What Is Umbraco? Is Umbraco Better Than WordPress, Drupal, Or Sitecore?

what is umbraco

When we think about development, selecting the appropriate content management system comes with some choices, ranging from free to paid options. No website is successful unless it is scalable, secure, feature-packed user-friendly content management systems. WordPress is a popular choice for website builders. It is suitable to choose WordPress for small websites. It doesn’t require much knowledge about web development to create a basic website. Few advanced management systems like Joomla and Sitecore are used to build websites having complex content such as e-commerce, financial or governmental sites.  Sitecore, come with a hefty license fee. Microsoft CMS development platform is the latest in the market. Kentico, Umbraco, DotNetNuke, and Sitefinity are some of the popular Microsoft CMS platforms. But here we will see Umbraco.

What Is Umbraco CMS?

Umbraco is a well known cloud-based open source content management system built by using Microsoft ASP.NET framework. It is known for its flexibility to run anything from small to complex applications for fortune 500 companies and some of the largest media sites. Right now more than 100,000 websites are running on this platform. Day by day the popularity of Umbraco is increasing among web developers because of its cloud-based CMS web design system. Since 2011, many customers have migrated to Umbraco because of its amazing benefits. Let us now these benefits.

Why Should You Use Umbraco?

1. Cost-

Umbraco is free. It doesn’t cost you a license fee or annual subscription. Ranging from Starter to Enterprise it offers plans through their self-hosted service, Umbraco Cloud. As this service is based on their own hosting platform, it allows automated upgrades to the new version of Umbraco, unlimited hosting, and smoother deployments of your website. Employing the expert agency to host, maintain, and build your Umbraco website will allow you more flexibility and customization to your website.

2. Simple Setup-

It is easy to install and you can easily start to use it without any hassle. Also, you can easily update to its newest versions. It is based on .NET technology. While it does require some web development experience,  it’s very easy to maintain and develop with. The open-source platform of Umbraco allows you to control what you can create. Umbraco is a blank canvas that provides developers tools to create whatever you want.

3. Plugins – 

As Umbraco is open-source, it is free to develop all kinds of Umbraco plugins. In most cases, installation does not require additional development.

4. Flexible And Customizable-

As Umbraco is open-source, it has no limitations on customization. All your branding, design, and styling requirements come alive on Umbraco and this makes it an ideal CMS for marketers, designers, and web developers. It gives you full control of your project and the functionalities you need to attract, inform, and convert your most visited website visitors to clients. Also, you can integrate the tools with Umbraco that are important to your business. You can integrate your CRM, SEO packages to build your organic visibility, eCommerce tools to help grow your business, and Google products to run your website more efficiently!

5. Great UX-

A great CMS is one that supports the design and development needs without compromising the user experience of your customers. It should be simple for anyone to manage the content in the backend, regardless of a technical background. With Umbraco, you can create high-end, modern websites with the latest design and UX trends.

Because of the flexibility it offers, programmers can effectively implement any design. Umbraco supports responsive functionalities and hence your website can be easily accessed from mobile and tablet devices. Umbraco is very easy to maintain and update for website owners and content managers. It has many content management controls, that include WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get, similar to MS Word) editors and media/content pickers. Also, there is a media library that allows you to easily upload images or other files. With a simple click of a button, any element on the page can be moved or deleted on the pages that were published and unpublished.

6. Simple Controls And High Security-

For some large businesses, websites are a huge project and need to be managed by multiple people having different levels of experience. If there are multiple website admins, you can effectively set control for each one to ensure that they can access only the tools that they need from the Umbraco CMS. As Umbraco is built on Microsoft .NET technology, it has many inbuilt security features. Umbraco has many security checks to regularly update the system whenever required. Some website builders require you to stay on top of third-party plugin security, which is a risk and complex task to manage. Umbraco is different is such a case, it takes care of this for you

7. Space To Grow-

The best thing about Umbraco is- it allows for scalability with its flexible load balancing built right into its codebase. This implies you can start with low cost and allow it to grow with you as a business. Umbraco is easily customizable, you can easily expand your website and add new features whenever you want.

Many clients uses content from third-parties for eg., data feeds or games. Hence secure and robust integrations are the vital challenges for them. Some website builders offer plugins or need some extra development to implement specific third-party content which can be a lot of work. But Umbraco allows developers to integrate providers easily with its system. And it all because of its open-source platform.

8. Reliable CMS-

Web development will be more effective and successful with the reliable CMS that gives freedom to design anything you need.  If you are looking to develop a new website, you should consider Umbraco. It is best for the large database, marketing and promo features, e-Commerce, user-generated content, corporate and governmental content, as well as those with lots of transactions and activities, such as gaming sites. Its extensible open-source platform allows you to implement various functionalities, including third-party plugins to provide the best user experience to your customers.

9. A wide Admin Access Roles – 

With Umbraco, you can get a large number of Admin Access Roles. “Editors” are able to only edit text and images and “Dev Admins” with access to the Developer section. Roles can be edited even after the deployment of a project. Creating and disabling users is easy with a two-click action.

10. SEO Friendly-

Umbraco offers many features that help your team – or your SEO team – to adjust pages and structure onsite to follow search engine best practices.

11. Razor Support-

Umbraco has Razor support, which is a programming syntax of ASP.Net. It helps to build dynamic web pages with C#. Razor is an MVC view engine. You can add HTML to our code logic into Razor’s view. In Umbraco, to get the Dynamic Node we use the Razor view engine.

Why Umbraco Is Better Than A WordPress, Drupal, Or Sitecore Site?

Umbraco doesn’t have the security issues that WordPress has endured over the years. It is flexible and easy to use. There are a lot of features available to allow your team to get content created and edited faster. Hence it is known as the “the friendly CMS”. Also, it is easy to use and offers scalability.

You can also know the difference between- WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal: the real difference.

Is Umbraco Suitable For Your Project?

At last, it depends on the project’s specifics. It is suitable for the one who would like his site back-end to offer as much control, speed, scalability & security as possible. Also, it helps you to decrease costs and increase the ROI of your site. 

Final Words-

Are you thinking of building a website with large content and with higher security? We are here to help you through web development. Connect with solace and get a free quote for web development with Umbraco. We will be happy to help you.

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