Top 3 Javascript (Js) Frameworks for 2019

JavaScript is a multi-worldview language. This language supports functional, event-driven and also imperative programming. Javascript was initially used for client-side. But nowadays it is used for server side programming also. In simple manner, JavaScript is a language of web.

What is Javascript ? And why to use?

JavaScript frameworks are among the most favored platforms for web development. A software framework is a deliberation in which software providing generic functionality can be specifically changed by  extra user-written code. JavaScript framework is an application framework written in javascript. Here programmers can manipulate the functions and also use them according to their requirements. Frameworks are adaptable for designing websites. Hence they are used by most of the programmers. JS frameworks are a kind of tool that works with Javascript easier and smoother also. Frameworks helps programmer to code the application according to the responsiveness of the device. This is the main reason for JavaScript of being popular. Let’s see best JS frameworks in 2019.

Best JavaScript Frameworks in 2019-

1. React.js-

This framework is created by Facebook engineer Jordan Walke and launched in 2013. React is highly efficient and declarative. JavaScript library used for building interactive user interfaces. This framework is used to create reusable user interface components for each state that can automatically update and render data without the need of reloading the page. Actually React is a library, not technically a framework. It is used to handle “View” layer in the MVC model for web and mobile apps. React can also be used to create native mobile application supported by both android and ios. With such a great amount to offer, React JS ruled 2018 over different frameworks and also React JS will keep on commanding in 2019 as well. 475k websites on the web are powered by React.

Pros of React.js

Rich community-

React has large community on GitHub and is more than any other frameworks.

High performance-

React is popular for its high efficiency and also flexibility. It can be integrated with other frameworks without any issue. Also it can be used for both client and server side.

Large amount of resources-

React is maintained by Facebook, so there is huge availability of documentation and resources available on the web. This makes learning curve easy than AngularJS.

Unidirectional Data Flow-

Unidirectional data flow of react helps to ensure that any changes made to child element structure don’t affect the parent element structure.

Easy to maintain components-

React helps to reuse the code and also eases the maintenance of large scale projects.

2. Angular-

Angular is a front end web applications framework based on typescript. AngularJS was launched in 2010 while Angular 2 launched in 2016. It is one of the oldest modern JavaScript framework that allows users to build dynamic interactive websites. Regardless of being the oldest, it is still considered as a developer’s first choice. Hence it is one of the top JavaScript framework for 2019. This framework allows developers to build efficient and robust single page applications instead of HTML websites. Angular 2 introduced component-based architecture, improved dependency injection, logging service and inter-component communication also. While version 7 introduces improvements in performance, Angular material & CDK, dependencies for typescripts version 3.1, Node version 10. 350k websites on the web are powered by AngularJS/ Angular 2+ versions.

Pros of Angular-

  • Native mobile app- Angular enables development of native mobile apps for both ios and android.
  • Data binding- Apart from 2-way binding, angular 2 and beyond support 3 other types of data-binding namely – one-way property binding, event binding and interpolation also.
  • Abundant resources and support- Google offers a rich treasure trove of resources and rolls out new updates and improvements every 6 months.
  • Support for Progressive web applications- Angular is the first framework to integrate features for development of progressive web applications.

Cons of Angular-

  • Knowledge of MVC- For using angular it is necessary to have a detailed understanding of model view controller architecture.
  • Large learning curve- As compared to the three top JavaScript front-end frameworks, Angular has the steepest learning curve and suffers from a very high rate of abandonment. A large base of angular users has moved to Vue and react.
  • Difficult Syntax- Angular has made a big leap in terms of syntax complexity after adopting TypeScript in Angular2 and beyond. It poses a steep learning curve for anyone making a transition from vanilla JS or jQuery.

3. Vue-

Vue is an open source javascript framework. It was released in 2014. By the last 2 years, Vue becomes more popular than Angular. Vue is built on concepts from other frameworks and libraries like angular and react. It offers compact lightweight solution including best features and practices. Near about 64k websites are powered by Vue.

Pros of using Vue-

  • Flexibility: Flexibility of Vue helps developers to quickly adopt Vue with minimal effort.
  • Lightweight Size: Vue is highly lightweight and compact in size. Compressed version of Vue is only 18 kb in size.
  • Fast Configuration: Vue has an inbuilt MVC model. This makes configuration quick and easy compared to angular and react.
  • Easy Learning curve: Learning curve of Vue is much easier than Angular and react. Only knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is required.
  • Integration Capability: Vue can be used to build both SPAs and large-scale complex applications as well with easy integration with server-side frameworks like Laravel, Symfony Django etc.
  • Transitions: Vue makes it easy to add transitions to elements when the are added or removed from the DOM.

Cons Of Using VUE

  • Poor Support: Vue doesn’t offer a big resource collection to new users. Due to the lower market share, developers who are new to Vue js might not find required support and resources.
  • Small Community: A large chunk of Vue developer community is from non-English speaking eastern European countries. Community engagement used to be fairly low.

You can also go through the details of Angular vs. React vs. Vue at our blog- Angular vs. React vs. Vue: A 2019 Comparison (Updated).


JavaScript will continue to be at the heart of web and mobile app development for the future. JavaScript frameworks provide a flexible and efficient way of coding your applications. The decision of selecting an appropriate JavaScript framework is depend on the requirement of the project undertaken. 

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