Tips and tricks to boost mobile app ranking in Google Play Store

One of the most important tasks for the application developers today is to optimize the mobile application ranking in the application store. This becomes more trickier for Android App Developer, because the number of mobile applications on Google Play Store are increasing at a high rate. Near about 2.47 million apps are available to download.

When the customer engagement is essential to keep your application on the top, you need an intense technique to deal with your competitors. However, the users can uninstall your application immediately if it will not meet the user’s expectations. And this would be a significant difficulty to boost your application ranking. Hence look forward to improve your mobile application ranking in the Google Play Store.

How Does Google Play Store Rank the Apps?

You must have heard about website positioning on the different search engines; similarly, the applications are positioned in the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store makes use of various algorithms and some determining factors to rank the application. These may include the total downloads by users, the application ratings and reviews, the application retention time on the Smartphones, how rapidly is it getting uninstalled after the download and whether or not it is associated with social media links.

Tips and tricks to Boost Mobile App Ranking in Google Play Store-

Tips and tricks to boost mobile app ranking in play store

1. App store optimization-

Application Store Optimization or ASO is significant in the success rate of your application. Actually, according to a survey, half of the downloaded Android Apps were found through application store searches. In this way, it gets vital to focus on the ASO. Without a doubt, ASO has been recognized as the essential marketing channel and here a similar procedure is followed as like somebody searching for a keyphrase. Hence, keyword holds the key. The App Store Optimization has the potential to attract more targeted audiences. It is cost effective also. It also helps in building the trust factor of the users and also increases conversion rate. When you are focusing on the audience by means of keyword, it is essential to choose the correct keyword. You have to concentrate on the importance, difficulty and traffic. 

2. Choosing the App Title or Name that Fits Best-

You know the importance of search for optimization application; thus to improve the chances of application discoverability, using a perfect title for the application gets important. Keep in mind, the users will discover your application by typing initial keywords and thus it must be chosen appropriately. In addition, it should also clearly define what your application is about even before a user downloads it. 

You should use the main keyword in application title with the goal that finding the application gets simpler. In any case, don’t go for similar sounding names of the popular applications that are as now top in the market. This will decrease the chances of discovering application as Google will direct the user to the well known application instead of yours.

3. Ratings and Reviews-

Some experts have came to know that most of the users choose the application as per the reviews and rankings of app. Hence for any application to get good ranking it should focus on having more positive reviews and should include a call to action button for users to leave their reviews. As for the rating, Google ranks high less popular applications with less downloads but high rating compared to applications with more downloads and having a dismal rating.

4. Adding Description of the App-

When you are adding a description of your application, make sure to be exact and short. You have to make your description significant and simultaneously make users aware of what your application does. It would be ideal if you take the note that Google takes the vital keywords from your description and not from the keyword bar in the Google Play Store. Another significant truth to remember is that Google allows you a maximum 4000 characters. Hence, ensure to use the available space. You have to take note of that your description isn’t keyword stuffed. You can use it twice or thrice. In conclusion, remember that 167 character of description is actually the meta description for search engine. Make your description attractive and engaging audiences.

5. App screenshots-

60% of users won’t swipe your first two screenshot images. A better version of your first two screenshots can boost your conversions by 25%! Make sure each screenshot is telling a single message about your app. Show your strongest messages in the first two screenshots. The best apps use all five screenshot slots to impress their users, and you should do the same. Adding short caption texts on your screenshots can help, but make sure they are on a clean background. And try to create a positive impression in the viewers’ mind at all times.

With Google App Store you can also show the application details through the videos and inform about the highlighting features of the application. Hence, the users can get a pre-idea of the application. Graphics also plays an essential role in improving the ranking and you must be cautious while designing it. The application icon is another thing that will immediately grabs the user’s attention.

6. Focusing on App Promotion-

Application promotion is ideal approaches to get more visibility on the Google Play Store. There are various ways through which you can promote your application. You can include recordings and also send notifications. However, the best way for app promotion is social media platform, for example, Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Instagram and so forth. 

7. Target audience-

Under this, creators should be clear on the scope covered by the application in order to connect with the right users. The Play Store rewards target oriented applications over generalized ones giving them a better positioning in search results.


The mobile application industry is rapidly changing and becoming steeper as the competition continuously grows. Putting your application on the highest priority on the top of the list is an overwhelming task for the developers due to the large number of other competitor applications. Hence it is necessary to focus on techniques and also use these ideas to boost app ranking in google play store.

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