Progressive Web App (PWA) – New trend in the Mobility Era

PWA New trend in mobility era

Progressive web app(PWA) is not a new concept but with large diversity in mobile OS, screen sizes and resolutions, this is picking a good pace in current mobility era. Working for one of our existing customers, we created Progressive web app(PWA) module for Siberian CMS.  Siberian CMS itself is a very powerful tool and creating PWA for it was challenging as well as most satisfying work.

When Google came up with the idea of Progressive web app(PWA) in 2015, Progressive web app(PWA) have gained popularity due to its great features and advantages in mobility era in last 4 years. So before it becomes enlarged let’s have a look at what are Progressive web app(PWA) exactly?


What is Progressive web app(PWA)?

It’s pretty interesting that Progressive web app(PWA) give the exact feel like native applications. In the easiest sense, Progressive web app(PWA) are mobile apps delivered or generated through the web before it gives a website overview. This technology enables Progressive web app(PWA) to deliver an app-like experience on your browser exactly similar to a native app. It feels like a native app due to the use of an app-shell that provides app-style navigations and gestures. Since progressive apps are built on the web, they are not tied to specific devices which means they are totally responsive and compatible with any device. A Progressive web app(PWA) displays seamlessly and identically on all devices, including desktop, mobile, tablet, or whatever comes next.

Moreover, when we delivered some basic features of the Progressive web app(PWA) we being with service workers which enable a Progressive web app(PWA) to load instantly, regardless of network quality. In other words, this web app is designed to work offline and in areas of low connectivity. Due to this, we got an advantage like Progressive web app(PWA) work online or offline.  With the help of pre-caching, it stays up-to-date, serving the user with the newest content upon launch. Similar to an app, the user is able to save the Progressive web app(PWA) to their home screen to access it at any time. Making it installable, without the hassle of downloading it from the app stores.

Here are some advantages to the user and business perspective:

  • Workability with every phone, browser, and user. So, that’s totally responsive.
  • Fits every screen size and shows compatibility.
  • Works Online or Offline, So, which can work on low connection also.
  • Easy Searching capabilities which make SEO friendly.
  • Updated Content Viewing. So, need of upgradations.
  • Secure and Navigation just like an App
  • Notifications on the go due to browsers notification.
  • Anytime access everywhere.

While Native mobile apps might get low popularity in the mobility era, but Progressive web app(PWA) has come with the best solution from the business perspective that will boost the user performance in the digital world. Progressive web app(PWA) offer the best of both ends, with all the shareability, features wise of the web and all the functionality of the native app. Solace Technologies has been working on web apps and mobile apps since 2010 and we are excited about this new technology. It finally gives us the ability to implement native features in our web apps. We will be part of the future of apps, where the mobile app and the mobile website become one.

If you’re interested in developing Progressive web apps for your business, then you might need some help getting started. Solace Infotech is an ideal place to start, and the experts there will be happy to develop a PWA that set you on your way to business innovation. Feel free to contact us for PWA development.

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