Why Ionic framework is best for mobile app development?

The IONIC framework is an extensive open source SDK, which is used to develop hybrid portable mobile applications compatible with CSS, JavaScript and HTML5. It is unified around the feel, look and UI cooperation of an application. This is the reason behind why IONIC framework is the one-stop solution for each individual who needs to rapidly develop their next application. It is preferable to all who need to give their application a good look and also orientation. Let’s go through some of the reasons why you should choose IONIC framework for your mobile app.

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Reasons to choose Ionic framework to build mobile app-

1. It is free-

This is the best advantage of using Ionic Framework. Developing an application, starting with research and completion in a marketing campaign, it is very expensive. If you are confused about whether to use it or not, you could try it as it doesn’t cost you anything. 

2. Easy to move across platforms-

When building an application, it is normal that you are searching for success and think that possibly you’ll spread across platforms, either if you start with Android, iOS, Windows Phone or other operating systems. The Ionic framework gives you the chance of doing that more effectively, because the language makes your application easily converted from one operating system to another. If you choose a native language, instead of hybrid, you would need to invest some time and money into learning the particular programming language for every platform.

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3. Open source framework-

The facts demonstrate that generally open source frameworks are unstable, they have been noticed in the past to be so – yet we assure you that the Ionic Framework itself in being a very stable platform.

4. Great User Interface

The Ionic framework accompanies a great UI. The elements have predefined styling. This gives all the elements look and feel of the native elements. The Android applications get the Machine design touch and iOS will have the modern look. It makes designing prototype faster and simple no need to include own touches.

4. The base framework of Ionic is Angular-

Angular is a popular framework in developing mobile applications and web applications. Hence, regardless of whether you haven’t met with this programming language previously, after working with it, you will also have the option to develop web applications. It also has a lot of advantages like extending the syntax of HTML to include components of your application, and also data binding.

5. Ionic makes use of Cordova Plugins-

If you don’t know the term of plugin, it is a piece of code connected to your application that is coded in JavaScript, which allows you to do various things because it is close to the native language of the platform you’re working on. Cordova Plugins help you to get access to various features of the operating system, as Geo location, Camera, Battery and so on. Relying upon what your application does, you will use at least one of these so that you have an optimal working application.

6. Community support-

The great thing about the Ionic Framework is that it has a huge, active community, that is ready to help on various forums or particular YouTube channels. If you look through social media, you can discover even the founders of Ionic Framework, because they are ready to help their users to develop the perfect application.

8. Access To Modern Web Technologies-

The ionic framework provides the benefit of both Cordova and Angular in one place. Adding to it, you can also use TypeScript that allows you to utilize features of ES6 JavaScript. They continue updating and adding new technologies.

9. Powerful CLI-

Ionic has a simple CLI (command line interface). It makes it simple to create a new project, compile your project to native projects or anything you need. As a developer, you will like this tool since it makes your life much easier.


You have many reasons to use this framework. May be the most beneficial  being that it is a free working space. Go ahead and try working on this framework. If you are facing any difficulty to build mobile app with ionic framework, consult with solace experts. Team is well experienced to give you the best solution as per your requirements with latest trends. Develop your mobile app with native for more effectivity. We will be happy to help you.

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