Top 11 Emerging Technology Trends For The Next Decade

Top 11 Emerging Technology Trends For The Next Decade

Since a decade ago, each year new technology stacks atop the previous, and similarly the upcoming decade will be the pool of new technology trends. The implementation of each technology emerges as a golden bite for this world. Robots and IoT is also one of them. You can also know the- Emerging iot trends that will rule 2020.

Each industry is revolutionizing with new trends and by redefining tomorrow’s generation of business and contemporary challenges. Increased human life, improving smart economy, AI-human collaboration, digital farming, and high-bandwidth brain-computer interfaces are just some results of digitalization.

The coming decade will bring many exciting technological advances. Let us see some of them-

1. AI will reach human-level intelligence: 

As predicted by technologists and researchers, in this decade artificial intelligence will reach human-level performance. Through 2020, AI algorithms and machine learning tools will become open source and can be available on the cloud. This will allow individuals to supplement their cognitive ability, augment their problem-solving capacity, and build new ventures within less time of the current cost. This trend will be driven by the convergence of neural networks, global high-bandwidth connectivity, and cloud computing. Healthcare, education, entertainment, industrial design will be impacted by this megatrend.

2. AI-human collaboration: 

The rise of “AI as a Service” (AIaaS) platforms will allow humans to partner with AI at every level and at every industry. AIs will become entrenched in daily business operations, serving as cognitive collaborators to employees, supporting creative tasks, and generating new ideas. In some industries, partnership with AI will be a need, for instance, diagnosis without consultation of AI might be a bad practice.

3. Abundant and cost-effective renewable energy: 

Continuous developments in solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, nuclear, and localized grids will direct cheap and abundant renewable energy. The cost per kilowatt-hour will reduce to one cent per kilowatt-hour for renewables, like storage drops to just three cents per kilowatt-hour, resulting in most of the displacement of fossil fuels globally. And as the poorest countries in the world are also the world’s sunniest, the democratization of both new and traditional storage technologies will allow energy abundance to those already bathed in sunlight.

4. Digital twins-

Digital Twins

Most of the time, trying something new or alteration to the existing real physical object is more costly. And here comes the solution- digital twin. Digital twin is a digital copy of an actual physical object, product, process, or ecosystem. This will allow us to try out alterations and adjustments that would be costly or risky to try on a real object.

5. Autonomous vehicles and flying cars for travel-

Flying Cars

Fully autonomous vehicles, car-as-a-service fleets, flying cars will be the next innovation in the automation industry. And this can be implemented in most of the metropolitan cities in the world till the end of decade. This will surely reduce the transportation cost by 3 to 4 times, and will result in the changes in real estate, finance, insurance, and urban planning. The place where you live and work will change by the future of travel. This can be effectively carried out by the blend of machine learning, sensors, materials science, battery storage improvements, and ubiquitous gigabit connections.

6. Disruption of advertising- 

As AI turns out to be progressively used in day to day life, your custom AI will understand what you need better than you do. Hence, we will start to trust and depend upon our AIs for better buying decisions. AI will help you for purchasing the goods based on your past requirements, current shortages and discussions you’ve granted your AI to listen and tracking the focus of your community regarding purchasing. Accordingly, AI will help the advertising industry to grab your attention. This trend will be driven by the convergence of machine learning, sensors, augmented reality, and 5G/networks.

7. Gene editing and genomics-

Development in computing and analytics will drive a huge leap to understand our human genome. Now, the world is trying to alter the genetic structure of living organisms, for eg., changing DNA mutations that can lead cancer.

8. Quantum computing-

Quantum computers are fast computers having the ability to solve complex problems and will make our current state-of-the-art technology look like something out of the Stone Age. Till now, quantum computing is limited to labs but we can see the first commercially available quantum computer this decade.

9. Smart IoT devices embedded with intelligence: 

As the demand for machine learning chips increases, its price is decreasing. With the development of low-cost microscopic sensors and high-bandwidth networks, we’re progressing towards the decade where every device will become intelligent. Your kid’s toy remembers his face and name. You can protect your child with drones and videos from the children’s birthday party. Appliances will respond to voice commands and fulfill your needs.

10. Mobile technology for transportation-

We are moving away from the use of fossil fuels for cars with the development in automation for Battery cars. This will continue to develop to the next level at which you can travel from point A to point B by mobile technology. 

We are just near to the time when we can program and control our movements with a button click on our phones. You can tell an app that you have to go to the airport and a taxi or driverless car will collect your luggage from your house and then pick you up to go to the airport. At airport, you’ll enter with a quick eye scan, grab your flight and get a cab when you reach the destination. You’ll check in to hotel by just a button click from your phone. All this can be personalized according to your habits and past activities and you can easily move freely through the world.

11. Data as a new currency-

Blockchain makes data privacy possible everywhere in healthcare and also as legislative pressure surrounding how companies acquire and use the data online comes down harder, technology will rapidly propel that activity. 

In the decade you can browse sites anonymously for a fee or share some of your data to browsers for free. There can be some sites that will pay you to share your data. You’ll get more control over your information and it is used. 

Wrap up-

These are some of the technology trends that will boom up with new innovations to ease human life. We at solace are progressing towards implementing new techniques to the software to offer you a customized solution. Dedicated developers and experts are here to help you through development and consultation. You can hire PHP developers or Firebase developers to build a software solution for your business. Connect with solace and get a free quote for customized software development. We will be happy to help you. 

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