Comparison between 3 best E-commerce platforms: Shopify vs Magento vs Opencart

E-commerce world isn’t simply wealthy with profits – e-commerce is also wealthy with technological and operational possibilities. Anyone wanting to make an online store includes a big selection of viable solutions to decide on from, go all the manner from fully-enclosed hosted services to versatile and customizable open source systems.

For those that like freedom of open-source software, there are some top choices that turn up fairly often. We are planning to compare 3 of leading contenders; thus let’s see Shopify Vs Magento Vs Opencart. Let’s find out how they gather and see what conclusions we will draw concerning that you must select for your e-commerce website – particularly looking at their levels of flexibility, security and features.

Shopify VS Magento VS Opencart

1. Shopify

Shopify is a web application that has been specifically designed to permit merchants launch their own online store. Shopify provides a range of templates which will be customized to satisfy individual businesses branding requirements, Shopify allows both physical and digital goods to be sold.

One of the elemental ideas behind Shopify is that users while not technical or design skills will produce a store themselves, without resorting to coding. However, Shopify additionally permits you to edit the HTML and CSS of your website, which implies that those that do have coding skills will be able to customize their stores a lot of extensively.

Shopify is a hosted solution, which means everything runs on Shopify’s servers. So, you don’t need to worry about buying web hosting or installing software anywhere; idea is that pretty much everything you need to build and run your store happens ‘out of box’ (that said, you can customize a Shopify store to meet more bespoke requirements through addition of apps – more on which later).

Shopify is a software as a service (‘SaaS’) tool – this suggests that you simply do not own a duplicate of Shopify software, but pay a monthly fee to use Shopify instead. Being an online application, Shopify runs within the cloud; this means that as long as you have access to a web browser and internet, you can manage your store from anywhere.

2. Magento

The very first in our shopping cart comparison shortlist is a very widespread eCommerce platform – Magento. Magento, an open-source platform is among the fastest growing platforms with last solutions for each entrepreneur who wants to create it big with an eCommerce store. Magento has a large community of developers willing to contribute comprehensive choices for your online stores to make it stand except for the rest.

Magento provides quality and adaptive professional design. Magento comes with full features loaded which helps to do business. With Magento, you may customize code as you’d like and develop any custom choices you would like.

3. OpenCart

OpenCart is free open-source platform and a perfect match for small / medium-sized businesses. OpenCart is based on PHP, therefore any merchant would have benefit of background in that programming language. OpenCart follows a core-extensions model, thus if higher level of functionality is required, you have to install some add-ons. as luck would have it, OpenCart has enormous range of extensions, about 14,000.

This shopping cart will boasts of impressive web site speed due to running on AJAX technology. OpenCart is loaded with all basic functions user desires from eCommerce solution. What’s more, OpenCart multi-store function allows its users to manage and monitor multiple stores from a one Admin panel. Additionally, OpenCart allows to have shopping cart facilities, transfer unlimited products, categorize them, etc.

We can’t however mention, that one among OpenCart main options is that the ability of working with multiple languages and currencies. It makes OpenCart platform very nice for market growth.


Now, you have got adequate knowledge of all the famous eCommerce platforms i.e. Shopify / Magento / OpenCart . Therefore is it best platform for your website? It’s time to make your mind up it by yourself, decide a platform that suits your business requirements. If you want to setup your store quick and simple, then the best selection would be Shopify with all its inbuilt options.

If you would like quality, full-featured eCommerce website, Magento would be the simplest choice for you. It offers you the facility of customization that no different platform will offer you.

If you have a small business or startup, and simply wish to begin eCommerce with a low budget, OpenCart would be the most effective selection for you.

Before making a decision, it’s necessary to have an understanding of your requirements and future enhancement which helps you to pick out the simplest platform out of Shopify / Magento / OpenCart.

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