Python for development- Should you choose it or not?

Python is a popular programming language among developer’s community. This is because languages like PHP, C++, or Java are more challenging to  learn. This programming language is easy to learn and a great choice for beginners, yet it doesn’t imply that python development doesn’t have defects. Some may even believe it to be an old-fashioned for modern programming needs. To choose whether you should go for Python development, you should both advantages and disadvantages. Let us see each of them.

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Why Go for Python Development?

1. Versatile, easy to use-

This language focuses on code readability. The language is flexible, neat, easy to use and learn, readable, and well-structured. The learning curve of Python is very mild and the language is feature rich. It is a dynamically typed language, which makes it friendly and faster to develop with, providing REPL as well as notebook like environments, for example, Jupyter. Because of flexibility of python, it is easy to conduct prior data analysis. Python allows you to take the best of various paradigms of programming. It’s object oriented, but also effectively adopts functional programming features.

2. Less code-

Due to the simplicity of the language, Python helps you to perform a larger number of functions than other programming languages with lesser codes! In short, if you are knowledgeable on the basics of the language, you can easily create a complete game within two days. This efficiency, simplicity, and convenience are hard to find in other similar programming languages. This advantage makes Python Development a superb decision for many developers.

3. It aids in learning other codes-

Beginners can easily learn python by just watching a tutorial. It is that simple! When you truly understand the details of Python web development, it is simple for you to grasp other complicated also. This includes programming languages like Perl, JavaScript, C#, and Ruby. With regards to the language itself, Python can be used for multiple web development projects. Hence, it is a great stepping stone for beginners but within itself, it is a useful tool.

4. Asynchronous Coding-

It doesn’t require a lot of effort to write and maintain asynchronous code using Python since there are no deadlocks or research contention or any other confusing issues. Every unit of such code runs independently, enabling you to deal with different circumstances and issues quicker.

5. Enterprise Application Integration-

Python is a more popular choice for enterprise software applications, because of its smooth integration with different languages generally used in enterprise development, for example, Java, PHP, and .NET. Python calls from and to Java, C++ or C code directly allowing considerable process control and implementation of the most well-known protocols and data formats. Aside from this, it tends to be applied to assembling new and old fragments of framework, which is a common case in complex mobile applications.

6. Prototypes building-

Each idea has a limitations. Why? This is because unique ideas are a myth. Some ground-breaking idea that you might have also come up in the mind of someone else. In the corporate world, the key is to be the first to do business out of it. This is the place where Python may turn into a helpful tool. As referenced previously, we know that Python is faster since it requires less lines of coding. It can help to build prototypes rapidly. The sooner you materialize your idea; the higher the chance that you will get the first mover advantage.

7. Cost-effective-

Most of the business or developer need a cost-effective solution. And, Python is superb for those who are on a budget limit. It helps you in creating your product both fast and on a budget. This makes it a perfect solution for new companies and entrepreneurs alike.

Why Not Go for Python Development?

1. Adopting other languages become difficult-

It is easy to get acclimated with simple things in life. So much, that once you do, complicated things appear to be unachievable. Developers who get used to Python, will in general see its extensive library to be a sanctuary. In this way, whenever they work with other programming languages, they face challenges in adapting. Something as basic as declaring variable types and values may turn into a problem for python lovers since they aren’t used to such tedious tasks.

2. Python performance on mobile platforms-

With regards to desktop and server platforms, Python has succeeded in leaving its mark. In any case, the same can’t be said about mobile computing. Compared with other languages, Python is fundamentally more weak for mobile computing. This is the biggest reason why you will only find a handful of mobile applications created using Python. Developers looking to go into this direction probably won’t find Python the best language for them.

3. Slow speed-

Instead of using a compiler, as other programming languages, Python uses an interpreter. This is the reason why development process occurs at a slow pace. But this is not generally the situation. For most web applications, the Python development process is very fast. But, the slow speed instances are too many to ignore.

Final words-

The question is, should you choose python development? Just like other programming languages, Python also has advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of whether the disadvantages are justified, it relies upon how advantageous you think the pros are. Analyze your need concerning your programming language and decide accordingly.

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