Some Cool Features In Enterprise Apps Essential For Employee Engagement

Today, many business organizations are expecting to improve their business profitability and increment their deals. It has been observed that the revenue generated from enterprise mobile apps is reaching the sky these days. These apps allows employers to get an easy access to a wide range of tools that increases their proficiency and improves communication.

The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) plays an important role in increasing the performance of the employees. This procedure gives employees and option of working from anywhere, even at their home. Furthermore, they remain completely in contact with different colleagues while at the same time working on a project. 

Presently with regards to inclusion of features in the enterprise application, especially to help the employees in performing better, at that point, the application developer needs to focus on these important aspects.

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Features in Enterprise App essential for employee’s engagement-

Enterprise application features for employee engagement

1. Easy information sharing-

We have mentioned that the BYOD strategy has brought a significant change and the simplicity of doing business has improved to an excessive amount. Employees can share a wide range of information whether it is a significant file, document or content more easily, which altogether acquires a climb in productivity and sales. Employees associated with project can share the multiple resources and check emails, client reports, charts, videos etc. irrespective of where they are. They can communicate with one another and came to a final decision about the project issue to meet their target.

2. Chat Feature-

It is necessary to build up the appropriate communication between the employees and especially between the various divisions of the organization. One of the ideal features that you can include is an interactive messaging service. In any case, you should remember that it should properly function. Employees can chat with each other regardless of whatever the time and the place they are working from. At the time of completing a project, many team members may face some problems which require clarification and they can contact the project manager to clear the doubt. You can also share the chat details and share the data in all the different divisions in a departments rapidly. If you are incorporating the in-built chat feature, at that point, you are upgrading on the security angle too.

3. Keep a Record or Address Book-

The experts and other employees of the organization as such come across many clients and people, meeting them at various times. Since, it is difficult to remember the email ids, contact numbers and addresses of every one of those individuals, having an address book in the application will be more useful and valuable. You can get a simple access to all the data in only one tap of the application. Business owners will be able to reach their potential customers, vendors, business partners more comfortably. And you can keep in contact with these important people for healthy operation of your business. This feature is important to increase the marketing strategy. The feature allows you to add more contact as the number of customer base increases.

4. Security-

Do you know the main reason of why mobile applications become hit? The reason is- They don’t compromise with security issues. You should follow the same steps while implementing the feature in the enterprise apps. Most of the times, employees share their important and confidential data through their own devices. In such cases any security issue can lead to a major loss.

Without security you cannot expect that your data would remain safe and secure. The employees should not have any type of issue in sharing the information. The important points to focus is login or verification process, the application distribution, understanding and analyzing the risk factors, the API security and so on.

The security turns into a most extreme issue as the organizations can’t control or manage the employee’s devices. For this, the employees are clearly trained that they won’t open the enterprise applications privately and access them secretly. The employees don’t have a permit or right to make change in the settings.

5. Cloud Networking-

You should know that the enterprise applications are typically based on the cloud networking system. The cloud networking is a kind of a powerful server that contains all information and documents. If you are using the cloud server, at that point it turns out to be generally simple to store the whole data at one place. Storing everything in one place will also make it simpler to access them. This will also improve productivity.

6. Implementing Business Update –

Another important step that will keep your business to the peak level and show growth in performance of employees is keeping everyone updated. You can continue coordinating business updates so that your employees have the most recent data on the project they are working on. The technology continuously changing and new announcements are produced each time. In such a situation, it is necessary to make your employees mindful of what’s new in the industry. It essentially incorporates most recent news and updates about the concerned part. Also, how can you update your employees? Just write newsletters, articles, blogs and content and so on. Ensure it should be to the point.

7. Increasing the Employees Engagement of –

Attempt to include your employ in various aspects of the business. This will build up a strong bond as they come closer to cooperate as a unit. You can involve them in different operational tasks so they build better communication with each other. You can expect more better outcome with the smoother workflow.

8. In-Built Calendar –

Every project has a specific deadline and organizations should follow it. If you don’t want to miss deadlines and other significant schedules, meetings and events, at that point in-built calendar in the application is an important  feature to incorporate. Also there are some daily tasks that business organizations should perform regularly. Such tasks can be marked for calendar as a reminder with the goal that you miss those. Similar task is more or less performed through the push notifications also. In short, it is a good communicator. It will keep you updated with respect to the business meetings and urgent work. Thus, you can include and implement the push notification if you need to. 

The Last Words-

Surely enterprise app have gained popularity and have become one of the most significant axis for the successful operation of the business organization. It offers employees many facilities to work to the best of their ability. For an enterprise application to get the top spot, one needs to include the features cautiously, considering all perspectives into thought.

Including the essential features in an application plays a vital role in its effectivity. Are you still confused to choose the features for enterprise app development? Consult with solace experts and get to know the appropriate solution. Hire dedicated app developers who are well proficient in enterprise app development with new trends. We will be happy to help you through our experts.  

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