What is Flutter? About the joy of flutter

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open- source mobile application development framework. Google created a flutter. To develop applications for Android, iOS and applications for Google Fuchsia, flutter can be used.


Flutter is Google’s portable UI toolkit for building beautiful, native applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. It is going popular day by day in mobile development. Its popularity can be evaluated by the fact that it is not stable release but still has been already used by many famous companies such as AliBaba, Google Ads, Birch Finance, App Tree, Hamilton Musical  and so on.

Goal of flutter-

  • The goal of flutter is to enable developers to deliver high performance apps that feel natural on different platforms.

This framework uses Dart programming language and is introduced by Google. It supports most of the object oriented concepts. So, the syntax of Dart are easy to understand for java and javascript developers. This framework has inbuilt components which are bigger in size and mostly it does not require a medium to communicate with native modules. Dart has many frameworks such as Material design and Cupertino. These frameworks are packed in dart and provides technologies that are required to develop mobile apps.

Joy of Flutter-

The apps built with this framework are beautiful and smooth and this is the most important thing that makes it different from others. Creating awesome tools and IDE integration becomes easy due to flutter and Dart in control. It allows the app developers to create apps for both Android and iOS, using a single codebase. It has inbuilt library for android as well as ios, Material library is for Android and Cupertino is for IOS widgets that are pixel- perfect implementations of Google’s and Apple’s guidelines. From the android developers point of view flutter has more material widgets implemented than available even on android. Creating custom widget in it is simple and fun in less time.

It supports both IOS and Android, making it a feasible option for cross-platform app development. It is more famous for its feature- “Hot Reload”. The tool helps you gain access to a broad scope of widgets alongside working in a dynamic interface with ease. Flutter has more efficient and portable GPU providing UI that allows it to work on multiple, up-to-date interfaces. It gives a comfort space to app developers for the reuse of existing code. C++ engine supports Flutter. Because of this framework, developers can easily insert flutter into their app on the WebView component. This helps developers to easily visualize the web content in app.

It supports a wide range of Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) such as Visual Studio Code, Xcode and Android Studio. It is also more helpful for Tech businesses and startup ventures because it is well-equipped with native ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) code.

Functionality of Flutter-

This framework has a command named as flutter Doctor which helps to identify bugs or flaws in the app. It helps developers to easily locate problems in app and solve it. And this is more amazing thing about it, then why not developers will love flutter? It also has one more amazing feature through which you can setup and format pictures and online videos. This framework can be embedded into your existing apps. App animations in this framework look cleaner, faster and smoother because APIs of flutter framework is fully advanced. It uses a 2D GPU-accelerated API. This makes apps more interesting and that’s why it is going high and high in popularity. It supports for Google’s Firebase development platform. The code is straightforward and easy to change if developers have to implement TextField from flutter and modify it as per his need. And as widgets are ready, developers can start implementing screens.

Wrap Up-

Flutter offers an organized and efficiently smooth documentation, which simplifies the job of the app developers. So, undoubtedly, it proves better in documentation. This framework supports for faster and smoother app animations. Also it can format pictures and online videos so it is more demanding in developers. Flutters have the support of Hot Reload Feature, using which you can check as well validate the changes immediately. So this makes the job of the developers very easy. You can analyze the comparison between Flutter an Xamarin at our blog- Flutter vs Xamarin- Know the comparison!

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