Node JS Vs Angular JS- Which One To Choose?

Node js vs angular js

We know that the web development world has transformed exponentially in the past few years. The software methods and techniques that are viewed as front line in those days have become out of date or upgraded significantly. The innovative technologies like JavaScript changed after Google released its Chrome web browser. JavaScript has developed a far beyond a simple client-side scripting language into an incredibly powerful programming language which can be used to create server side applications in addition to the traditional client-side applications. 

Angular JS framework and node js platform are used to create powerful and interactive client-side and server-side web applications in Javascript language. While both are the javascript technologies, they differ in their functionality, performance and what they’re each used for in developing applications. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each, will help you to choose the best framework for your application. So let’s dive to the details of Node js vs Angular js.

What Is Node JS?

It is a cross-platform that helps to run Javascript outside of the browser. Also it is an open source tool but targeted toward web apps focusing on the  server-side of things. Mostly, it is used in networking applications because there are many things that should occur behind the scenes. Node JS is good for applications that need scalability and simplify the whole development process, making it good for those with less experience. It’s viewed as a more back-end process of web development than Angular JS.

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What Is Angular JS ?

AngularJS is a kind of structural framework that is used to develop dynamic web applications that are focused on the client-side of things. As it is an open-source JavaScript platform, it is free to use. And is developed and maintained by Google. Angular JS allows for a interactive and dynamic web application experience without adding extra plug-ins or outside applications. It’s considered as a more front-end process of web development that intends to simplify support, development, and programming. Primarily HTML is used in Angular JS and developers use it to build single page web applications that are optimized across both desktop and mobile devices.

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Similarities between Node JS and Angular JS-

Best feature of Angular JS is that it provides a set of features that reduces the coding part and so developers need to put less effort into making a fully functional application. Angular JS has a modular approach towards building an app and is popular as a Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework. Whereas, Node JS framework allows developers to execute code on server-side, so you can write scalable and light scripts. Also developers can make real-time apps with node js thus provides a wider scope for mobile app development.

Node JS Vs Angular JS

There are many differences between node js and angular js, and it matters when you’re determining the better framework for your web app development. Both the frameworks are good for app development but it is important to know what you exactly need. So you must know what your web app will do, what type of user experience you’re looking for, and how the app will run. Let us see the differences between Node JS and Angular JS and to know which one is better to use.

1. Basics-

Node JS- It is a Javascript runtime environment which is especially used to build server-side applications.

Angular JS- It is Javascript based client side framework written in Javascript with a jquery library. This framework eases building and running structured applications on any desktop or mobile device. 

2. Architecture-

Basically NodeJS is written in C, C++ and javascript, hence it can work with multiple platforms and is tailored towards Google’s Javascript engine. So NodeJS can be used for server-side applications and helps to make scalable server-side applications. NodeJS is customized generally towards desktop web applications like web workers, but can be applied to mobile applications depending upon the situation. 

Whereas, Basically the core architectures of Angularjs and Node JS are very different. Angular JS framework is developed by Google and follows Javascript syntax rules. Google developed it as an open source web app framework. It makes web apps more dynamic and can run without performance issues across both desktop and mobile devices.

3. Installation Process-

NodeJS should be installed on a developer’s PC so as to use it and embed it into the web application. Installing an additional program isn’t a complex thing, but it includes an extra one step. However, it’s well worth, when building up an application that will require NodeJS to run.

To run the application and everything set up with AngularJS, there is no need to actually install onto computers. Instead, it can be embedded into the code and activated when the web app is opened and used.

4. Working With Data-

Node JS framework allows writing database queries in non-relational databases like CouchDB and MongoDB. And this makes it easy for developers to build web apps.

MVW architecture of Angular supports two way data binding. So, the data of a web app is automatically synchronized between view and model. With Angular, There is no provision of support or features to write database queries. 

5. Features-

Node JS-

It also supports MVC framework, but has some different features. For NodeJS, these features focused on server-side development and applications. Best feature of NodeJS is its scalability for performance improvements both vertically and horizontally. It is easy for developers to test the code using various testing platforms.

 In short, NodeJS has a better performance because of the V8 engine that is used to make everything run faster without having to overcome roadblocks.

Angular JS- 

An amazing feature of Angularjs is its Model View Control Architecture. This eases the web app development while providing a smooth, dynamic end result. Due to MVC, code is simplified and it helps to automatically sync and update different elements. It is user friendly and has various extra elements without added complexity.

It has a Plain Old JavaScript Object which makes things run self-sufficiently. So, the planning is easy and developers can use different elements to get an appropriate look and feel that you desire. Also, custom HTML can be integrated into any web application, making UX completely custom-made for every single project.

6. Usages-

Node js is best to develop the apps that need more scalability from the back-end. Mostly, it is used in network apps or when working with servers. It is great for developers who work across platforms on small size projects that need potential growth. 

AngularJS performs best when used to build single page applications or the apps that will be maintained and updated by the client. For example, when utilizing AngularJS, it’s simpler to make intelligent applications that favor client involvement with ongoing, for example, texting and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It’s utilized in a manner that is explicitly custom-made to the customer. With angular Js, it is easy to develop interactive real time apps like instant messaging app.  

Which One To Choose?

Both of these Javascript frameworks are better performing while used to build web applications. The best way to determine which framework is better is to analyse requirements and match them with features offered on each framework.

You should prefer Node Js while developing a server side applications. And go with AngularJS while developing single page client-side, dynamic web apps.

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