PHP Vs Ruby On Rails: Which One To Choose?

PHP vs Ruby On rails

With regards to web development there were two technologies that had transferred static web pages in HTML to the interactive multimedia tech of today. First one is JavaScript, enabling the user to polish a frontend of the solution. The second one is the PHP, that stands somewhere in the middle of the frontend and the backend, standing behind the power of most popular solutions including WordPress and Magento.

But, is one of the most famous technologies still relevant in 2020? Would it be able to stand comparison with modern languages and frameworks like Ruby on Rails?

What Is PHP?

PHP is a script language designed to deliver sites and also web applications in real time. It is one of the most renowned technologies in the web, used by 79% of all websites existing. PHP powers up well known open source solutions with WordPress and Magento being among the most popular ones. Facebook was initially delivered in PHP and later on translated C++. 

What Is Ruby On Rails?

Ruby on Rails is a framework for Ruby language intended to make coding simpler, faster and also more convenient for web developers. The technology imposes various good practices including DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) that encourages developers to reuse blocks of code. Also, the tool follows the Convention over Configuration path, allowing developers to minimize the configuration work by proposing a predefined environment.

Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular technologies in the world, powering more than a large number of websites out there. It was included in the list of 20 most popular technologies in the world delivered by TIOBE Index and positioned 13th on StackOverflow’s ranking of the most well known programming languages.

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PHP Vs Ruby On Rails-

PHP vs Ruby On Rails

1. PHP vs Ruby On Rails – User Interface

PHP has a strong background as a tool to connect websites with databases. It was not designed to make the web page shine, but to enable the user to access a huge content. It works well with regards to that, but to deliver an amazing user experience it should be supported with additional technologies like JavaScript. Ruby on Rails is known for delivering websites that upgrade the user experience. It is a modern technology for building user-centric websites. 

2. PHP Vs Ruby On Rails – Architecture-

Ruby on Rails is praised for adopting the Model-View-Controller paradigm, effectively forcing the user to follow the best practices on building applications. 

PHP, as mentioned above, is typically used saute, with each developer building own stack of technologies. It gives freedom to deliver messy code and unstable architecture. The quality relies just upon the skills of the developer.

3. PHP Vs Ruby On Rails- Speed Of Coding-

With DRY principle and Convention over configuration forced, Ruby on Rails web development empowers developers to do what is best at – coding. It removes a great deal of time normally wasted for ordinary work of configuration and delivering a programming environment. PHP again comes to saute, without any tools to accelerate configuration or some other aspect. So the language, in spite of being relatively simple, can provide trouble during the implementation of the end solution.

4. PHP Vs Ruby On Rails – Performance

Ruby on Rails is fast and elegant. It delivers good performing code supported by good programming practices and reliable architecture. PHP is a programming language, so it is difficult to decide whether its performance is better than RoR. With full freedom to deliver marvelous (or crappy) code. However, assuming that there are only development stars on board, PHP outperforms Ruby on Rails. However, to be honest – are there? It isn’t that simple to find a star, regardless of if you are searching for Ruby on Rails web developer or PHP coder.

5. PHP Vs Ruby On Rails- Community & Support-

PHP is renowned, vulnerable, rustproof and unsinkable. Taking into account that, there is a strong demand for PHP coders. Also, with PHP being around since 1995 there is an enormous library of tricks, Q&As, and already solved issues. In addition, there are many PHP developers on GitHub or Stack Overflow to help both on the language itself and specific technologies like WordPress or Magento.

Ruby on Rails is a newer technology, yet effectively developed, with a thriving community. But, there is no way to outrun the experiences gained since 1995.

6. PHP Vs Ruby On Rails – Stability

With MVC and DRY paradigm forced, Ruby on Rails delivers practically less ro zero issues with security. By reusing blocks of code, developers ensure there are no shrouded dependencies or hardcoded information that should have been inserted as a variable.

With PHP there is total freedom. It implies bot freedom to create or to destroy. With no imposed rules however the developer skills, the stability intensely relies upon the developer’s skills. That can mean anything – from total unbreakability to a minefield.

7. PHP Vs Ruby On Rails – Documentation-

Ruby on Rails accompanies clear, legible and logical documentation, that supports Ruby on Rails programmers on each aspect of their job.

PHP on contrast accompanies documentation designed in 1995, the pre-good practices era. Sometimes riddled or inconsistent, mostly omitted because of extensive help available in the Internet.

When To Use PHP?

PHP is as of now the most well known web language. Its popularity originates from a tremendous amount of open source software using it. So if the issue is absolutely standard without any perspective to be tweaked in any way, PHP can be a good decision. An absolutely standard blog can be run on WordPress with no uncertainty in a similar way as e-commerce can be supported by Magento. 

But, if you search for something more sophisticated, the tech from earlier years can be an unsafe choice. You can hire dedicated PHP developers of Solace team for successful web development.

When To Use Ruby On Rails?

Ruby on Rails development is a mature and stable technology to support more sophisticated solutions. Also, as a web-centric framework, RoR allows organizations not only to digitize but also to augment business processes with new possibilities. When the organization needs something more than “standard” or “typical” solution, Ruby on Rails is a superior pick, particularly when you need some modern e-commerce product or SaaS product.

To be completely honest – would you like your company to be “typical” and “standard” one?

Wrap Up-

The PHP versus Ruby On Rails comparison has a great deal of subjective moments to take into consideration including the future extent of tasks to solve and initial professional experience. Both have their strong and weak sides, yet Ruby On Rails continues to gain popularity for business-critical and e-commerce applications because of its scalability, versatility and upgradability.

If you are still confused to choose the best one between PHP and Ruby on Rails for development, consult with Solace Experts. You can hire php developers of solace for an effective web solution. We have dedicated developers to help you through their best knowledge. Connect with Solace for more effective and efficient web solution. We will be happy to help you.

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