Why we have to update our mobile apps regularly?

Reasons to update your mobile apps regularly

Most well known mobile apps update around once in a week or 4 times a month and as they are popular they can get away with that kind of schedule (consider Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, and so on) because users won’t worry about them however not all mobile application developers will have the equivalent chance. Updates are important to maintain your application and mobile application development to include new features that enhance user engagement.

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New Updates may be an additional reason to update, but neglecting to get the recent version of an application can set you and your device at risk. It may seem like developers update your applications over and over again, yet it’s important to make. It’s necessary to have a great app rating. Among the top 100 free apps, the middle application rating was 4.7, and just 9 mobile applications had a rating below 4.0. With the top 100 grossing applications, the lowest application rating was 3.9, and just 6 applications had a rating below 4.2.

The middle number of days between updates for the whole data collection is 8.75 days, and the most basic difference is 7 days. This shows most free applications start to get updates each week. The best mobile application development company continually uses the latest features that will be compatible with the latest updates.

We can list the reasons that clarify an update and then define the choice of each one of them.

7 Reasons why we have to update our mobile apps regularly-

1. Stay with Latest Technology- 

The main reasons to regularly update the mobile apps are to keep up with advances in hardware and software. Each point the OS of a device has updated, the chances are sure that you will require an update in your application. If your mobile apps are connected with Google Pay, Apple Wallet or Apple Maps/Google Maps, you will require connecting notified with updates to these platforms to ensure that their connection with your application remains seamless.

Have you noticed the recent increase in the application of Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay? They are fast, more advantageous and security is high. Numerous retail applications now offer it. If you also run a retail mobile application you’re still to incorporate into your system, you may already be losing a few users.

2. Bug fixes & Performance Enhancement

The expected reason behind application updates, The mobile application developer can have a weekly or fortnightly updated the model with the goal that the users are knowledgeable and can expect the application to be updated on one day of the week each time instead of any arbitrary timings. Apart from, each latest feature, add to the application will reasonably come with its bug. A few bugs are not a major issue but rather leaving them to remain for a long time is a genuine issue. The more extended the bugs reside in your android mobile application and iOS mobile application, the more you lose users of the application.

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3. Improving Mobile App UX/UI

A mobile application UX/UI design reestablishes when the Full-Stack Development Company makes a reliable method of interaction with an application that prompts satisfaction of use or extended engagement for exp. – the organization’s logo modification or extra services, products being offered by the organization. For instance, recently Google presented metal design rules and supports strictly to application developers to follow it.

4. Updates Improve the Security-

The mobile application update plays a significant role in application security. It’s the capacity of an application development company to have information about the customer protected. No security capacity runs for a long time. Hence, the expensive stuff is to stay quite some steps ahead of those hackers. At that point, they make a similarity of a loophole to your application security building. Security is the most significant reason for application development companies. They should regularly update their applications.

5. To Stay Relevant-

Smartphone users have some applications in their phones they don’t use regularly. Getting your application won’t mean, they will use it every day. Over the long haul, they will simply forget your application for a long period. Hence, when they remember it, they are more likely to delete it. Every time you report an update of your application, you are going to help to remember one’s mobile application. Besides, they should need to look at the new benefits that will include your new up-date.

6. For Rebranding-

You may have noticed that many organizations change the appearance of their present products or change their brand id. It is known as rebranding. It grabs in more consideration and demand. That is performed in the application development industry as well. This encourages existing customers and attracts new ones. In this way, another factor to update your application is to give it a fresh look. Given that you have a smart thought of the reason behind why to upgrade your application regularly, you will most likely wish to know how often you have to do it. Properly, there is no straight response to that. The rate of recurrence of update in fact relies upon different factors.

7. New Features-

At last, updates bring the latest features. Is it possible to remember Instagram, Twitter at the beginning? Instagram has filter systems, some modification options and that has been about it. After some time, the application conveyed such a large number of attractive new attributes through updates. There are Instagram stories, bookmarks, more filtration systems, the ability to share multiple images at once within a post, and so forth.


The cost of an update is around 10 to 30 % from the Cost to Develop Mobile App or eCommerce application so that it doesn’t create a lot of business perception to update your application without a valid reason. Users’ feedback might be an important factor to consider. However, this won’t imply that you have to get it done with an update that users suggest. You should hold up until a large number of users initiate to agitate for something. 

These are some benefits of regularly updating your mobile app. There can be few others too.  If you are confused about your app updates, Consult with Solace experts. We have a dedicated team of experts to help you through apps development and maintenance. Get a free quote for mobile apps development. We will be happy to help you.  

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