Why Flutter development is possible with reduced cost?

Flutter is an open source framework of Google. It helps to build iOS and Android mobile apps with a single codebase. It is not just a framework, it is complete SDK for building cross platform mobile applications. Flutter includes  rendering engine, widgets, APIs, and also command-line tools. Flutter uses DART programming language. It uses Ahead-of-time compilation. The upcoming operating system is Fuchsia. It would also be built on Flutter. Shortly, it has everything needed for developing cross platform apps. It offers an excellent opportunity for developers to cut the cost in many ways. Here we will see the reasons of- why flutter makes app development less costly than native Android and ios apps.

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Reasons of- why Flutter development less costly?

Flutter app development cost

1. Unified App Development-

The primary thing that we are going to discuss is the cross-platform application development. It gives a unified application development environment which implies that the developer just needs to write code once and it will work on different platforms.

Cross-platform application development isn’t new. It is already being used by developers and supported by organizations. For instance, React Native and Ionic already support cross-platform application development.

However, Flutter makes it very simple to develop an application that runs for both platforms. It allows developers to exploit the native features that are offered by each platform, i.e., iOS and Android.

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2. Fast Development Time with Hot-Reload-

Hot-Reload is a great feature that allows the developer to see changes in real time. This enables teams to include new features, experiment and also fix bugs in their build. Consequently, the overall time to release is immediately reduced which decreases the time that is required to build and release the application. However, it isn’t a definitive solution and comes with some limitations. Overall, it beats the barriers of native application development which can take up to 2-3 minutes to see the changes that are made to the code.

3. MVP Development-

With such a large number of new businesses in the market, you’d need a Minimum viable product (MVP) to convince your investors. For that, you have to create an MVP that can function properly on various platforms with the goal that you can show its applicability across them. Flutter can help do just that. By making your MVP in Flutter, you can save both time and cost. Not just that, you can use the MVP to build your product since the code written in Flutter is of great quality.

4. Less Code-

The total number of lines of code written is connected with the project cost. Flutter uses Dart programming language. It is strongly typed object-oriented programming language. Besides, it doesn’t need the JavaScript help to work. Hence this improves the general performance of the application. All are widgets are  compiled natively to specific platforms. All this implies you have to write less code to accomplish a same level of performance. Other key features that help for writing great performance applications using Flutter include AOT, JIT compilation, Hot-Reload, and so on.

5. Open-source and community-

Flutter is an open- source framework. This implies, you don’t need to pay to use it, you can depend on the vibrant and dynamic community to get the latest innovations to the framework. The main investment that an organization or startup needs to make is to find good developers that can work using Flutter. Vacillate is simple to learn which implies that the developers can easily adapt it and can rapidly build the application. Again, hot-reloading is easy for beginners also.


Flutter’s effect on the project cost is undeniable, and the significant purpose for this is its cross-platform support, less code, less time to MVP or market release, and Hot- Reload. Despite the fact that it has tough competition from React Native, yet because of performance gains, Flutter will be the winner in longer run.

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