This is what Node.js is used for in 2018

Popularity of JavaScript has brought with it many changes. Hence the appearance of web development causes a drastic change. Things that we can do today with JavaScript with running on server as well as in the browser were difficult to imagine before some years ago. 

As Wikipedia states: “Node.js is a packaged compilation of Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, the libuv platform abstraction layer, and a core library, which is itself primarily written in JavaScript.” 

In short, Node.js getting popularity in real-time web applications utilizing push technology over websockets. After over 20 years, we finally have web applications with real-time, two way connections. Due to this both the client and server can initiate communication, which allows them to exchange data freely. This is as a distinct difference to the usual web response paradigm, where client always initiates communication. It is all based on the open web stack(HTML, CSS and JS) running over the port 80. Due to al these advantages, Node.js plays an important role in the technology of many reputed companies who depend on its unique benefits.

What you can do with Node.js?

-You can generate dynamic content

-Can create, open and read or delete files on the server.

-Collect and modify in the database.

Why use NodeJS?

The main advantage of NodeJS is that this JavaScript language doesn’t block I/O – meaning input/output communication method. Here, the developer community has two views. Some argue that applications with many CPU cycles can crash them. Others say it’s not a big deal because Node code works in small processes. 

Another advantage is single-threaded event loop. This is responsible for abstracting I/O from external requests. Clearly, this implies that Node initiates the event loop at start, process the input and start the order of operation. 

Realizations on why use Node JS

  •  For server side applications. Means, Node is an event-driven model of programming. In NodeJS, the flow is determined by certain events(messages, user actions etc.)
  • Google JavaScript engine. Translation: results in fast and scalable web apps.
  • Easier and scalable. Hence, useful in building an apps like Uber or Trello and scaling out on multi-CPU servers. 
  • Node can scale on individual process basis, spreading out the load across multi-core servers. 

10 Main reasons to use Node.js-

  • NodeJS has ability to keep data in native JSON(object notation) format in your database.
  • Good to create real-time apps, for eg., chats and games.
  • It is fast because of the Google innovative technologies and the event loop.
  • NodeJS has wide range of hosting options.
  • It is good for data streaming, so useful for audio and video files.
  • Single free codebase
  • NodeJS ahs multiple modules( such as NPM, Grunt etc) and also have a supportive community.
  • It is sponsored by Linux Foundation as well as , PayPal, Joylent, Microsoft, Walmart
  • JS is the longest running language.
  • It is good for beginners. Also is simple to learn having rich frameworks(Angular, Node, Backbone, Ember).

Benefits of NodeJS-

  • Linux Support
  • Hosting options
  • Data streaming
  • Free codebase
  • Good for chats and games
  • Have multiple modules
  • Easy to learn 
  • Fast working
  • Native data format

NodeJS is used for-

Streaming Data-

For eg.,real time file-uploading, file encoding while uploading, building proxies between data layers.

Web Applications-

Classic web apps on the server side, using NodeJS to carry HTML. Main advantage is- more SEO-friendly content.


Useful for lightweight real-time applications, like messaging app interfaces, Twitter, chat software. A simple chat is a great example of Node use.

Single page apps-

Helpful for modern web applications, heavy on processing on the client side. Positive response times and sharing data between server and client is good for such apps.


REST/JSON programming interfaces and exposing databases or web services through it.


Useful for Web application or system monitoring dashboards that allows tracking user actions. Node can visualize such interactions for real time.


To deploy Node as proxy to handle connections in non-blocking way. Great for app working with external services, exporting and importing lots of data.

Also see the new important features of Node 8 at- Node 8: Six New Features You must Know.


As per above benefits you can use NodeJS for more effective and responsive web application.

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