Top 11 Mobile App UI/UX Design Trends For 2021

Top 11 Mobile App UIUX Design Trends For 2021

Design is the top driver of web and mobile users’ positive first impressions. As the technology grows, the competition for user attention also increases. Each single pixel matters and milliseconds decide whether you grab the web and mobile visitors in or put them off. Visual appearance and ease of use have the most significant bearing on visitor engagement with digital products. Knowing this, Web designers’ work is essential for successful online presence because it helps users to fulfill their goals. Here we have curated emerging trends in UI and UX designers to stay updated designers. Before digging to UI/UX trends, let us clear each term in detail.

What Is UI Design?

UI, or user interface, lies at the intersection of the human and computer intersection and communication, managing how all screen and touchscreen elements and layouts look. UI applies specifically to the visual side of user interactions with digital systems and is concerned with design of UI elements like buttons, menus, forms, checkboxes, images, and CTAs, and the use of color schemes, hues, typography, lines and shadows. UI look is not completely based on UI designer’s judgement, it should also be in line with UX designers’ recommendations for a user-friendly, consistent and appealing product.

What Is UX (User Experience) Design?

UX stands for user experience. And it, encompasses all aspects of end-users’ interaction with website, app or software. Good UI solves end-users’ problems in the most efficient and seamless way. UX designers are dedicated for delivering valuable, attractive experiences to end-users and guiding them to fulfill their goals. 

UX and UI Trends For 2021-

1. Custom 3D/Realistic Graphics and Animations-

The integration of three-dimensional designs into web and mobile  interfaces has seen explosive growth in these months, and understandably so. 3D graphics and animations bring to life central objects on your website and apps, which makes it possible for users to understand the core concepts quickly. UX and UI experts embed custom 3D components in UI designs to catch users’ interest and infuse brand personality. Complicated animations evoke user interaction with dynamic, memorable interactions, making webpages and app screens much more compelling.

2. Augmented Reality-

Augmented reality trend has been enhanced by Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit that empower UI designers to take a mixed reality strategy and make their layouts more functional. For instance, app that shows navigation graphics on phone’s live camera view. In 2021, augmented reality features on mobile devices will become part of everyday reality. Ehealth, ecommerce and offline shopping, online banking and construction and engineering domains are equipped with augmented reality tools. At UI level, AR can simplify tasks and save time for ordinary users. Augmented reality apps where AR functionality is activated using 2D graphics tags on surfaces and AR apps for the face will be in huge demand.

3. Neomorphism-

This design trend includes element creation in a realistic style. The rise of AR and VR technologies and the latest design trends are seen on most popular design platforms like Behance, dribble etc. could bring skeuomorphism back to design in 2021 with new name neomorphism. It is considered as a modern version of skeuomorphism. With proper use of shadows and highlights, neomorphism makes certain elements stand out. It is making its way around the design community and is expected to become a huge design trend in 2021.

4. Advanced Animation-

Operative animation is important part of user experience. Animated moves and motions delivers data- they explain state changes, confirms actions and add rhythm to interactions. As mobile devices are turning out to be more strong and quick, mobile application designers can produce more advanced animation. Animation is not just a filling gaps between different conditions, it’s also a part of branding. Motions refers an exclusive story about your brand and product whereas animation shows things for users by developing film-like scenes where data changes from frame to frame.

5. 3D And Faux-3D Design-

In spite of the fact that using 3D elements in mobile applications is certainly not a new trend as such, it was for quite a while used just in entertainment and games. With the development of device processing strength, 3D elements develop in ordinary functional applications. Launching 3D elements and Faux-3D elements in mobile experience, one can add realism to mobile interactions.

6. Minimalist Full-screen Backgrounds-

This is another design trend that will rise this year. It forsakes the traditional UI format that puts all significant content in the middle of the page and replaces it with a mind-boggling full-screen experience. The approach makes most of the screen space to create visual and emotional appeal, clearly expresses the goal of webpage and encourage further exploration. By austerity, full-screen backgrounds tap on elegance and integrity in design, especially preferred by premium and luxury brands. But, don’t be misled by the minimalistic look; designing an alluring, high-converting full-screen interface that uses captivating visuals is more difficult than one might expect, and requires top-end UI and UX design skills.

7. Typography-

Web and mobile designers have long recognized the significance of typography, and every year brings new patterns concerning font style and size, their prominence, and position on a website. In 2021, typography comes with dynamite enormous font styles that cover the images (or replace them altogether), take center stage, or spill outside the screen. Latest design trends prioritize size and quality over quantity, demonstrating more acre about the meaning of words, instead of their number. In 2021, we can see UX and UI designers using various font types, contrasting colors and scattered text. All these, aims to build strong visual hierarchy and create an appeal that prompts visitors to move forward.

8. Better Illustrations-

Design is getting more emotional, so product designers are becoming neutral. In 2021, you will see more design experiments targeted to produce an emotional effect. Designers wish to try different illustration styles. Their main goal is to deliver products that users can connect with an emotional level.

9. Microanimations-

In most of the applications and on websites micro animations exist. One can see them every time you open your favorite app. For instance, Facebook has many micro animations similar to the “Like” feature. Micro animations are so obvious, natural and combined with the user interface so we’re not even aware of these. But if you remove micro animations from your product, it will be noticeable that something important is missing. Small animations like changing button color after the user hovers over it or changing blog titles while scrolling, can help to attract users and improve digital experience.

Micro animations are more important where you want to keep the user’s attention while the app or website performs some action. But, more interactive elements distract the user. So, before adapting it, it is necessary to design stage to understand whether your interactive elements will help the user or distract them from the goal. So, think about users, know what they’re looking for in your mobile app and help them to chive goals with animations.

10. Rounded Corners-

This trend has evolved from modern smartphones. The Android and ios flagships all have rounded corners. Curved corners are reflected in the user interface designs so, all apps and mobile sites have the same rounded look and feel. This has a positive impact on UX, as rounded corners look smoother.

11. Convenient Voice Interaction-

Voice powered apps are rapidly accommodating our lives as they deliver precise and fast query results, more feasible and great user experience. Siri, voice-controlled personal assistance of Apple, Alexa, the virtual assistant of Amazon etc. are some of its examples. In 2021, there can be many more upgradations too.


Building a user-friendly and truly useful app could be a competitive advantage in 2021. Web trends are changing faster than they can be implemented. User demands about convenience has reached a new high so designers need to learn and work with non-verbal and non-visual interfaces and focus on people with accessibility needs. 

The above UI/UX design trends will skyrocket in 2021. If you are thinking of building a mobile app, you must know these new trends. You can also consult with Solace experts. We have a dedicated team of experts skilled in new trends to help you through design and development. Connect with Solace and get a free quote for modern app development. You can also hire android developers, ios developers and flutter developers to build a mobile app with new design trends. We will be happy to help you.

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