Why you should use augmented reality in businesses?

Why you should use augmented reality in business

We know that Augmented reality is used in games like Pokemon Go and fun exercises like using Snapchat channels. Regardless, the main benefit of Augmented Reality in the business world isn’t limited to these two spaces as it were. The technology also entered different business areas and given a transformative look. It has proved to be an ideal weapon to achieve success in today’s competitive market.

But, if you still don’t know the advantages of Augmented Reality (AR) in the business spectrum, this article will be a great informative for you. Here, I will help you with knowing the role and effect of Augmented reality in different sectors and processes. Also in this way, it will help you to set up your image for a ‘digitally augmented reality’.

Before we start, we should get our nuts and bolts clear. Know the details of what Augmented Reality (AR) technology is? With the goal that you don’t get influenced by the misunderstanding that there’s no difference between AR, VR and MR.

What is AR technology?

Augmented Reality is a technology that presents digital elements like computer-generated graphics, sound or video effects, haptic feedback, or sensory projects into this real world. This is done to deliver an engaging and effective customer experience and is made conceivable simultaneously with the input received from various hardware, for example, a smart glass, camera, smart lenses, cell phones and so on. 

Now you are clear about what does this technology means. Now let us see How does it work?

Working of Augmented Reality-

When you use an AR-enabled application or a gadget, the hardware captures the image of the object and shares it with the computer vision program. Then this program processes the image to get details like what are the exact measures of the object, what all other objects are existing in a similar surface, and how far are they from the ‘object in focus’. 

Using the insights taken, the AR-based application designs and displays virtual information that overlays the real object, which gives an outstanding customer experience. As you probably are aware of the definition of AR and its working, let’s reveal how this technology is used in businesses across different industries. This would definitely help you to plan for how to come up with fascinating augmented reality business ideas and eventually, increase profits.

Advantages of Augmented Reality for Business-

AR is going to change the state of business altogether in the blink of an eye. The main advantage for business in augmented reality development for smartphones and tablets is that the hardware is available, and the use is intuitive and understanding.

In the next few years, users will be able to try on clothes without actually wearing it or to check if the furniture fits the interior. And this will be possible with the help of Android or iPhone augmented reality applications. Also, with future technology development, there will seem other human sensors as smelling, touching and feeling. Technologies offer new opportunities for a tremendous measure of markets, among them banking, real estate, healthcare, and producing also. Let’s go through these use cases thoroughly.

1. Retail-

Augmented reality has helped Entrepreneurs to take their real estate business beyond the limits of current tools. A few of those limitations are:- 

Unappealing text description of apartments-

Though the real estate agents are crafting extremely impressive descriptions of the apartments, many are as yet failing to connect. They are finding it as too exhausting to read all the details and imagine how the property really looks. AR, engages the target audience in an increasingly intelligent manner and results in higher conversion.

Longer time to make a decision-

Due to 2D-picture of the property, many times users get confused about- if the proposed property is suitable for the type of facilities they need in their home or not. AR solves this issue by allowing 3D image of the property to see users and also to interact with it. Due to AR, they can move products from one place to another and analyze how the house would appear. Also, technology simplifies the process of dimension measurement of apartment in real-time. This helps to take decision in minimum time. 

2. Healthcare-

The role of AR in the healthcare and medical domain is advantageous. This technology is offering another opportunities and benefits to healthcare services experts, medical students, and others to get better experience. Let us see the manners it is transforming the industry-

Augmented diagnosis-

Ordinarily, patients ignore some minor symptoms or neglect to describe them to doctors. Due to this, healthcare professionals can not appropriately diagnose and give the right services to them.

But, using AR technology, the two can more readily understand the symptoms and diagnosis effectively, resulting in better outcomes. For instance, AccuVein lets nurses and healthcare experts decide the specific area of veins by anticipating a handheld scanner onto the patients’ skin. This decreases the procedure time, and improves the patient’s satisfaction rate.

Augmented Surgery-
Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Prior, it was very strenuous for surgeons and other healthcare professionals to make a complicated surgery successful with information gathered a few days before the surgery. But, with the use of Augmented reality in the surgery process, it has become more simple. Now specialists can get access to live-saving patient data continuously, study the data precisely and overlay the patient anatomy over the body to perform surgery precisely. 

