Size of an app affects the download decision- Is that true?

Size of an app affects the download decision

Consider, you have decided to launch your business app and everything looks perfect. A Developed application is feature-rich and also you are confident that all the functions and actions will work properly. But are you sure whether the size of your app is appropriate for your audience or not? Is it true that the app size really matters? 

The truth is that the size of an application can keep your users from using your application and hence can affect their download decision.

What you can expect?

About a decade ago, only large businesses and corporations used mobile apps for their business. But in the past few years, this trend has changed dramatically. These days, even small companies are entering this big market and serving their customers with better services and products with apps. Basically, they can acquire greater profit for investments and are depending more on mobile applications for the success of their business. The conclusion is, we need a mobile application.

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Factors that translate into successful business apps-

The two most basic elements that are considered when planning a mobile application are identifying the issue that the application is resolving and choosing the one of a kind features of your application. What most businesses don’t care about is the size of the application. Truth be told, it is one of the last things to be talked about or is mostly highlighted when the application is in its last stages of design.

Other than providing tangible advantages to customers, it is significant for a business to consider whether their application is downloadable by an ordinary user or not?

In any case, if the target audience fails to download the application, the goals of enhancing productivity, earning new revenues, and improving the overall experience will wipe out. Hence for startups, it is necessary to identify target users. Also, you can figure out the type of device they use. Some questions that you should focus on are:

  • What category does your target audience fall into?
  • What kind of an electronic device can they afford?

As far as mobile devices and platforms are concerned, they should be chosen by considering the hardware performance, battery life, available storage space, and required peripherals. Different factors include software performance, device support, and coverage.

App size and why does it matter so much?

Large organizations have consistently been working to reduce the Software Development Kit (SDK) bloat in their applications. It’s a whole project in itself, which can take up to months to complete. While businesses are investing time in decreasing the bloat, a major concern that surfaces is that for what reason does it make a difference to such an extent. If you dive further into this thought, you will discover that there are three huge reasons due to which the size of an application affects download decision:

  • It is ideal to keep the application size below 100 MB to follow the cellular download limit. This implies it is necessary to figure out ways this can be done without taking a hit on the downloads.
  • Large applications often mean their SDK vendors will have bugs that will continually keep crashing the application – which at last translates into lesser downloads and consequently bad reviews.
  • More often than not, their SDK vendors are not ready for upgrades towards better iOS versions, which can block their opportunity for big announcements and key releases.

How often have you found yourselves stopping a download midway because you think it is excessively bulky or it is taking more time? The specific could happen with your target audience also. Now, we should evaluate the quantitative impact these reasons could have on the installs and how it can be dealt with.

App size does matter – The research-

Numerous factors can increase an application size, and these things can be as basic as a lot of fonts, an introductory video, or a beautiful picture used as a background image for your loading screen. However, any factor that bloats the application without truly adding value to the purpose of application can adversely affect downloads.

Large and bulky applications don’t just take more time to download – which can be frustrating for the user – but can also affect the general efficiency of the cellular device. Not every person in your target audience may own a very fancy phone or device with extensive storage space. At this point most of you may decide against downloading the app. After all, its huge size won’t just interfere with the rest of their device’s functions but also affect the overall efficiency. Any application above 100MBs can be a major turn off for users. Even if your audience downloads the application, they may not keep it for long. For businesses striving for growth, inappropriate application size can be an expensive mistake.

The decision of having the right application size should be taken before the application is launched. If you earn bad reviews and critical ratings due to the application size right in the first go, it may stay everlastingly and may not let your application strive, regardless of whether you manage to reduce the size or fix the issues later.

In short, the absence of right measures and decisions before the application hits the Play Store or App Store can semi-permanently damage the application, and you may never be able to see the real download conversion rate for your application ever again.

How to make an impactful app?

The idea is to keep your approach more focused. Stop investing the MBs of your application in fancy fonts and high-definition images unless you truly need them as a part of your application. Add videos only if they are important to go with your application. Simultaneously, it is necessary to make an effective application without losing its real essence. There are numerous ways to decrease the size of your application without compromising on its quality and that is the place the professionals come in.

You can find mobile application size calculators online that can help you with deciding the size of your application. You can even discuss this viewpoint with the experts directly from the beginning so you don’t face challenges later on. Last yet not least, when you have dealt with the size, ensure you market your application in the best manners conceivable to ensure its success in the application industry.

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Wrap up-

From all these, you can conclude that the size of an application really matters a lot. Increase your mobile app downloads with an appropriate app size. If you still have difficulty to manage the app size, consult with Solace experts. We have a dedicated team of app experts to help you through managing the app size and developing the best mobile app. Connect with Solace for efficient and effective app development. We will be happy to help you.

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