Top 11 New Features Of iOS 15

Top 11 New Features Of iOS 15

Recently, Apple released an iOS 15 software update with some latest features and new Apple updates. They made overall improvements and added some functionalities across all apple devices and platforms. All iOS developers were eagerly looking forward to all new changes and features. If you are thinking of building an iOS app, it is good to know the latest features. So here we’ve curated ios 15 features and capabilities. Let’s see latest ios 15 features.

Top 11 Features Of iOS 15-

1. FaceTime Video Improvements-

  • Portrait mode for Facetime-

iPhone is popular for its great portrait photography mode, used to click some unrealistically aesthetic and pleasing pictures. In 2021, apple decided to extend this feature to faceTime. Particularly, it is designed for video calls, enabling users to blur the background and bring themselves in better focus.

  • Grid view for Group FaceTime-

New FaceTime has introduced a new grid view that allows users to see more faces on their screens at the same time. Grid of individuals prompts an animation for you to know who’s talking when avoiding confusion altogether.

Connect with Family and friends using Share Play-

  • Users can share their experience with family and friends on facetime.
  • Users can listen to songs together using Apple using, watch a show using Netflix or share screens to view their apps.
  • SharePlay works across all apple devices- iPad, iPhone and Mac.
  • Shared playback control- anyone in the session can pause, play or jump ahead.

2. Facetime Audio Improvements-

Spatial Audio- It makes each participant’s audio contributions feel like they’re coming from where they are seated in their FaceTime call frame.

Wide Spectrum- This feature captures your voice and everything around you.

Voice Isolation- This feature distinguishes the wide spectrum of different noises that your mic captures, block out the ambient noise and prioritize voice. It provides clear communication.

3. Use Your Apple Wallet To Store Your Keys And State Ids-

Apple has extended its Apple Wallet’s capabilities with a single tap. Now, you can easily unlock your smart homes, hotel rooms and workplaces. Apple wallet added support for personal IDs for US citizens that will be accepted in airports and more such places. They are using same secure Element for ID integration that provides private and secure Apple Pay.

4. Redesigned Apple Maps-

Apple has made improvements for map in terms of design and utility with new iOS 15. With additional road details, 3D rendering and an attractive nighttime view, this is one of the treat of an app to use. Apple maps will also follow the transit route, and push reminders to get off as you approach your destination. Also, if you’re walking and feels that you lost, use your iPHOne camera through your Maps app to scan the building near you.  This will allow Apple maps to create highly accurate position with detailed delivery in AR. 

5. Photo Search And Spotlight Improvements In iOS 15-

It is a simple tool for users to easily find relevant images in the clutter for their personal, work, social life captures in a timely manner. iPhone spotlight feature will popup photos, including searching for text in the displayed images. This is possible with the new feature LiveText. When you activate LiveText, it will search and highlight any text in image, allows you t select, copy or interact with it in various ways. For example, there’s a phone number in image, you can select it with LiveText and you will get an option to call that number using dialer. LiveText understands seven languages. 

6. Rethink iPad Widgets With New iPadOS 15 Widgets-

With iPadOS 15, Apple has redesigned for better access and utility. Unlike the previous version, now you will be able to place your iPad widgets wherever you want. Apple also has added more widgets for App Store, Game Center, Find my contacts and Mails. Also they come in different sizes than before. For instance, the Photo app widget allows snippets of pictures you have taken and Files widgets that are largely sized to access and see many files at once.

7. Swift Playgrounds 4 And New Possibilities-

Apple announced a monumental change to Swift playgrounds in iPodos 15 that has left the iOS developers community shook. Swift is the official ios programming language and introduces Swift Playground 4 that is easy and most interactive way to learn how to code. With tools, Apple has introduced in Swift Playgrounds 4, due to which developers now have all the necessary tools to create iPhone and iPad apps from their iPad and can submit their apps directly to the App store. It motivates many new iOS developers to code and help experienced developers refine skills and giving them easy opportunity to get their apps published on App store. Apple developers can see live preview of app in real time, check app performance and bugs.

8. Focus For Apple Watch-

Focus is the latest iOS features that Apple introduced for Apple watch. It helps users to reduce distractions and focus on their activities better. Apple watch will align with Focus set on any iOS device you use so that your iOS notifications from apps and people are filtered according to the Focus Profile and settings you’ve selected and ongoing task. Focus uses on-device intelligence to make suggestions based on user patterns, it eases the set up.

9. Better Access With Wallet-

Apple has improvised a Wallet Apple Watch app to support adding keys for their home, offices and hotel and tapping their apple watch to unlock these locations. Also, they are bringing the IDs to Apple Watch, where entering states in the US, users can add their driving license or state ID to their wallet. 

10. Introducing AirPlay On Mac-

Monetary brings AirPlay to Mac, that allows users to play and share music, movies, games, presentations etc. from their iPhone/iPad to their Mac. One can also use Mac’s sound systems as AirPlay’s speakers. It allows users to use their Mac as a secondary speaker also.

11. Mail Privacy Protection-

iOS tracking aims to track pixels embedded in may mails. These pixels get activated when you open mail and can fetch information like location, choice of software platform and other private information back to sender. With apple’s mail privacy protection, these data points from you. They won’t block it but route them through a relay that strips out any data collecting while preserving end experience.

Wrap Up-

These are some of the latest ios 15 features. If you are thinking to develop iOS apps, knowing the above new features will surely help you to develop the best apps. You can hire ios developers of Solace team for an effective ios app development as per your business need. Consult with Solace experts and get a free quote for ios app development. We will be happy to help you.

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