Top 10 Alternatives to NetSuite ERP and how to choose the best one?

NetSuite ERP is one of the leading enterprise resource planning platforms available. With its extensive tools and user- friendly interface, it will surely help you with streamline operations.

However, it isn’t without defect. Hence, it only makes sense that you look at different platforms available in the market. Here, we will list down the top 10 alternatives to NetSuite ERP to help you with finding the most suitable alternative for your operations. We will see their core functionalities just as how they compare and our leading platform in cases of usability, scalability, integrations, and price.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a type of software that allows organizations to more effectively deal with their business processes. But, which ERP software solution is the best for your company’s needs and requirements? To assist you with choosing the right ERP software solution, we offer a detailed analysis of the top advantages and highlights of NetSuite ERP, a main software solution, and the best ten NetSuite ERP alternatives to it.

What is NetSuite ERP?

NetSuite ERP is a scalable ERP solution. It is customized for the need of high-growth businesses. Offering a cloud- based interface, it provides users with comprehensive tools that can automate inventory management, billing, order management, fixed asset monitoring, revenue management, financial management, and other front and back-office processes.

With this platform as a part of your arsenal of business systems, you can get a 360-degree perspective on your operations, speed up various repetitive tasks through automation, boost the use of your resources, and track your finances precisely. Also, NetSuite ERP gives everybody in the organization a customizable perspective on KPIs (key performance indicators) and reports custom fitted for their particular roles. Along these lines, you can make data driven business decisions and improve your performance. You can try out every one of these highlights for yourself if you sign up for a NetSuite ERP free demo here.

If you think NetSuite ERP is more basic for your needs, we have different alternatives for you. We have explored the main advantages and functionalities of the top NetSuite ERP alternatives, giving you solid and convincing reasons to choose NetSuite ERP or any of the elective products.

Top 10 Alternatives to NetSuite ERP- 

1. Oracle ERP cloud-

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud is a cloud- based software application suite introduced by Oracle Corporation in 2012. It manages enterprise functions including accounting, financial management, project management, and procurement. 

What makes it different is that it offers robust data analysis tools that enable clients to perform risk management, financial analysis, and project assessments.

With this, you streamline your tasks as well as comprehend your operational data, allowing for better decision making processes. What’s more, Oracle ERP Cloud accompanies consistence and administrative solutions to ensure that you are operating according to industry guidelines. Should you still need to look at different choices, you can start by taking a look at these Oracle ERP Cloud alternatives.


Next in the list is SYSPRO, an ERP platform that rivals NetSuite ERP with regards to the extensiveness of its functionalities. Made basically for organizations in the manufacturing sector, this software solution handles everything from order management and payment processing to inventory tracking and accounting. It additionally comes with built-in auditing solutions, supply chain planning features, and document management tools so you never again need to depend on discrete software solutions for the tasks.

Something else that sets this ERP tool separated from its competitors is that it uses AI and machine learning to assist you with analyzing and visualize your organization data for decision-making purposes. Besides, the software has API functionalities that allow it to integrate with a wide variety of third party applications.

3. Sage Intact-

Sage Intacct is a cloud-based accounting software at its core, it snagged the primary spot on our list because its features go beyond financial management. For one, it can monitor inventory levels, automate workflows, and also perform tax calculations. It also accompanies customizable reporting options with the goal that you can rapidly assess your operational performance and see your company’s financial standing at a glance. Created for small and medium-sized companies, this is more efficient solution made for the individuals who need to move out of entry level accounting, for example, QuickBooks and Xero, or mid-market solutions, for example, Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Sage Intacct has been recognized by AICPA to be their primary supplier of financial related applications to CPAs, because of its well- planned feature suite and reliability. This profitable partnership enables accounting professionals the ability to make better financial decisions, based on statistics and key figures. Concerning pricing, Sage Intacct is just available by quote, so be sure to get in touch with the vendor for more information.

4. Brightpearl-

This is a multi-channel system for retail management, helping you to deal with your accounting, orders, customer data, and inventory — all from just a single platform. Brightpearl helps multi-channel retailers to increase their profits and development. Those retailers would now be able to manage customer data, inventory, accounting, and requests in one reliable system.

You or your manager can get a real time report on cash flow, inventory, customer purchase behavior, productivity by channel and SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and many more. This convenience and simplicity can assist you with concentrating more on growing your business.

Why choose Brightpearl?

  1. It is paired with real-time reports on inventory, profitability, cash flow, etc.
  2. It allows you to make data- driven decisions and execute effective growth strategies.
  3. It’s built for omnichannel retail, so it can help you sell more with high efficiency.

5. Odoo-

Odoo isn’t only a standard management platform. Rather, it combines project management and sales in a single application. It is enriched with a variety of e-commerce, POS, and MRP functions to deliver an extensive solutions that can help any business to deal with any type of operation. 

This system can integrate each sales channel you can imagine, which — when paired with its superior inventory management- makes for one of the main business management solutions available today.

Why choose Odoo?

  • Odoo offers a very easy-to-manage and streamlined interface — one of the very best.
  • It covers many business operations — from omnichannel sales to project management.
  • It can replace applications you’re using to manage your sales process.

