Top 7 IoT Cloud Platforms

What is an IoT platform?

IoT platform is a multi-layer technology used to manage and automate the connected devices. In short, it is a service which helps you in bringing the physical objects online. This platform will provide you the services to connect the devices for a machine to machine communication. 

Internet of Things (IoT) is a software that connects the edge hardware, access points, and also data networks to the other end which is usually the end-user application.

Some facts about these platforms:

  • The main function of the IoT platform is to act as middleware or as plumbing to connect devices or applications to another end. IoT contains Sensors & controllers, a gateway device, communication network, data analyzing & translating software, and also end application service.
  • This cloud platform can handle huge data volume from devices, customers, applications, websites, and sensors and take actions to give a real-time response.
  • How to select the best Internet of Things platform depends on the requirements of a company for hardware, real-time access, custom reports, budget, development skills, and the business model also.

Top 7 IoT cloud Platforms-

1. Amazon web services IOT core-

The AWS or Amazon Web Service is advantageous of the first class organization of eCommerce named Amazon. Under the parasol of AWS, the company Amazon affords cloud platforms on-demand, and these cloud platforms offer you data analysis, storage, etc. Amazon also provides services to companies, governments, and individuals with a massive share of 35%. AWS enables the subscribers to get benefitted from a full-blown virtual cluster of computers which is based on their requirements. Amazon is the most flexible and powerful solution. The virtual cloud platform of AWS comes with nearly all of the attributes of a computer which includes hardware, pre-loaded applications, databases, an operating system, CRM, etc.


  • AWS can process a huge amount of messages.
  • It is a reliable and secure platform to route the messages to AWS endpoints and other devices.
  • You can also use other AWS services like AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon QuickSight etc.
  • This cloud platform allows secure access to devices. 
  • Your applications will track and communicate even when not connected.

2. Google Cloud Platform-

Google Cloud provides a multi-layered secure infrastructure. It helps in improving operational efficiency. It provides predictive maintenance for equipment, solutions for smart cities & buildings, and real-time asset tracking also.


  • Machine learning capabilities for any IoT need.
  • Real-time business insights for globally dispersed devices.
  • AI capabilities.
  • Provides support for a wide range of embedded operating systems.
  • Location intelligence.

3. Microsoft Azure IoT Hub-

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub is developed for multiple industry requirements. They have got machine learning (ML), cloud storage, IoT services and for IoT devices this company has also improved their own operating system. At any stage like manufacturing, transportation and also retail, it can be used. It provides solutions for remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, smart spaces, and connected products. You can also see the comparison of Microsoft Azure IoT hub and AWS IoT at- Microsoft Azure IoT hub vs AWS IoT.


  • It is an open platform to build a robust application.
  • Not only experts but also beginners can use it.
  • There are two solutions to start with, as an IoT SaaS and with open source IoT Templates.

4. Salesforce IoT Architecture-

The cloud platforms of Salesforce are powered by the Thunder. Thunder focuses on the idea of real-time and high-speed decision making. Salesforce IoT cloud will assist you with transforming all information which is created by the clients, accomplices, devices and sensors into significant activities. It has partner connectors like AWS, Cisco Systems, etc. The Salesforce puts emphasize on the customer relationship management. 


  • Salesforce IoT architecture allows you to test business ideas without programming.
  • It will provide you the real data about the product usage and performance.
  • It can work with the data from any device.
  • You can create device profiles for customer context data in CRM and for streaming data from the connected devices.
  • Using RESTful API, you can import data from any source.
  • In Salesforce IoT, no need of CS degree while creating and managing orchestration rules.
  • Real-time traffic view.

5. IBM Bluemix-

IBM Bluemix cloud computing solution comes with Paas and IaaS together. This means that you can get a platform along with the IoT architecture as services. With the use of this, one can easily deploy and get access to the virtualized to compute power, networking and storage via the internet. These services can be used in private, public or hybrid model that suits the requirements of your organization. The PaaS of these IoT Cloud Platforms is based on open source IoT platforms that are called Cloud Foundry. Developers can use its services for creating, running, managing and deploying scalable applications for on-premises and public cloud environments.

6. Oracle IoT architecture-

This is one of the best cloud platforms  that focuses on logistics and manufacturing operations. It will help you to get the products faster than ever. 


  • Oracle IoT will allow you to create an IoT application and connect a device to JavaScript, Android, iOS, Java, and C POSIX.
  • It will help you to extend the supply chain, ERP, HR, and customer experience applications.
  • With this IoT architecture, Operational efficiency and worker productivity will be improved.
  • It provides features like device virtualization, high-speed messaging, and endpoint management to connect.
  • To analyze the data, it provides features like stream processing and data enrichment.

7. Cisco IoT cloud connect-

Cisco has a strong belief that the chances of the future rely on the cloud and hence they have improved a unique sector named “mobility-cloud-based software suite”. It’s main goal is to strengthen your relationship with the customers. Cisco helps you to find new ways of connecting with other devices. This IoT solution is for mobile operators. Cisco provides IoT solutions for networking, security, and data management.


  • Granular and real-time visibility.
  • This cloud platform provides updates for every level of the network.
  • For IoT security, it provides benefits of protecting the control system from human errors & attacks, increased visibility & control by defending malware and intrusion, and centralized security controls.

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