Best Alternatives For Building Real Time Web Applications

Real time web apps is one of the techno industries favorite trendy products because the real time technologies are making web application faster and in some cases equivalent from desktop application. Real time web technologies have various regular use cases and also newer, innovative uses that are always being explored. It’s simple use cases are like displaying data, statistics, notification, news when it becomes accessible but technologies shows real value when interactive interfaces are created when multiple users and systems communicate with each other. 

Industries such as sports, finance, e-commerce, education, healthcare are using real time web technologies. There are many technologies like angular.js development that supports real time movements such as push based interactivity, chat apps, large scale gaming etc.Real time constraints are relying upon the application and your choice on language, operating system and tools. In any case, one should prefer a couple of functionality, popularity and usability relying upon your applications necessities and requirements.

Why Real time web apps are important progress from traditional web applications?

1. Discussion boards becoming chat rooms.

2. Reports becoming interactive dashboards

3. Document libraries becoming co-authoring

4. Activity/news wall becoming real time activity/news feeds.

5. Faster notification becoming real time alerts

6. Pictures becoming real time animations

Various Real Time alternatives may be better for your app. Let us see one by one.

Various Real Time alternatives may be better for your app-

1. MongoDB + Mongoose:

It has flexible document storage capabilities and also supports a variety of language. Hence it can serve a capable polyglot message-queue. It supports push feature. Here marshalling and also unmarshalling of arbitrarily complex JSON messages are handled automatically. In this framework, safe writes are enabled to improve message durability and also reliability. Also tailor cursors are used to “Push” data from MongoDB listener. Mongoose is npm modules that permits the application to network with MongoDB database.

2. Django + Ajax + Python:

You can use Django for real time application development because it is good for client server communication. Also you can use ajax to communicate with Django server. Python is an alternative for Django that include “flask” and “”. Here you can use Pythonic library to process the request.

3. Node.JS + + Now.Js:

In real time web application development, you require a faster and more responsive web server to build a block. Node.JS is an amazingly helpful technology that gives a great power and euphoria, particularly when we write JavaScript just with a couple of lines you can figure out how to write a fully functional code for a real time web app. is a Node.JS package that provides websocket functionality. It allows servers to push information to connected clients without the need for polling. gives various fullback transport choice to accomplish the largest range of browser and also a platform support. Now.JS provides a shares namespace between the web server and client browser. It allows server to directly call function and also access variables on the client. Server function turn call a function ON to display the message to client.

4. Ruby + PubNub:

You can develop Real time web apps with Rails but can’t host the server that handles the socket. Hence you need PubNub. It is fastest cloud-Hosted Real Time messaging system for web and mobile app also. This is a web push engine which is able to push any text data in real time. It also pushes any type of clients across internet. PubNub solves all the complexity of pushing data in a scalable, secure, productive, reliable and portable way. API’s are provided on the client side so that it is easy to build bidirectional data push apps. An incredible HTML5 library makes it conceivable to push data updates to mobile phones, web pages in real-time data push through a zero install client.

5. WebSocket on Rails-

It is a most effective way to handle chat function. Rails is not a better way for handling asynchronous events and and hence establish socket connection to Rails app is not possible. To handle this problem, there are many solutions, but Websocket is the best one.

6. Faye for Rails:

You can develop Real time app with rails to publish and subscribe message through Faye. It enables you to effectively give real time updates through open socket without tying up a Rains procedure. Here all channels are private hence users can only listen to events you subscribe them to.

7. Sails.js for Node.Js:

This is a great framework to ease up the custom development, enterprise-grade and modern Node.js app. It is beneficial to use for building dashboards and games etc.

8. :

This is a real time web app framework for Node.js. It supports MVC architecture to develop web app. It is able to manage the server and  give response to the user. 

9. SocketStream:

SocketStream is useful to build real time single page app with its fast and modular nature.

10. RetChet for PHP:

Real time application development is hard with PHP. The most ideal method for utilizing a real time situation is your PHP stack is to utilize it nearby your conventional web stack and communicate between the two components using their message queues or webservices. Retchet is for asyncs serving websocket. Run the application you built utilizing Retchet as a daemon and communicate between your web stack on Retchet based application is recommended to take place over a message queue. It gives a Pub/Sub abstraction through a websocket application messaging protocol implementation app messaging protocol implementation which should make it simpler to begin.

11. Wrench for PHP:

It gives the barebones required to make a websocket server and gives a pleasant method for enrolling various applications with a similar server. You cannot update and maintain without RetChet and Wrench.

12. Fanout:

It has Push and ON functions that eases the building of real time API’s. You can add live updates to your web application utilizing REST, HTTP streaming, websocket and XMPP.

13. Golnstant:

It is useful to build scalable web apps with less code. Also it doesn’t require backend or server. It stores and synchronizes data in real time and gives a full stack of resources you can use to convey marvelous client experience.

14. Pusher:

Pusher is a hosted API. It is used for adding scalable real time functionality easily to web and mobile application.

15. :

The real time messaging framework is a cloud-facilitated messaging system for website and portable applications that require steady content updates in only a couple of milliseconds, empowering any application to interact with a huge number of associated clients in a quick and secure manner.

16. Firebase + Angular.js:

Firebase + Angular.js

These are scalable real time backend for your web apps. With the use of these, you can build apps within less time and also without any difficulty of managing server. Firebase can also be used in AngularJS for real time app. This can help you to build real-time API with an authentication system. By the use of firebase you can build a whole app in a fraction of the time with no server side code included.


Firehose is a negligibly invasive method for building real time web applications without complex conventions or reworking your application without any preparation. It is a simple pub/sub server that keeps synchronization of client-side JavaScript with server code via WebSockets.

18. XMPP:

It is a quick and adaptable library for the extensible messaging and presence protocol written in Erlang. This library supports both formatting of client and server packets. It can be used to write a highly scalable XMPP proxy or XMPP server. It supports SSL. You can use some different XML papers.

These are the alternatives that you can use for real time web apps. Are you looking to develop a real time web app for your business? Then you must consider these alternatives. Solace experts are well trained to use such alternatives. You can hire dedicated developers to an effective web app . Get a free quote for web apps development that will help your business to grow.

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