Shopify Vs Magento Vs Opencart : Which One to Choose?

As the world is moving towards digital solutions, many startups and small businesses are struggling to choose the best e-commerce development platform as per the requirement of client and also the budget. Selecting a best e-commerce platform at the early stage not only helps to build a strong responsive website but also to reduce the cost of changing the platform on later words. Ecommerce platforms gives businesses the ability to customize product information and how it’s approached to best fit their own online retail needs, which can be a shared benefit for both the business and its customers. There are many e-commerce platforms available, for eg., wix, Shopify, Woocommerce,  BigCommerce, Magento, Jimdo, LemonStand, Opencart, osCommerce, 3dcart, Weebly. Selection among them is a crucial work. This big list can complicate you. So let’s compare the top 3 E-commerce platforms- Shopify Vs Magento Vs Opencart.

1. Shopify-

Shopify is more popular e-commerce platform for its user-friendly and alluring appearance. This e-commerce platform is mobile friendly and also it can be edited in HTML and CSS directly. It also has impressive and good- looking designs. It also be able to cover any speciality and kind of business. Shopify offers unlimited bandwidth, multiple payment gateways, and order management features the same as Magento.

The most important thing is client support and Shopify offers 24/7 customer support. There are a few different ways that get in touch with Live chat, email, phone, twitter. Shopify offers ease of use for the signup, dashboard, product listing, and setting which turns in a more user-friendly platform. Shopify has different sales channels, including point of sale, facebook module, and simple buy button. Sites of Shopify offers gift cards facility which separates it from other eCommerce platforms which only offers coupons, codes, and discount. Shopify can be preferred for the fast deployment of an e-commerce websites. It will be a good choice for small and medium businesses. Shopify is a highly SEO-friendly platform. It includes main needed SEO features in all plans: editable title tags, meta descriptions, pages URLs, ALT tags for images, customizable image file names, etc.

2. Magento-

Magento is one of the most popular and open-sourced ecommerce platforms among all. It comes with a professional look and well-organized categories. To be more user friendly is an important thing for every platform and Magento completely fulfills it. It offers different levels for different business requirements. It also has 100+ themes available for the selection. This results in an attractive appearance and collaboration of a website. Magento is a powerful e-commerce platform for large and fast growing businesses. Magento provides special free and paid educational courses, which would help to understand platform’s features better.

It offers multiple payment services integrated with Amazon Payments, PayPal, and google checkout. Magento has one page check- out facility in payment, and so customers can get through the final steps of purchase more quickly. Keeping the statistics of business made simple due to great analytics module with reports and stats available magento. Magento becomes more user reliable because it has unlimited bandwidth. The higher the bandwidth the faster your information will be accessible to you customers. Magento is among leading ecommerce platforms, because it is extremely SEO-optimized and offers extensive SEO functionality. Magento has an extensive developer community. And near about each platform related question is already answered.

3. Opencart-

Opencart is fast growing and well known ecommerce platform. It is free to download, use and upgrade. In a case of extended features with opencart, you need to pay for it. It has simple and easy to use interface. It is one of the most lightweight ecommerce platforms. Opencart supports multiple currency and language support. It also supports multiple payment gateways and shipping features. Code of Opencart is easy to understand and also to modify as compared to other systems. It has more modules available so that you can add more features in the system which is present by default. It possess its own official store to list free as well as paid modules. 

Development cost in Opencart is low as compared to other eCommerce sites. Also, Opencart allows you to set advanced user privileges and separate access for user groups and users. This eCommerce platform comes with an inbuilt Affiliate system, where affiliates can promote specific products and get paid for this. It also offers discounts, coupons, and specials to cover the most popular ways to get attention and increase sales. This framework allows you to set up your own backup and restoration. Don’t bother about the number of products to sell. Opencart allows you to sell up to 1000000 products, which is more than sufficient. Opencart has 208 integrations including MailChimp, Xero, QuickBooks, etc. It is best suitable for large businesses.

Bottom Lines-

Whether you are big, medium or a startup enterprise, just go through your requirements for choosing the best e-commerce platform between Shopify vs Magento vs Opencart. Your best choice is depends on the requirements, functionality and support needed.

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