instances. It provides a self-serving portal for users, multi-tenancy and network service automation.

7. Foreman-

This tool is best for building an open-source lightweight tool that manages the complete server lifecycle. It supports provisioning of cloud instances on all major cloud solution providers.

Final thoughts-

The cloud-based business automation market is globally on the rise, and for good reasons. Businesses of different types are increasingly realizing the need for cloud-based solutions to improve their productivity and streamline their business processes. Therefore, a great deal of cloud-based solutions also become available in the market. It is altogether dependent upon you to choose the type of automation tool you need. But, chances are that once your business starts developing, you will discover the need for an advanced automation solution.

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