PHP vs ASP.NET: Which one to choose in 2020?

There is a rising tendency to deliver progressive web applications that will empower user experience and engagement as well as facilitate the development process. The market requirements are rapidly growing and it is obvious that the appropriate technology stack could make a difference to the project. As indicated by survey, most of the market share of the backend technologies is gained by two programming languages – PHP and ASP.NET. Both are used for various projects, hence, it brings up the following question – which one is better for web development. Let us discover more about PHP and ASP.NET and differences between them. Let us see- PHP vs ASP.NET.

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1. Speed and performance-

As we talk about the speed and performance of both technologies, you should know that so as to determine a website’s speed; there are a few factors that one should consider. In case of PHP and ASP.NET, they both slightly differ with respect to speed. One of the significant tasks of any website is to deliver the results of a query in the database and show the outcomes to the user’s browsers.

In this case, there should be seamless communication between the database and the webserver to produce the output. PHP and ASP.NET both have equivalent abilities to access the files and discover images, so performance relies upon the database servers, end user’s systems or bandwidth. ASP.NET gives much better speed than PHP, and it allows parallel programming to support the coding structure that runs continuously.

2. Scalability-

With regards to scalability, both PHP and ASP.NET are scalable. But, while choosing the language, it is better to consider the state of the business to pick the appropriate platform. PHP is the best framework for the websites that boast Drupal in their core, and the fact is PHP accompanies the lowest learning curve and delivers scalability in terms of fault tolerance, performance to code maintainability, and so on. ASP.NET has a deep learning curve, but it allows developers to develop compelling web applications and website pages by using Visual Studio. It offers outstanding scalability in terms of performance.

3. Cost-

This is the most important factor where PHP beats ASP.NET. The main  reason is, PHP is an open-source platform, but Microsoft owns ASP.NET, and they charge a minimum fee for web hosting. In addition, PHP is compatible with various operating systems that include Linux, Windows, and Mac, but ASP.NET is just compatible with Windows.

4. Support-

As PHP is an open-source platform, it has a wide community of developers when compared with ASP.NET. Both the technologies are very powerful, thus you’ll find the solution to each issue as their team continues posting on forums. PHP is a widely used language, thus the network is very large, which helps every developer out there with various issues.

5. Popularity-

With regards to the popularity for PHP, it has a higher graph when compared with its competitors. There are many reasons that provide PHP an edge over the competitors. According to the insights, PHP has 67% of the share; and, ASP.NET’s percentage is less than 50%. ASP.NET is growing rapidly among developers, and there’s no sign of easing back down at any point in the near future.

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PHP Development: Pros and Cons

The Pros:

  • PHP is an open-source platform that implies you can use it for free, and there’s a large community of developers to help you.
  • It is the best choice for developing websites for established companies
  • Low-cost development with easy to learn curve
  • It is highly communicative with database servers

The Cons:

  • It isn’t appropriate for developing desktop applications
  • Comparatively PHP applications run slowly on browsers
  • Customizations may cause bugs

ASP.NET development: Pros and Cons

The Pros:

  • It’s highly scalable that makes it the biggest competitor of PHP
  • It supports coding and let the developers detect their mistakes
  • It supports all the programming language
  • Rapid development with lots of pre-loaded coding

The Cons:

  • Small community support
  • Deep learning curve
  • Relies on closed source technology

Bottom line-

From all these, we would state that both the technologies have a lot of advantages and rest, altogether relies upon your business domain. These insights about the differences between the languages will help you to make a better decision between PHP vs ASP.NET according to your requirements.

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