What it takes to be a Solacian!

Attitude is Everything:  

‘Change your attitude, change your life’, states Jeff Keller in his book ‘Attitude is Everything’. Our attitudes have an impact on our actions. Our attitudes have an impact on those we work with. Our attitudes have an impact on the client we serve. In Solace, Attitude is the first thing we look inside the person. If his attitude is matching with organization’s core values, he is always welcomed and shined in his career at Solace.

What it takes to be solacian!

Business Perspective:

Solacians work as a consultant rather than development or coding team. which means taking complete ownership of the project and client business by giving him nice ideas/suggestions which will benefit this business. We always put ourselves in client shoes, knowing best for his need and it helps us to make him happy. We take complete ownership of our work by delivering perfect code to achieve an end result.

Concentration and Knowledge:

Solacians always pay attention to detail instead of looking at a problem lightly. Solacians are always attentive to the details of the smaller module he or she is working on.  For Solacian, concentration means knowing what to do at the right time. Solacians are knowledgeable about what they do. In Solace, Solacians love to code and enjoy to share the knowledge with others.

Effort and Passion:

In solace, we work hard and have fun in what we do. Solacians with a Passion for Programming can go on and on when asked about his project or work. We truly get excited when we see our sophisticated and meaningful end product is getting used in the real world and making difference in people’s lives. Solacians have a passion for programming because we think coding is an art and fun.

Problem Solving Skills:

“If I had 60 minutes to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes defining it, and 5 minutes solving it”, quotes Albert Einstein. As Solacians, we wage war against problems that come to us on a daily basis. Instead of using swords and shields, we fight with code. We extract information by analysing the problem that we have and asking questions. We spend more than 60% of the time on designing the solution to the problem before starting the actual work. Solacians follow the structured approach to solve the problem at hand.

Quick Learner:

At Solace, programmers master their self-learning ability by constantly sharpening their skill set. Our projects are well documented, well structured and we constantly arrange the learning sessions, so any new employee able to quickly learn all the aspects of the project. Solacians are always eager to learn or adapt to new challenges, new technologies.

Time Management:

At Solace, we set our long term and short term goals to manage the time effectively. To effectively manage our work, Solacians daily perform some basic things like creating the to-do list, adjusting priorities, splitting complex tasks into smaller ones, and getting advice from experts for difficult problems. With these organized ways, we are able to achieve client expected deadlines.


We believe that communication skills are equally as important as technical skills. We maintain complete transparency with our client in all aspects of the project by understanding the clients’ business priorities. We are updating the client on daily basis using project management tools and Skype to make sure both are on the same page. Solacians possess the ability to convey the highly technical subject to the non-technical client by communicating ideas clearly and emphatically.

If you are looking for passionate development team to grow your business further feel free to contact us to know how we made difference for hundreds of companies by building offshore development teams for them.

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