Vue Vs Angular- A 2021 Comparison

Vue vs Angular A 2021 Comparison

In the past decade, frontend frameworks have dramatically evolved and some of them are game changers. These frameworks not just create cross-platform apps easily but are better for future development too. But when it comes to choosing popular Javascript frameworks in 2021, Vue and angular stand out. With lots of benefits, you might be confused to choose the best framework for business, so here we will discuss both Javascript frameworks on the basis of various parameters. But before digging to the comparison, let’s see an overview of each Vue and Angular.

What Is Vue?

Vue is an open-source framework that can deal with challenges related to Angular and React. It is popular to build single-page web apps. Vue 3 is the latest version of Vue.js that includes production of standalone reactive objects, template compile warnings with source data, Async error management and so on

Pros of Vue-

  • Easy to learn
  • Low memory consumption
  • It’s app size is minimal and so you can download and use the app faster  
  • Vuejs has a property of clean codes so anyone can use this framework to read and understand the code easily for app development
  • Vue.js provides the choice of server-side rendering. This improves the function speed on the client end.
  • Vue.js helps a simpler and easier integration procedure. This is the reason designers favor it for both making single-page applications all along and integrating high-end elements into the current one.

What Is Angular?

Angular is an open source framework used to develop dynamic apps and websites. It comes under MEAN stack category and gets the support of an extensive code editors. Angular 12 is the latest version of angular that launched great features to be used in the development like support for Typescript 4.2, CLI workflow enhancements, dynamic import for lazy routes and differential loading.

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Pros Of Angular-

  • You get a wide linking for single page app development. 
  • Offers great features of server-side rendering to improve client side page speed
  • It produces a more SEO-friendly JavaScript framework.
  • MVC model helps in separation of concerns and so it offers faster and cleaner development.

Vue Vs Angular-

1. Learning Curve-


Vue is made with a combination of React and Angular. So, developers can easily bring Angular or React-based mobility solutions on the Vue.js platform.


If you want to create an Angular app, you should know the concepts such as MVC and Typescript. But it is not same with Vue. Vue provides higher customization and in-built templates that make it simple than angular.

2. Architecture-


Architecture is a basic element that impacts the decision of selecting the right web app framework. Vue focuses on ViewModel and displays limited information.


Angular executes MVC(Model-View-Controller) and MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) to develop dynamic web apps and websites. 

So in terms of architecture, Angular wins the race. 

3. Performance-


With Virtual DOM mechanism, the framework has sorted a default performance-optimized configuration. Hence the runtime and initial load time are reduced drastically, and boosts the application performance to the next level. Everytime the app data changes, it renders the virtual DOM instead of the user interface in the actual document object model, that is faster and more efficient.


Using advanced change detection mechanism and ahead-of-time compilation, one can reduce the number of times DOM manipulation and pre-compiles HTML and app components before the browser downloads and uses them. The framework is favored to have these high level mechanisms ready for optimizing the performance. It may negatively affect the app.

4. Development  Speed-


Vue is maintained by open-source community but it has great ability to solve critical problems in building user interfaces. Vue’s ecosystem is formed of Vuex, Vue Router, and Vue CLI that is the solution of most of the developer’s problems. Wide and rich ecosystem of Vue makes the framework more efficient to boost the development speed. 

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Depending on the framework’s adaptability and flexibility development speed changes. Angular is backed by Google, so the Angular core team at Google is responsible for the native framework development, that makes it a mature framework capable of handling and taking care of development speed. This eases developers to understand the ecosystem and work with it. Ecosystem of angular is vast and so its community, because of which the complex problems are addressed effortlessly and the framework provides many in-built things.

5. Typescript Support-


Vue considers JS for code writing. Also, it offers developers official decorators and typing for collaborating with TypeScript features in the development field.


Angular has perfect integration with TypeScript, the upgraded version of Javascript. For coding in the angular ecosystem, typescript is necessary.

6. Ease Of Deployment-


In terms of Vue development, you can import anything into app arena or create a complex local establishment using CLI that regulates the code optimization. One can use element’s lazy loading and pre-compile the templates available on Vue.js.


Upgraded version of Angular launched options such as import for lazy routes, CLI workflow improvements, differential loading and so on that eases the deployment.

7. Documentation And Community Support-


Documentation of vue includes a theoretical explanation of technical details like watchers, templates, directive styles, state management, routing etc. It also includes practical examples and well-documented tasks which helps developers to solve real-time problems. Also, in includes information about deployment and migration from other frameworks. Vue is increasing popularity among developers and is gaining great response in Github repositories and other growing forums of developers’ discussions.


Angular has gained popularity over the years and because of the constant updates in tha releases. You will get the solutions over the web while building apps with Angular. Angular ahs well documented understanding of templates, forms, bootstrapping and details about architecture, components and interaction between the components. Documentation includes separation of units in an intelligible format.

When To Choose Vue?

You can choose Vue.js for web development project if,

  • You have to build a single-page, lightweight app
  • Scope for application project is on the small scale
  • Clear code is your priority  
  • You are seeking a prior entry to the market
  • High performance and speed are your requirements

When To Choose Angular?

You can choose Angular if-

  • Your preference is Object oriented programming 
  • Want to build real-time app like instant messaging and chat applications
  • You will deal with a complex, dynamic and large app project
  • You need simple and trustworthy scalability 

Wrap Up-

Vue is a technically strong framework in terms of building user interfaces and solving complex problems. Also it has an excellent backbone. Angular is evolving very rapidly with continuous updates and releasing extra functionalities to speed up the development with effortless development environment. 

The above mentioned comparison will help you to choose the best framework for your next project. If you’re still confused to choose the best one, consult with Solace experts. We are here to help you through consultation and development. You can also hire angular developers and vue developers of Solace team for an effective web app development. Connect with Solace and get a free quote for web apps development. We will be happy to help you.

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