What you should do to get more downloads to your app (app store optimization tips)?

User acquisition is a big challenge for app marketers. From the many surveys it has been concluded that, smartphone users download an average of three apps per month. It is a small number in comparison to how many apps are currently available. As of June 2016, the Google Play app store and Apple’s App Store sell over four million apps combined. There are many options are available so attracting user interest is a difficult task. Fortunately, there are numerous successful ways that can encourage more users to download your app. Here are nine tricks to help you boost your marketing efforts, and metrics you should track to gauge your success. Let’s discuss one by one.

App store optimization tips-

App Store Optimization

1. Encourage User Reviews- 

Increasing the visibility of your app is one part of improving downloads. After user found your app, you’ll need to convince  

Them to download. And here reviews are most important because users normally trust to word of mouth recommendations, for eg., user reviews.  Reviews not only shows the quality and importance of your app to potential downloaders, but also provide an excellent opportunity for you to engage with customers. If reviewers provide suggestions or even complaints, you can respond and show potential users how responsive you are to feedback. By doing this all the time, you’ll inspire trust and encourage more app downloads as a result.

2. Check that your app is crash- free –

If your users are facing any problems with your application, they’ll share their experience online so you can easily detect if your application is defective. After you react to their complaints, your developers should fix the problem quickly so that your app never crashes again.

However, it’s more effective to take a proactive approach—your app should undergo vigorous testing so that your developers can identify all bugs and resolve them before you make your app available to the public.

Metrics to track:

  • Crash rate
  • Retention rate

3. Motivate users to make referrals-

Referrals are another approach to exhibit quality, relevance, and trust, which will help to increase downloads. You can transform your existing users into brand ambassadors by giving them an incentive to refer your app to their friends.

For example, for a ride-sharing app, you can provide free ride credits in exchange for a referral.

Metrics to track:

  • Number of in-app referrals
  • Number of downloads

4. Pay attention to content-

Creating attractive and relevant content to promote your app can help you to engage more users. You can use online articles, videos, or infographics. For a gaming app, you can upload walkthrough videos to show off your game’s high quality visuals and gameplay to impress your audience. You can also share user-generated content to help community.

5. Engage on social media-

Social media is there to help you to show off your app. It is an effective way to extend your reach and introduce your app to new clients.

However, your intended target group will spend time on one platform over another, so analyzing the attention of your users demographics is important. Responding to your followers and encouraging them to share their thoughts exhibits that you care about your audience’s sentiments.

6. Measure, analyze and optimize-

It is important to continuously analyze how users are interacting with your app in order to ensure that they remain engaged. Are they effectively utilizing the application the manner in which it was intended to be utilized? Are there any issues that are restricting you from monetizing your app? You can use these analysis to optimize your future campaigns. Perhaps you’ve seen that many users from a specific source stop interacting with your app after a day or two. This can be because they weren’t a qualified audience, so you can decide to redirect your battle endeavors to other securing sources.

7. Put your mobile-best foot forward

App stores are only becoming more saturated, and with the industry moving toward the convergence of mobile web and mobile apps. It’s careful to consider how your brand translates across multiple channels instead of focusing on just your app experience. 

8. Influencer and community outreach-

Surveys from perceived specialists carry more presentations to your application, however, they additionally impart more trust in your app. By researching the right specialists you can set up a helpful organization that will construct your brand and boosts application downloads.

9. App store optimization-

App store SEO is the process of optimizing mobile apps for achieving a higher rank in the app store search results. It is similar to Search engine Optimization for websites so it is also referred as App Store Optimization.

App Name and Keywords-

Use of keywords in your title can result upto 10.3% boost in the rankings. Both Google and Apple’s search algorithms scan the app name for keywords when user performs a keyword search. Both the platforms give high priorities to apps with app names that have search input. 

App Name Format-

Keep the actual brand name short and sweet. You can then append this short brand name with a few keywords, typically preceded by a dash or a semicolon. App Name Format – Use the format – “Brand Name – Keywords” or “Brand Name: Keywords” For eg., Google Maps – GPS Navigation, Amazon – Shopping made easy, eBay: Buy & Sell – Find Deals.

App name length-

Apple limits the app name to a maximum of 30 characters in iOS 11 whereas, in Google Play Store App name is limited to 50 characters.

App Subtitle-

This field is available in the iOS App Store only. App subtitle appears under your app name, and is limited to 30 characters only.

App description-

Near about only 5% of the users click on read more button below the short description. So use each character to specify your product and also to grab the attention. Avoid blank lines and interrupted sentences.

App Promotional Text-

Your app’s promotional text appears at the top of the description and is limited to 170 characters. Despite the fact that the promotional text is NOT indexed in the app store search, the good news is you can change this text anytime without releasing a new version.

App Icon-

A good icon can increase your app downloads up to 560%! Keep your icon design simple and eye-catchy. Do not squeeze the small space with many items or words. You want people to remember the icon after the first impression. Likewise, guarantee that your symbol will even now look great when it is downsized to the littlest size required by App Store/Google Play. It should also look good against light and dark background.

App Screenshots-

 60% of users won’t swipe your first two screenshot images. A better version of your first two screenshots can boost your conversions by 25%! Make sure each screenshot is telling a single message about your app. Show your strongest messages in the first two screenshots. The best apps use all five screenshot slots to impress their users, and you should do the same. Adding short caption texts on your screenshots can help, but make sure they are on a clean background. And try to create a positive impression in the viewers’ mind at all times.

Also there are some ways that you can use to boost your app downloads. These ways are- App store keywords, App preview video, App store ratings, App indexing, app conversion rates, App size, App pricing, App updates. Know the latest trends of mobile app development at- Best Mobile App Development Trends in 2019.

Wrap Up-

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