Secrets Tips To Make A Successful Viral App

Secret tips to make a successful viral app

One must think that any app can be successful- You have to just develop an app, upload to app store and then your app will get millions of downloads. Is that true? Absolutely No. 

There are two million apps available on the app store, more than 2.7 billion active users for smartphones and 1.35 billion users for tablets. Nearly 90% of these users are active on apps. Now you can think of the chance of your app virality. Everyone knows how to develop an app but don’t know how to give the users exactly what they need? You many have lots of questions in mind such as- what makes an app addictive to the user? How to build an app that goes viral? How to measure the virality factor of an app?  And so on.

Let us see one by one.

Concept Of Viral App

App Virality

Do you know what PubG? This is a best example of application virality. An application is said to be viral when it engages crowds and encourage others to use it. It will be downloaded by thousands of people and also the audience downloads it continuously.

Viral applications are the apps that tend to grab the attention of users, and engage users to the mobile app, and add value to their overall experience. 

People satisfied with the app can share the app via social media platforms. This is an important factor for the users that makes an app go viral. 

How You Can Calculate App Virality?

You have seen the meaning of viral application. It important to measure the virality of an app. But how? How can you measure the virality of an application in the market?

The virality is estimated by using a coefficient method. For example, you have downloaded a certain app and liked it so much. Naturally, you will recommend it to friends and similarly if your friends like it, they will recommend it to others. And this will continue to go on. If one user brings in 2 more users then the viral coefficient will be 2.0. An application that has more than 1.0 of the viral coefficient will be considered as a viral application. The higher the number, the more will be the growth in the future.

You can calculate the coefficient of an application by following the steps-

  • Calculate the total number of current users (50)
  • Multiply the number with the referrals or invitation sent out by the users (50×10
  • Calculate the percentage of users signed up due to the referrals or invitations (10%)
  • If 10% of new users have signed up with 500 invites or referrals then you will have an estimate of 50 new users.
  • Now divide the new users with existing ones to get the viral coefficient. (50/50 = 1)

This is only the base of the viral coefficient. For better growth, it is necessary to have a viral coefficient more than 1. If a viral coefficient is more than 20, then it is said to grow in the user base aspect.

Important Factors That Lead To App Viral-

1. Viral Coefficient-

Checking the viral coefficient is a complex task if not done effectively. You must know about- How to optimize your viral app with viral coefficient? While working on ensuring the success of an app, it is necessary to improve the viral cycle time. Ensure to have less steps for app sharing. The contact integration can be carried out instead of email addresses to import the contact list. 

Value Proportion is an important term while improving the quality of an application. Do you think that a user will share it on any social media platform or among his/her contacts? The Z-factor must be available in the application that compels users to place it in front of the audience. Also, it is important to ensure that the user can easily access applications and accordingly you must enhance the experience of the app.

2. Cycle Time-

Cycle time is an important part of the viral coefficient of an application. Consider the number of steps required to follow while sharing the app among contacts- It can be link-sharing or code sharing to download the application. If the app sharing requires less steps and time, the more sharing can be done. For eg.,  YouTube videos take less time to reach the maximum crowd because they just need to copy-paste the URL. A retweet is an example that shows least viral cycle time. Hence ensure that an app need just fewer steps and time to share the application with the contacts. The less the viral cycle time, the more sharing can be done.

3. App Virality-

The application having common functionality like others has no meaning to battle in the market with zero yields. Users never share boring applications. Also implementing new features after launch is a complex task that can be bad for the application flow it they don’t fit for the segment. Hence your application must be improved with time and necessary techniques to go viral. It is important to follow the appropriate techniques to achieve the virality tag for app and be successful in the tech market. The first application version shows what you are offering in the market. Regular updates and improvements are important to reach the app virality category.

How To Make An Addictive App?

Being a part of the mobile app development company, we understand that there are certain aspects that one must know about to make an application go viral. Here are the insights of the major secret to designing an addictive app that one must know about.

1. Target Audience-

The app should be developed and designed by considering the target audience according to age, location, interest, nationality. And this is one of the most important viral applications marketing strategy.

2. Design-

User-friendly apps engage more audience and hence increase the chance of app virality. Hence your app design and development must be user friendly not just for tech-savvy but also for others that can appeal the crowd.

3. Visibility-

Application visibility to the app store is more important and is not as easy at it shows. Application visibility depends on title, description and keywords. Also viral app marketing strategies impact the visibility of the application.

4. Success Measurement-

Measure the virality coefficient regularly to track the performance of an app. Sharing invites, updates and app use are more important for virality. Also you can see the uninstalled numbers through which it will be easy to make changes in the app accordingly.

How To Attract Crowd To Your App?

If an application is already famous in the market and has a good place in app store. After that it is important to maintain it. You can do it by standard optimization so as to increase the visibility of app that will help to maintain the virality. Let us see some important strategies-

1. Title And Keywords

Title has a significant importance as it directly impacts the audience to make them visit the application and use it. Hence use the title of app that stands out and showcase the nature of the application.

Also keywords should be smartly used to bring the audience to the application. It helps to search the application, hence you must go through the trending keywords and scan competitors regularly. As the market is drastically changing and requires a decent speed to catch up to achieve application success, you must regularly update it.

2. Online Presence-

These days the majority of the audience is over the internet, then why not you. You can easily spread awareness of the brand through online presence. Just get a website or landing page developed or use free software to have a site. It requires the charges of hosting spaces and domain name, at that point you are good to go. This platform helps the audience to know more about application concept. Creative design impacts the audience with specific fonts and color palettes to make visuals attractive.

3. Ratings And Reviews-

Ratings and Reviews to the apps are important as it helps to place an application on the top list. Hence each review must be taken seriously and solve the issues before any user complains again. Improvements with continuous updates and changes help to enhance overall chart status.

4. Application Launch-

No one will pay you for an application during the initial stage. Making IAPs free for a specific time span can have a large impact to the application. This improves the ranking and helps to grab the audience to make the in-app purchase. A few free and a few paid features is a good way to approach in the market.

5. ASO – App Store Optimization-

While working on “how to make a viral android application”, it is ideal to work on application store optimization strategies. It is a perfect way to improve application visibility with metadata components, for example, screenshots, keywords, descriptions, and titles. Accordingly, it works to improve discoverability making it reach charts. Now is an ideal opportunity to exploit ASO to increase download rates with cost-effective techniques. You can know app store optimization tips at- What you should do to get more downloads to your app(app store optimization tips).

6. Push Notification-

Push Notification makes interaction easier between users and applications. It depends upon different elements including:

Timing –  Send a notification to check out the new added items to remind users or update them about upcoming events. It must be done smartly to capture the attention by considering the peak time of active users.

Engaging – Application notification has limited space. Hence it is important to make it interactive and unique. 

7. Security-

It is easy to hack everything whether it is a social media platform or website. Hence, it is important to have something that the audience can trust. It’s not a day process and will easily come naturally over time. But the company must start incorporating thoughts to the trust factor as well to gain popularity. This can be accomplished with the help of push notification to offer information and requirements of users. The fact is that the user must feel cared, this will cause them to promote your application and recommend it to friends.

Wrap Up-

This is only the basics that can help you in going viral online but there are many more things that you should know about. Simply developing any type of app won’t make it go viral. So as to assure the success of an app, it is necessary to have that viral thought. It is the most basic thing that can help one with working on making an application viral. If you have an app idea and need to build and viral it, connect with solace experts. We have dedicated experts to help you through development. You can hire android developer or flutter developer for successful app development.  Get a free quote for effective and efficient app development that will keep you a step ahead of your competitors.

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