They can envision each body part and hence, ensure that no other organ gets influenced adversely while surgery. This ensures higher surgery success rate and also recovery time. In the current situation, many hospitals are using this technology for reconstructive surgery of patients suffering from severe injuries.

3. Military-

Augmented Reality in military

Augmented Reality is also reshaping the military sector. AR helps soldiers to get prepare for the battle dispose bombs and other explosive elements, enhance their skills at using different weapons, etc. without putting their lives at risk. It adds marks to this real world scenario and gives better navigation services to them – even in dark. Also, the technology makes it possible to reap the advantages of remote maintenance.

4. Entertainment-

The AR technology has helped all the subdomains of the industry, be it music, live events, or movies in numerous ways. For instance:

AR in Music Industry-

AR-controlled earbuds and other hardware adds an augmented layer on the highest point of the real audio to improve clients’ listening experience. Furthermore, that also personalized by the background noise and different filters.

AR in Movies-

When discussing the benefits of Augmented reality for business in the field of TV shows and motion pictures, the technology is helping the directors add unrealistic/non-existent elements into the movies, for example, dinosaurs, enable dancers with physical disabilities perform easily, alongside showing different effects on the screen. Also, it allows users to see real-time subtitles hanging on the TV show they are watching

AR in Media-

Augmented Reality is playing a crucial role in the field of media. The technology is allowing media specialists to upgrade the effectiveness of multimedia, games, videos, and presentations to build a better impression. It is encouraging them to share their content in an exceptionally interactive way and relish better results.

5. Education and Training-

The technology has helped students and teachers in adapting up to various winning issues, for example, –

Difficulty in understanding the concept-

Generally, students and teachers fail to depict a greater concept. They keep their visualization power restricted to the angle being highlighted in the books and references. Due to this, they mostly struggle with getting deep knowledge of the concept and determine the real-life implications. AR technology helps them to see a 3D model of the object and see the working of the complete concept in front of them. They can analyze the concept via 360-degree view, that increases interest, brings new queries and, prompts higher application of the same.

Short-memory retention power-

With the study material accessible significantly in textual form, numerous students think that its difficult to grasp the concept with the restricted memory power. AR, in this context, makes the information available in visual form such that they can touch everything virtually. This facilitates the processing of recollecting the data, which further results in high-end performance.

No Practical Knowledge-
Augmented Reality in education

Another advantage of AR in education is that it is providing students and graduates with an approach to test their hypothetical knowledge and get ready for their job in a superior way.

Issues with student performance evaluation-

AR not just helps students with getting information in an interactive manner, but is simplifying the task of teachers. It is allowing them to expose students to a virtual environment and see how they react to things around them. According to this, give them scores as per the performance of students and not the crammed data.

One of the best use-cases of AR in the education industry is Human Anatomy Atlas. This mobile application shows in excess of 10,000 anatomical 3D models of the human body and delivers related data in various languages, alongside choices like rotating and interacting with organs, separately.

How to integrate Augmented Reality into your business?

  • Do market research-

It is necessary for you to plunge further into your business market and understand the potential of technology. It is must that you put your effort into augmented reality market analysis alongside competitive analysis to see what would AR be able to be used for, what is its future, and how the technology has helped them to build an alternate image in the marketplace.

  • Examine internal business challenges-

While getting acquainted with how others are making benefits from AR will assist you with deciding your AR-based strategy, it is necessary to understand the limitations of your traditional business processes. That suggests investigating the various segments of your business and bringing the individual teams on board to get a clear idea of what challenges they are facing. Furthermore, discuss how to build augmented reality applications for Android or iOS.

  • Use AR-based Applications-

An AR-based mobile application, when used in your business processes, can help you with standing out from the crowd and get more revenue.


From all these benefits, are you thinking to use Augmented reality in business to drive more traffic and revenue? Before you start, consult with solace experts. You can hire android developers of Solace team for effective AR-enabled app development. Connect with Solace and get a free quote for efficient and effective AR-enabled apps development. We will be happy to help you.

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