6. Microsoft Dynamics GP-

A CRM software at its core, Microsoft Dynamics GP landed a spot on our list of alternatives to NetSuite ERP because it offers a wide variety of features handling financial management, supply chain management, and human resource management. It incorporates all the basic processes of enterprises and fortify all organization data with the goal that operations are more organized. Moreover, this makes your workflow progressively efficient. Based on the strength of MS office applications, SQL databases, Microsoft Dynamics GP additionally provides users with business intelligence and reporting tools. With this, users can easily evaluate their performance against KPIs, market trends, and other industry benchmarks.

7. Epicor ERP-

Epicor ERP is a completely integrated ERP platform. It is built for mid sized organizations and large enterprises. Equipped with industry-specific business solutions, mobile ready features, and customizable UI set-ups, this platform can be custom fitted to the operational necessities of every user making it perfect for the individuals who need full authority over their programs. What’s more is that Epicor ERP offers a modular architecture that gives users a chance to customize the system to fit their operational requirements perfectly. Among the numerous modules you can browse from are CRM, HR, BPM, PLM, QPM, as well as supply chain management.

Why choose Epicor ERP?

  • Epicor ERP has a modular interface and this makes it highly customizable.
  • This platform can be deployed both on-premise or via the cloud.
  • The vendor is known for providing world-class support via email, phone, live chat, training, and tickets.


SAP ERP is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning suite that combines a wide variety of business systems to assist you with dealing with your operations. Available for deployment on the cloud and on-premise, this platform can deal with everything from financial management and customer relationship management to supply chain management and product lifecycle management. It includes HCM feature. Hence you never again need to depend on a separate program to deal with your human resource. Besides, SAP ERP enables users to get in-depth insights into their operational performance using analytical tools.

Why use SAP ERP?

  1. SAP ERP is a single software that can take care of all core financial and human resource tasks.
  2. The vendor has an extensive partner network, allowing you to get a wide array of integration options.

9. OptiProERP-

It is a cost-effective end to end ERP system that features innovative tools for smooth management of manufacturing efforts. At a small amount of the expense of other ERP systems, you can seamlessly integrate different industry-specific applications, for example, CRM, customer relations, finance, and different tools to assist you with simplifying the manner in which you execute different aspects of your manufacturing processes. This framework also equips you with a clear 360-degree view and control over your manufacturing operations, hence, you can make smart decisions consistently.

Why use OptiProERP?

  1. It is a low-cost ERP system.
  2. OptiProERP combines various industry-specific processes into one cohesive system.
  3. It touts robust features tailored for manufacturing industries.

10. FinancialForce ERP-

FinancialForce ERP helps companies and organizations avoid the confusion while transitioning from a CRM to an ERP tool. Most often, in a typical organization, you can see just a modest part of what your customers are experiencing. In this manner it could be to some degree confusing internally. However, it’s also confusing for a customer, as the person gets went around in search for an answer and a solution. And here,  FinancialForce ERP comes in. It expels artificial departmental boundaries. Rather, it builds one unified solution over the Salesforce platform.

Why use FinancialForce ERP?

  1. A single system connects products, partners, employees, and customers.
  2. You can do analytics, workflow, cross-departmental reporting, and more in case you’re using FinancialForce ERP along with Salesforce CRM.

How to choose an ERP software?

With this list of top 10 alternatives to NetSuite ERP, you can understand the types of ERP platforms. Before you choose the one among them, we would like to give you some guidelines on choosing an ERP software. 

These systems help you to grow your business or improve your operations. In this way, it only makes sense for you to take the vital steps in assessing it before spending money on it. Beside the popularity of a product and its affordability, you should ensure that you can make the most out of it. The surefire approach to do this is to ensure that it has the following qualities:

1. Usability- 

Except if you’re an IT organization, there’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that not every person in your team is technically knowledgeable. All things considered, you should discover an ERP software that you will have the option to use effortlessly. For one, in the event that you don’t have technical experts as a part of your team, you shouldn’t pick a software that requires programming or coding ability. You can generally decide on different platforms with drag and drop navigation so it is simpler to move. Something else you should search for is whether the product is intuitive enough to adapt to your processes. You should find an alternate platform that can do as such, if it can’t be configured to your requirements . This way, you don’t need to waste time overhauling your processes to make a path for the software’s implementation.

2. Scalability-

Regardless of whether you possess a small startup or a large enterprise, you should even now anticipate that your business should develop as time cruises by. In such manner, it is significant for you to discover an ERP solution that can scale all over as per your organization’s changing operational needs. For one, it is significant for you to discover a vendor that will allow you to upgrade or downgrade your subscription immediately. Besides, your platform ought to likewise have the option to integrate with a number of third-party applications so you can extend its functions appropriately. Finally, in light of the fact that you are bound to accumulate a lot of data after some time, it is significant for your platform to have an adequate storage capacity that can be upgraded as required.

3. Reliability-

You should choose a software that is reliable enough to support your operations. Which means, it should be able to accommodate all of your data and have the option to run the platform without lagging or crashing. However, obviously, other than the software, you should also search for a reliable provider. 

They should provide you with 24/7 technical assistance or, every day specialized help or, FAQs to refer to when you experience issues with the program. This will guarantee that you will able to resolve any issues with the software as quickly as possible and avoid any downtimes while using the platform.

Final Words-

Selecting the best ERP alternative will lead your business to the success and wrong choice may lead to failure. Hence choosing the best alternative is a crucial task. Here you have gone through the top 10 alternatives for NetSuite ERP. But your selection rely on the requirement of your business. Discuss with Solace experts team to choose the best one among them. Team will give you the appropriate solution as per your business.

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