Why You Should Choose VueJS For Web App Development?

Why you should choose vuejs for web app development

These days, the use of mobile phones has increased at a tremendous rate. Software development applications are most popular for businesses, in recent times, that are being used at individual as well as enterprise levels. Developers use various devices and strategies to launch successful applications. Also they makes use of software technologies to make app development faster, more appealing and easy to understand among the team. One of these technologies is VueJS. If you still don’t know, what is VueJS, let’s have a quick overview. 


VueJS is a open-source progressive lightweight JavaScript framework used to build user interfaces (UIs) and single-page applications. It doesn’t have privileges like other javascript frameworks React that were built  and supported by Facebook and Angular. VueJS is supported and maintained by its huge community. It was released around February 2014, and is new software technologies that is being used by most of the app development company across the world for web apps development. With just a few years of release, it has gained a lot of popularity among developers. In the age, where javascript frameworks are component driven, VueJS is distinct by its simplicity and execution.

VueJs benefits hybrid apps and web applications with its out-of-the-box functionalities, specifically, Data Binding, Animation/Transition, HTML Templates, Routing, and so on. Also, scalability and a gentle learning curve make it simple to use VueJS for web application projects. It is more lightweight and versatile than others and, replacing angular and react like well known frameworks. Also, it allows two-way data binding like Angular, and it has Virtual DOM like React. This is just an overview of VueJS . Let’s see the details of why VueJS is good for web apps development?

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Why You Should Choose VueJS For Web App Development?

1. Very Small Size –

JavaScript has been successful due to its size. The size of the product has empowered more people to use and like it. It’s size is just 18-21 KB. And it just need very less or no time for user to download it and use it. It isn’t vital that because of the smaller size the speed decreases, the speed is faster comparatively. Due to this small size and high speed it beats Emberjs and Reactjs.

2. Easy to Understand-

One of the major reasons for the popularity of this framework is its simplicity. The client can easily add Vue.js to its web project because of its simple structure. Also it has characterized design to keep your data, life-cycle techniques and custom strategies independent. It has some extra features like viewers, registered properties and directives which make the cycle of building a cutting edge web application a breeze. Each small and large organization can be made through this structure which saves a lot of time. 

3. Flexibility-

It is an important feature of Vuejs. Templates can be written in Javascript file, HTML file or any pure Javascript file by the use of virtual nodes. This flexibility helps to understand other frameworks. And it is easy to understand for the developers of Reactjs and Angularjs or any other new Javascript framework. There are a lot of benefits while developing simple apps that run directly from browsers.

4. Templates-

HTML based formats bind DOM with Vue.js instance data that compiles templates in Virtual DOM Render functions. Web developers can replace those templates with render function. Vue restricts the use of templates to a single root node. This suggests that this is valid:

However, this is not:<template>  <div/>

Multi root templates are added to Vue 3.0 and is most important feature of VueJS version 3. As the virtual DOM diffing algorithm works, this VueJS feature is difficult to implement and requires a major rewrite.

5. Vue Command-line Interface-

Vue CLI offers various benefits to developers. It helps with high productivity, decreases latency rate, helps in detecting bugs and ensures assured project completion. Also it saves time in project setup and scaffolding and offers approaches like- Allowing programmers to create plugins and presets, allow to concentrate on development instead of configuring, and open to integrate plugins at the development phase.

6. Integration-

VueJS has gained popularity among web developers because it encourages them to incorporate with the current applications. This is because it is based on Javascript structure and can be incorporated into other apps that are based on Javascript. You can freely include Vue.js CDN and start using it. Most of the libraries and third party Vue components are also accessible and supported with Vue.js CDN. You just need to setup node and npm to start using Vue.js. Means it helps to grow new web apps by just modifying the previous applications. Also you can use it as jquery replacement.

7. In-built Supportive Tools-

VueJS comes with an attractive frontend view for simple to complex software with its in-built tools and technologies. Vuex, Vue Router, Vue Test Units and Vue CLI are some of Vue js tools. These tools help and play an important role to improve the speed of Vue app development. Tools include Vuex, Vue Router, Vue Test Units and Vue CLI.

8. Exceptional Performance-

Vue js offers excellent performance and quality at high speed. If any project requires to improve performance, it is better to rewrite it in Vue.Js. The progressive nature of the framework can be introduced into the existing codebase gradually. Simple and easy debug coding increases productivity and accuracy of development, so vue js stand out from competitors.

9. Virtual DOM-

Vue.js operates with the use of Virtual DOM that implies, any changes made while developing won’t be reflected directly on the DOM. Rather, a replica of DOM is created that is generally present in the form of JS data structures. It allows developers to experiment their design and see modifications in the UI design while having a scope of undo cost effectively.

10. Animation/Transition-

Vue.js lets programmers with various ways to implement transition to HTML elements when adding or updating something from the DOM. It provides alternatives to add third-party animated libraries to the environment and build interactive user interfaces.

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Final Words-

VueJs is the best choice to develop single-page apps and Progressive Web Apps. If you are thinking to integrate VueJs to your  existing projects or want to start from scratch, Consult with solace experts. We are here to help you with our experts. You can hire vue js developers of solace team for effective software development. Connect with solace and get a free quote for a vuejs software development. We will be happy to help you.

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