UI/UX Design Trends In 2019 That Users Like

Technology evolves rapidly, and digital products become more complex. Design trends become an impression of this evolution. The designer needs to be updated with the latest design trends. The design style should change and evolve to keep work fresh and resonate with clients and products. The 2019 came with a lot of trends from the last year and also add some new ones. So let us see the new trends during the current year.

Trends in UI design-

1. Unique Illustrations-

Illustrations are one of the most powerful tools in designer’s toolbox. They are one of the most strongest visual resources that users will remember and connect with products. Well-created illustrations allow designers to convey complex thoughts without using a lot of words- when users see illustration they can understood the concept. 

Custom illustrations with bold, vibrant colors are in 2019 and become the main trend of the year. This type of content can convert 7 times better than any other type of visual content. Today organizations take advantage of  custom illustrations. With the use of custom illustrations, the organization demonstrates the uniqueness of the values of their brand. This approach in design helps organizations get closer to their customers by making their experience with a brand increasingly customized. This custom illustrations are expensive but using this, you’ll get a lot of benefits. The most well known directions are illustrations with simple shapes and isometric forms.

2. Liquid Graphics-

Design turns out to be more digitized, and designers and artists following these trends bring complex forms of color to this world. Furthermore, liquid, holographic, chromatic forms, and glitters are all over, including the UI design. It concerns illustrations as well as typography.

3. Large typography, Creative and bold –

The reason of- why many websites and mobile apps use oversized headlines is here. By putting more visual weight on an important message you increase chances of users to read it. To do so, you need to add more room for messaging(means, use more negative space around the headlines). In most of the cases, typography is replacing background images and presents the main element of the page. This trend is known as Outline typography. These trends are mixed together and also combined with bold and large bodies.

4. Dark themes-

Dark Theme

The dark themes began to prevail after the Mojave update was released. Dark themes attracts users and world- known organizations have released software updates with dark themes.

5. Custom 3d graphic: animated and static-

3D design is more popular trend. Presently it’s a static design as well as an animated 3d graphics. Various simulations of natural materials, the movement of objects and also great combinations of objects in compositions increases users’ interest.

6. Bright, bold colors and gradients-

Gradients used in a year ago’s designs will in general be somewhat outdated and those are going to fade away. But gradients didn’t disappear. The new, better gradients are coming. They will be using rich, solid colors.

7. Minimalism-

As opposed to the resurgent color schemes famous in 2018, the minimalist design is coming. The severity of the interfaces is selected by the product companies, emphasizing the static nature, elitism and the high quality of their services and products. Minimalism is achieved by using a monochrome color palette and also bold font turns.

Trends in UX design

1. Voice in interfaces-

How frequently did you hear “OK, Google?” recently. Google, Alexa, and Siri are our everyday helpers. Practically 50% of all searches are being made using the voice because there are numerous advantages, for example, no need to use your hands.

2. Micro-interactions-

Micro-interactions provide a highly natural view of the interface. People use micro-interactions in all software products. With fluid, animation makes, the interface looks more dynamic and lighter and it also makes ordinary interactions more entertaining.

3. Gesture-control-

With the output of buttonless phones, where the whole surface of the phone’s front panel occupies the screen, gesture control has become a vital way to deal with navigation. Now everybody needs to reduce the number of controls and increase the intuitive gesture control.

4. Thumb- friendly experience-

A years ago, the smart phones that were released by top mobile companies get large enough screens (5’7-‘6’2). This thing makes our fingers and hands practice at stretching. Thumb-oriented design transports all important and frequently used controls to the bottom of the screen. You can reach fundamental parts of your application with the use of only your thumb, without the help of your other hand. But, honestly, the moving of this trend began quite a while prior with the development of bottom navigation menus.

Final Words-

Eye catchy UI is important for user’s engagement. Using new trends in UI/UX plays a vital role in benefit. These are some important UI/UX trends we have noticed. There can be few others. If you are looking to develop a best UI/UX, Solace team is here to help you. You can hire dedicated developers team to build an app with new UI/UX trends.

Develop an attractive UI/UX with Solace, which gives you more user engagement that you are looking to. You can consult with Solace experts for developing attractive UI/UX .

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