Top 15 Angular Component Libraries In 2020

Top 15 Angular Component Libraries In 2020

Angular is considered as one of the most simple and popular front end framework around the globe. Created by Google and initially released 5 years ago, this open-source programming tool has won the hearts of developers from all over the world. With strong community support and rich functionality, Angular allows developers to provide the seamless user experience and consistency over all devices and platforms from tablet to more. Moreover, either beginners or experienced- can access various Angular advantages. It allows developers to use components in a manner that the UI remains separated as a standalone entity and reusable parts. Here you’ll see the top 15 Angular components to produce a great software solution easily and rapidly.

Top 15 Angular Component Libraries In 2020

1. Angular Material-

Angular Material components was earlier known as Material2 and is a component library that implements the material design of Google. It was built using TypeScript and Angular. These UI components follow the best practices of the Angular Developer when composing the Angular code. So as to generate various templates from the command line, you can rapidly add a new feature. Various components are added like Badge for element status, Tree for data rendering and Bottom-Sheet service for interaction with panel display.

Some of the popular angular components that you can use for angular project are-

  • Progress Spinner, Icon, Chips, Buttons, Progress Bar
  • Create popups like  Dialog, Tooltip, Snackbar,
  • Control forms like Datepicker, Checkbox, AutoComplete, Form field, Radio button, Input, Slider, Select and Slide Toggle.
  • Layout Components like Grid List, Cars, Tabs, Stepper, List, Expansion Panel
  • ToolBar menu, Side Navigation and the navigation bar
  • Data table format

2. NG Bootstrap-

It offers Bootstrap 4 components for Angular and thusly it has replaced Angular-UI bootstrap. It doesn’t have any external dependencies while it offers high testing coverage. Using appropriate HTML elements with aria attributes, here all its widgets will become accessible. Here is a list of bootstrap components that can be used are-

  • Typehead
  • Datepicker
  • Tooltip
  • Popover
  • Modal
  • Carousel

3. NG Lightning-

The main goal of introducing NG Lightning library is to provide directives and native components for the Salesforce Lightning Design System. When you implement this component in your angular app, it significantly impacts on flexibility and performance also.  The list of NG-Lightning components is as follows-  

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Buttons
  • Badges
  • Icons
  • Datatables
  • Ratings
  • Lookups
  • Spinners

4. NGX Bootstrap-

It is an open-source MIT Licensed project that provides various components, powered by Angular. It involves alerts, taps, buttons, pagination, popover, progress bar, and so on. Interactive elements like  dropdown menus, modal dialogs, custom tooltips are planned to work for touch, mouse, and keyboard users. Thus web developers don’t need to use original JavaScript components. Rather, they can drop into their applications Markup and CSS released by Bootstrap. Ngx-bootstrap is continually being improved with more than 5000 stars on GitHub.

5. NG2 Charts-

It includes charts for Angular2 based on Chart.js. Being MIT licensed Angular project, the library is available in both dark and light themes. It provides one directive — baseChart for all chart types, and 8 types of charts: line, pie, bar, polarArea, radar, bubble, scatter etc. It has nearly 1700 stars on GitHub.

6. PrimeNG-

It is a set of 80+ UI components that comes with various themes that are from flat to material design. It is very simple to utilize and customize the components of PrimeNG as they are designed expertly. Mobile UX comes with responsive and touch optimized layouts. You can use simple to complex elements like graphs, tables, sliders and pop-ups. Big brands like Fox and eBay use this library. Library components that PrimeNG supports are as follows-

  • Messages and Growl for message alert
  • Overlay components like Dialog, Lightbox, Overlay Panel.
  • File Upload Component
  • SplitButton and Buttons component.
  • Charts that come with the optimized option of Radar, Bar, Line, Doughnut, Pie.
  • Toolbar, Accordion, ScrollPanel, Card, TabView panel components
  • Data Components in DataList, DataTable, DataGrid, Tree Table format.

