Why Golang Is Better Than Other Languages?

With the unbeatable expansion in technology, the world is also moving to uncover the absolute most pivotal revelations. GoLang, being one such progressive revelation, has overwhelmed the whole world. As GoLang walked into our lives, individuals have found a few different ways to get headways and innovation in the field of development. Golang has gained more popularity in less time as compared to other programming languages. 

In spite of the fact that for beginners golang may be slightly complex but with adequate practice, one can easily used to with this language. There is sufficient reason to go bonkers over this advanced programming language, however before demystifying them get to know some basics about GoLang. 

What you can do with Golang?

While some different languages like C, Java, and so on have strong command over the field of programming, a few new models have been introduced that can spell better outcomes for the modern computing, particularly in the cloud. The expanding ubiquity of Go for the most part owes to its lightweight and the fact that it’s reasonable for pretty much every microservices architecture. Container darling docker, as well as  Google’s Kubernetes, are also built with the use of Go. Go is also holding the ground in data science owing to its advantageous features, which the data scientists are hoping to use to acquire increasingly successful outcomes.

Being a profoundly advanced programming language, GoLang can facilitate the developers in various manners, which additionally incorporate native concurrency, garbage collection etc. While utilizing Go, a developer need not depend on a few other native capabilities to limit the need of composing codes to fix memory leakage, and so on. Some of different features offered by GoLang can fit flawlessly with data science and microservices architectures.

As a result of these previously mentioned advantages, Go is progressively being used by legions of companies everywhere throughout the globe. An Application Programming Interface for the Tensorflow has been incorporated, and products,such as Pachyderm are being created with using Go. There are a series of parts of Cloud Foundry that have been written in GoLang too. Also, the interesting thing is that this list is normally including various names composed with the help of Go. To know the comparison between Python and Go, just go through- Python vs Go : Which one to choose?

What Makes GoLang Absolutely Irreplaceable?

It was not exceptionally long that GoLang had set its journey to bring an improvement and also reduce some of the long-standing issues of the development industry. In the journey of giving the millennial developers a unified and consistent experience of development, Go appeared, and as time passes, it’s carving a niche for itself without a doubt. Be that as it may, is it worth the whole buzz? Is Go genuinely irreplaceable? Is it capable of staying ahead in technology race? Let’s find it out.

Simplicity is the Major USP of GoLang-

Simplicity is unsurpassable and GoLang has absolutely taken it to the next level. Numerous successful programming languages, for example, Rust, Scala, and so on are full of different complex features. Likewise, they have spelled amazing outcomes in development by having provided advanced memory management and type systems. These programming languages have absolutely taken the mainstream languages of their time, for example, Java, C#, C++, and so forth., and boosted their overall capabilities. Having taken a different and simpler way, GoLang has effectively eliminated many of such features, yet, for quite a few reasons. The following are some features and capacities that Go has eliminated:

1. No Generics-

Generics or templates allude to the pillar of various programming languages. By including the complex and error messages related to  generics, they can frequently be obscure to understand. By having chosen to hold back on this part, the Go developers have made it simple to work with it. Without a doubt, it has been an extremely disputable yet a savvy decision taken by the designers.

2. Single Executable-

There is very discrete runtime library in GoLang. It is capable of generating a single executable that one can deploy by copying. Thanks to this for eliminating the risk of version mismatches or dependencies. Additionally, it could be an incredible help for container based development projects.

3. No Dynamic Libraries-

There has been a slight change in 1.8 version of GoLang, as now the developers can load dynamic libraries in it by plug-in packages. But, as this feature was not in GoLang from the get go, it’s as yet considered as an extension for the extraordinary features.

Go Owes its Popularity to Goroutines-

From an efficient perspective, Goroutines is regarded as one of the most interesting parts of GoLang. It can allow the experts to harness the capabilities of multicore machines in a helpful manner.

1. CSP-

The establishment of GoLang’s concurrency model is C. A. R. The prime thought is to misdirect any kind of synchronization over the shared memory between a few threads of execution that is work-intensive and mistake inclined.

2. Synchronize Go-routines-

Another powerful method to wait for goroutines is to utilize sync groups. One can declare a wait group object and along these lines pass it to each goroutine that is responsible for calling its Done() techniques when it’s totally done.

3. Channels-

Channels can permit goroutines to exchange data easily. One can make a channel and pass it on to a goroutine. The user can not just write the channel, yet in addition read from it.

Handles Error Seamlessly-

The whole concept of error handling is dealt with diversely by GoLang. By convention functions, GoLang will never fail at returning an error as its final return values. Despite the fact that one can’t return errors from a go-routine, he/ she can convey them to the world outside through a few different mediums.

It’s to be sure a decent practice to pass an error channel to a go routine. The users can likewise write errors to the database, log records or call remote services while utilizing GoLang.


Attributable to the exponential expansion in technology, the concept of software deployment as well as conveyance has changed all things to a high extent. The Microservices architecture has played a key job in unlocking the application agility. The vast majority of the new-age applications are designed such that they can be native to cloud and also they can exploit diverse cloud services provided by the cloud platforms. There are many programming languages with its own features. But, being a perfectly engineered programming language, GoLang is structured so that it can fit such new imperatives.

Composed for the cloud, GoLang has increased a lot of popularity because of its development and mastery of concurrent operations. In the course of recent years, Go has seen a stunning climb in its popularity, particularly for modern databases. Despite the fact that the huge part of Go’s soaring fame is related with Google’s support, its different approach in developed has played the primary motivation to add to its overall popularity.

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