Top 7 Golang Frameworks That You Must Know In 2020

Top 7 Golang Frameworks That You Must Know In 2020

Since its first step in the technology market, Golang has gained an immense popularity among developers because of its great capability to write APIs and develop web services. Golang aka Google’s Programming Language was introduced in 2009 and it’s first version was launched in 2012. Since it’s first version, it has focused on solving Google-size problems and due to its unique features, it has ranked the best framework over all web programming languages. Golang is a simple yet powerful programming language that pulls in all developers. It has a different set of frameworks that stands apart from others in the industry. Let us see those frameworks in detail.

7 Most Essential Golang Frameworks In 2020-

1. Gorilla-

It is one of the most prolonged frameworks that seamlessly cater to the net/HTTP library’s reusable elements and components that save a lot of time. It has the largest community amongst the Golang frameworks.


  • By comprising and enabling new extensions, modules, drop packages, the problem to settle with outdated functionalities will never come up
  • Backed right from native support to WebSockets
  • It possess large community
  • Scalable and modular framework
  • Supports WebSockets
  • Efficient for web apps development

2. Gin Gonic-

It is a leading web app framework, considered as a minimalistic framework. The framework includes highly required libraries and features due to which it is considered as a best framework for Golang development. The framework is simple to manage monitoring or tracking problems or debugging and is swifter than most of the other platforms. Also preferred by developer’s community as it helps to build web apps rapidly.


  • This framework is suitable to build high performing REST APIs
  • It makes use of HTTP routers to manage golang traffic
  • For simple and proper documentation it works with straightforward design rules

3. Beego-

Beego is one of the most rapid frameworks for web app development. It doesn’t need third-party library integration. Bee is a tool the effectively looks out for any modification in code and consequently refreshes the task as soon as it detects changes. Because of its logging framework, you can save a lot of development time.


  • Rapid Web App Development
  • No Need Of Third-Party Library
  • Saves A Lot of Time
  • Integrates ORM, built-in cache handler
  • CL (Command Line) tools similar to Django

4. Martini-

It is a light but powerful web app framework. You can add new services to existing applications by using ‘reflection’. It has more than 20 active plugins. It can be easily integrated with 3rd party support. The web framework is also flexible to grow the capabilities apart from handling loads of functions with least overheads in the process. By being very adaptable, the framework is built for Golang services and building effective web applications.


  • Martini is the most perfect Golang web application framework among the existing community. The community is small but extremely active and has around 20+ plugins on its side.
  • Can easily integrates with Third-Party & No Need To Install
  • Enable requirements such as routing, exception dealing, and usual tricks for doing middleware further providing backing for wildcards, variable parameters, regex structure, and much more to offer.
  • Include Handlers & Middlewares
  • Performs Basic Routing, Exception Handling & Serving Documents
  • Easily Integrates With Third-Party & No Need To Install
  • Supports Documentation 

5. Mango-

It is a Golang Web Framework preferred by millions of users but the incongruity is that it neither has an active community nor it is maintained. The modularity is the radiant thing with respect to this web framework. You can choose from various libraries to have various features in your task. This framework helps you to build and create reusable modules of HTTP functionality rapidly and easily. It includes a list of applications and middleware into one HTTP server object for continuing your code as self directed.


  • Straightforward framework
  • This framework allows app developers to select the best library from a large pool that makes it simpler.
  • It also allows developers to work with HTTP-based modules quite swiftly and straightforwardly.
  • Mango works with lot of applications and middlewares to keep code independent and productive
  • It doesn’t have active community but is usable by a large group of users

6. GoCraft-

This is an old framework that offers scalable and swift routing functions. Routing is added as functionality to the HTTP or net package from the benchmark library. It is a Go mux tailor middleware package that possesses reflection and casting functionalities so that you can statically type your app code. Also, you can add extra functionalities with the current in-built middleware. It is easy to create and write backend web apps with this framework.


  • This framework is perfect for high performance application
  • It supports custom middleware package
  • Easy to write and simple to understand
  • Quick Routing

7. Revel-

It is a popular framework to build API. It doesn’t require installation because it is an independent framework. Also there are a lot of built-in plugins and middleware available that doesn’t need third-party plugins.


  • It is completely self-sufficient framework nad is liberated to middleware and 3rd party plugins
  • This framework is one stop solution for building API regardless of multifaceted task
  • It has a huge & active community.

Final Words-

These are the top 7 golang web frameworks in 2020 that can be used for Golang language. All the above frameworks have their own set of functions and features. Before selecting the best one for your project, ensure the project’s requirements and proficiency of developers. 

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