7. Clarity-

Clarity is an open-source Angular component library to bring Angular components, UX guidelines and HTML/CSS framework together. Use this component to take advantage of a rich set of performant components and data-bound on top of Angular. Have a look at Clarity components-

  • Login Page
  • Progress Bars
  • Passwords
  • Alerts
  • Grid
  • Radio Buttons
  • Signposts
  • Tree View
  • Toggle Switches
  • Wizards

8. Onsen UI-

Onsen UI is a well known library for mobile web apps and hybrid apps for iOS and Android by using JavaScript. It offers components with Material and Flat designs and comes with binding for Angular. It offers automatic styling according to the platform you need for your project. Some of the Onsen UI components are:

  • Side Menu
  • Tabs
  • Lists and forms
  • Stack Navigation
  • Automatic Styling

9. Vaadin Components-

Vaadin provides material inspired UI components for web and mobile applications, that helps to bridge the gap between Polymer elements and Angular components. Here the components are kept in various repos even when they are grouped as a single one as you can discover separately on Bit. So as to improve experience for sharing the codes between the developers and applications, the library integrates Git, package managers, and different tools. It helps you to take all the pressure outside your codes as it will let you with codeshare by reusing or sharing components without configurations or refactoring.

Some of the free and premium version components you can have for it are as:

  • CRUD
  • Context Menu
  • Spreadsheet
  • Combo Box
  • Password Field
  • Custom Field
  • Progress Bar
  • Rich text Editor
  • Notification
  • Charts

10. Nebular-

It is an Angular 8 UI library with a focus on attractive design and ability to  easily adapt it to your  brand. It has 4 attractive visual themes, a powerful theming engine with runtime switching and support of custom css properties mode. Useful nebular components for you are as follows-

  • Navigation (Sidebar, Menu, Tabs, Actions)
  • Forms (Input, Button, Checkbox, Toggle, Radio, Select, Datepicker)
  • Global (Layout, Card, Flip Card, Stepper, Accordion, List, Infinite List)
  • Modals & Overlays (Popover, Context Menu, Dialog, Toastr, Tooltip, Window)
  • Extra (Global Search, User, Alert, Icon, Spinner, Progress Bar, Badge, Chat UI, Calendar)
  • Data Table (Tree Grid)
  • CDK (Сalendar Kit)

Right now, Nebular has 5,903 stars on GitHub.

11. Angular Google Maps-

Angular Google Maps are the most popular Angular components. Known before as angular2-google-maps, AGM allows you to integrate Google Maps widget into digital solutions. If you need to try AGM in action, you can use Plunker that has all the essential dependencies to work with Angular and Typescript. Also, the product provides software developers with a well-documented API for making web applications.

Till, January 2020, Angular 2+ Google Maps Components have 1,800 stars on GitHub.

12. Fuel-UI-

It is built by Fuel Travel, a company having extensive experience in the travel marketing industry. Fuel-UI is a collection of native Angular 2 components, pipes, directives and animations for Bootstrap 4. It provides UI components to make beautiful web apps that include alert boxes, dropdown, modal popups, scroller, menu, progress bar,  sliders, tabs, tags, TimePicker, TextExpander and so on.

By now, Fuel-UI has more than 300 stars on GitHub.

13. NG2-Fontawesome-

Ng2-fontawesome directive helps web development teams to easily implement Font Awesome icons in their Angular Based projects. Right now, it is one of the most popular iconic SVG, font and CSS toolkit. It provides 1,553 icons for free and 7702 Pro icons that you can access in Pro version. Font Awesome allows Pixel-perfect delivery and works with well known frameworks like React, Ember, Vue.js, and Angular. Being available for free, it’s definitely the most ideal choice among other icon packages.

Till now, ng2-fontawesome directive has just 21 stars on GitHub. 

14. NGX-Formly-

It is a dynamic JSON-powered form library for Angular providing unmatched maintainability to the application’s forms. It supports Bootstrap, Material2, Ionic, PrimeNG, Kendo, NativeScript, and NG-ZORRO UI libs. Built on top of Angular Reactive Forms, ngx-formly has a lot of cool features that include automatic forms generation, support for schemas, and a scope of themes out of the box. The library is simple to extend custom field type, wrapper, validation, and extension.

Ngx-formly has 1,200 stars on GitHub.

15.  BLK Design System Angular-

It is a modern design system that you can use for website and app development. Representing a Bootstrap 4 kit, created with Angular, BLK provides the following features:

  • 4 customized plugins: datepicker, switches, chart.js, sliders
  • Sass files
  • Foundation: colors, grid, icons, typography
  • More than 70 user interface components: buttons, forms, dropdowns, tables, pagination, etc.
  • 3 pre-built templates

You can know the new features and updates of Angular 10 at- Amazing New Features And Updates Of Angular 10.

Final Words-

Angular framework provides various components that allows developers to create great web apps. You can use a relevant one for creating attractive user interface, advanced charts or complex tables in a data analytics solution or something else.

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