Top 10 AngularJS Frameworks To Use In 2020

Top 10 AngularJS Frameworks To Use In 2020

Introduced and maintained by Google, AngularJS was founded in 2012. It is an open source JavaScript framework used to build web and mobile apps. Angular has emerged as the greatest resource in front-end web development. It is popular because of its flexibility, scalability and easiness to learn as a new JavaScript framework. Today most of the companies prefer AngularJS to build web apps because of its amazing features and available frameworks. Before we dig into AngularJS frameworks, let us see the amazing features of it.

Some Amazing Features Of AngularJS-

Features Of AngularJS

1. MVC Architecture-

AngularJS makes use of MVC(Model View Controller) for web apps development. It can string the app code together that saves development and launch time of web apps. 

2. Most User-Friendly-

AngularJS framework can build high-end, impressive websites with extra features using less code. This framework is user-friendly and helps parallel-working teams to manage directives that saves time and effort.

3. Two-Way Data Binding-

Two-way data binding function of AngularJS rapidly impacts on app if there is any change in user interface. These changes include user actions, module changes and browser events, it completely updates the essential patterns.

4. Easy Testing-

Testing is more easy with AngularJS. Module separation attribute allows you to implement automated testing and load required services in a simple manner.

5. Compatible With All- Mobile, Desktop, etc-

AngularJS makes it simple to function on the client-side offering compatibility with mobile browser and desktop. The framework doesn’t require backend modifications thus can be used for any project. 

6. Allows Building Several Modules-

AngularJS is popular because of its amazing feature that allows to build several modules. Developers can build several modules by using a single app and all these modules run as an entire application.

7. Support of Google Community-

AngularJS is supported by a massive AngularJS community on Google+. This massive community is of expert and professional AngularJS developers who have the ability to create enhancements and updates with an open-source framework. 

Top 10 AngularJS Frameworks-

What if there is a programming code that can selectively change or add features in an application. This is possible with the help of frameworks. You can easily add or improve functionality which was previously possible by writing many lines of code. Knowing the details of these frameworks is important, hence here we came up with the list of AngularJS frameworks that you should know. 

1. LumX-

LumX is a responsive front-end  framework based on Angular and Google Material design specifications. It is a best choice for web development to implement standard features like performance evaluation, improved functionality of apps and so on. If you are searching customized apps, then LumX is perfect choice as it gets made with Sass, jQuery, Bourbon, Sass and Neat.

2. Supersonic-

If you are thinking of building dynamic hybrid applications that can integrate with desirable APIs, features and functionalities then you can go with Supersonic framework. Developing hybrid applications with attractive app interfaces can be an easy to go through for developers. Data interaction, retrieval and storage become easy with REST API at work and is all due to the framework’s versatility.

3. UI Bootstrap-

This AngularJS framework uses intense and robust front-end development tools, Bootstrap. It provides a great support for developing native AngularJS web apps by using HTML5 and CSS3. An amazing thing about UI Bootstrap is, you will not have to depend on jQuery or Bootstraps JavaScript. You can go for the new directive like color picker, dropdown, carousel etc. 

4. Mobile Angular UI-

It is a popular front-end framework trusted by many developers and companies. As it is easy to understand, developers with basic knowledge can easily use it for smooth working. It is easy to move web apps to mobile by using this framework, because responsive character prevails throughout the transformation. Most of the development companies prefer this framework to develop high-quality, feature rich mobile apps powered by HTML5.

5. Ionic-

Ionic is one of the most preferred frameworks by web developers. It uses AngularJS for its functionality and provides extra components that makes your app development easier. This framework is best to develop a convenient interface, responsive design, HTML5 and CSS3 based mobile apps with Cordova and PhoneGap.

6. Radian-

It is one of the most scalable AngularJS frameworks built on Asynchronous Module Definition(AMD). Mostly it is considered ideal for rapid app development. Due to AMD, individual developers and teams can work in great coordination to develop remarkable apps. It supports files like SAANS, JADE and CoffeeScript.

7. Suave UI-

AngularJS framework that can be used if you have added JS and CSS bundle-files and also included the Suave Angular module. Directives, CSS services and definitions in Suave UI are satisfactorily enough for a developer to create engaging mobile and web apps. 

8. Mean IO-

Tools may help to create attractive web app but it can make apps high-weighted. Sometimes, there can be so many source files and you may face difficulty to recognize them. And hence Mean.js exists. Mean.js attempts to give a significant yet clear JavaScript framework that developers can use to create the apps of any size. It is a full-stack JavaScript framework that provides a fast, robust and maintainable platform to build great web applications. This framework works seamlessly with AngularJS, MongoDB, Node.js and Express.

9. Protractor-

Testing is essential to ensure that application works appropriately in all scenarios. Proactor offers new functions and locator strategies that can automate testing of AngularJS applications. It uses selenium grid to test the AngularJS apps. Selenium grid ensures that the app is running into multiple browsers simultaneously. Protractor takes its basis on WebDriberJS which supports frameworks such as Mocha, Jasmine, Cucumber. When you complete the code writing, the Proactor will start testing of code.

10. Jasmine-

It is a popular AngularJS Mobile App Framework for testing and has low overheads and zero external dependencies. Jasmine does not need any specific JavaScript framework as it can test JavaScript code at all. Jasmine has no DOM and has a simple syntax for testing. It provides great functions to asses and test your code and you get an opportunity to make smart assertions. You can also use the feature and workability of Jasmine by combining it with Karma, which is another AngularJS testing framework built through the command line-interface. 

Wrap up-

These are some of the popular frameworks of AngularJS. There can be some others too. You can use one of them as per your requirements. If you are confused to choose the best one, consult with Solace experts. We are here to help you through consultation and development. You can hire AngularJS developers of Solace team for effective and efficient app development. Connect with solace and get a free quote for angular app development. We will be happy to help you. 

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