Top 10 Best Game Programming Languages

Game is the interesting factor for many years. So for best game development, picking the perfect programming language is a challenging task. Game programming is a sub – category of system programming. It is a type of programming used for creating independent applications like computer games. Most of the game developers will tell you that C++ is the best programming language. But this is just one of the possible answers. The best answer is ‘the best language for the platform you choose’. There are many languages for game development, but developers use only a handful of them. Let us see 10 best game programming languages.

Best 10 Programming languages for game development-

1. C++-

C++ is a high – level language with object – oriented programming. Big console and also Windows games can be build with the use of C++.  C++ is complemented by C in these games, and assembly languages for creating low – level engine modules. This language is fast and you get a lot of control over memory management. It has extensive libraries, which are useful for designing and also powering complex graphics. Hence it is a programmer’s 1 st choice language from many years. You will find a helpful online community to help your queries. C++ is by no means an easy language to learn. But it is useful, not only because C++ games are easy to distribute across various platforms, but also because you can easily learn C# and other object-oriented languages if you already know C++.

2. C#-

C# is the best language for developing video games. It offers a high level of convenience so it is the first preference of many developers to learn over other game programming languages. C# allows developers to build games of any type, for any structure without any extra work. It is easy to learn C# as compared to C++. So, C# is one of the best programming languages for games you’d want to learn.

3. Python-

It is one of the versatile programming languages that you can use today. Python has an easy syntax and semantics. It offers OOP (Object Oriented Programming) techniques like C++ and Java. Pygame framework is based on python language. It allows developers to prototype their games faster. Python is gaining popularity as one of the best video game programming languages. Know the comparison between Python and Java at- Python vs Java : Know the difference.

4. Lua-

It is a lightweight and multi – platform scripting language. Day by day, it is gaining popularity in the game industry. It has risen as one of the best programming languages for games because of its simple structure and syntax. Modern game engines uses Lua for primary game design programming language. It is not limited to CryEngine, Corona SDK and also Gideros Mobile.

5. Java-

Java is popular language. It can conveniently be used across platforms. It uses OOP methodologies and has many similarities with C++. This means that Java and C++ could be learned side by side. The JVM (Java Virtual Machine) translates code into Java code into bytecodes which run on virtually any system. This makes it popular among game developers. It is used for creating Android games because of the open-source module. Java was used to develop games like Angry Birds Chrome for mobile devices. 

6. Objective C-

Objective C is the best programming language for developing games on the iOS platform. It possesses the syntax of Smalltalk and C together. This language offers convenient solutions for building iOS games. It has an ability to program with Object Oriented approach which is required for faster rendering time. It powers game engines like Core3D, Cocos2D and enables C developers to develop their games in an OOP style. In spite of the fact that it is not suitable for most futuristic games.

7. HTML 5-

HTML has made some amazing progress since its first release and HTML5 is the most popular version. It works with the Javascript to build a wide scope of online games. A vast majority of mobile games that you play nowadays uses this markup language. You can easily create a highly web-based game with HTML 5 and Javascript for interconnectivity. Developers don’t require a complex knowledge of data structure and algorithms, so it is gaining popularity day by day.

8. AMPL- 

AMPL is an abbreviation of – A Mathematical Language. It is an algebraic modeling language developed in Bell labs during the 90’s. This language has a focus on solving large – scale optimization and scheduling – type problems. It also gives developers the ability to program in various paradigms including linear, quadratic, nonlinear, and also second-order cone programming. AMPL is a cross-platform programming language. It is influenced by C and AWK. Games like Wolfenstein and The Evil Within uses it for solving numerous boundary problems.

9. Clipper-

It is a powerful general – purpose programming language. For solving database problems under the MS – DOS platform, clipper was developed. It quickly gained traction for solving complex computational problems that include game programming. Clipper was used for developing the first game engine to feature the MegaTexture technology and also fueled games like Rage and Wolfenstein.

10. ActionScript-

It is the best programming language for games on Blackberry, iPhone, and Adobe Air. ActionScript takes an object – oriented, imperative approach to game programming.

Macromedia delivered ActionScript based on JavaScript, and it was one of the earliest implementations of out-of-the-box JavaScript supersets. It’s behind every other flash games you can remember from the time they were popular.

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