Why you should use Flutter for MVP development?

When launching a new application, the product development time is one of the most important factors, which clients focus on. At times, this is placed even ahead of the project budget. Obviously, companies can enjoy a competitive advantage, as they can tap their market before competitors do. It is hence that a fats MVP (Minimum Viable Product) serves as a viable strategy for several companies. They execute these to test the requirements of their customers. Let us see the Flutter for MVP development.

Need of an MVP-

An MVP can be defined as a simple version of your software that can solve your issues. The software development time should be as short as could be expected under the circumstances. Companies waiting long to develop these products are susceptible to high competition. In the process, they may lose the key edge in the industry. In any case, with a working version of the software, new companies can approach their investors. They can also be an early participant in the industry. 

Validating a business thought gets simpler, when you have an MVP. A statistic reveals that 70% of tech startups fail to thrive, regularly around 20 months after they get the first financing, essentially because of poor market research.

However, when you run a test using an MVP, the difference can be big. It can prevent business failures, as you can obtain feedback and look at the necessities of your customers. An MVP serves as a tool to realize the genuine potential of a given idea. In like manner, you can plan the correct direction of guiding your business.

Why Should Businesses Adopt an MVP?

So as to validate your business idea, an MVP should be developed. It confirms the interest of the users in the products you are planning to launch. Using an MVP can minimize possible errors by testing the product on a small scale, or making a hypothesis.

MVP manages the offerings of your business to the users with that they really need. Business firms adopting MVPs can benefit in a few different ways.

  • They can remain within a limited budget, while launching their apps quickly
  • Save time while developing the app, finding the right target group
  • Gather feedback about a given app, further improvising the product
  • Save resources, money and time, ensuring that they channelize their efforts to develop a product that will probably be successful
  • Find early adopters of the product by acquiring a potential base of customers

For business companies, it is an advice to start with limited features in the basic model.

What is Flutter? How Can it Help in Building an MVP?

As a cross platform development framework, Flutter was developed with the objective of building native Android and iOS applications, using a single code-base. Flutter has attracted attention in several software development companies. It accompanies upgraded features, widgets and bug fixes. Being open source, it complements MVP development.

Reasons for an increasing popularity of Flutter include:

  • Flutter has a large community and supporting the users
  • Business firms need not spend large amounts as licensing fees during experimentation
  • App development becomes simplified, as Flutter speeds up the process
  • A great user interface helps in creating an interactive user interface.

Building an application with Flutter shows that new companies and business firms enjoy a dynamic setup. The dedicated widget engine in this cross platform tool attracts UI components that look like the native ones. UI developed using Flutter’s widgets are flexible and pleasing. These can be improved. These UIs are all around structured. The developers can customize the existing widgets, making custom ones. Flutter applications are known for their smooth and fast performance.

What Makes Flutter a Good Choice for MVP Development?

Flutter can eases the development of cost effective MVPs in various ways. Because of the availability of widgets, developing an application with Flutter turns out to be simple. The developers can incorporate the changes consistently. Developers can avoid the complex process of decision making with respect to the best business platform, while building a cross platform application. Hence you can obtain feedback from many respondents. Due to this MVPs are important for startups. Moreover, Flutter gives you the chance to make important integrations. The sketch design can be exported directly to pixel perfect codes. Instead of making changes in the visuals, one can organize delivering value. Flutter also enjoys a great compatibility with Firebase. This gets rid of the need to have a different backend for building a simple MVP.

Ways in Which Flutter Can Help in Developing an MVP-

Mobile application developers have discovered certain unique features in Flutter, which they can’t appreciate somewhere else. The flexible UI, speed, simple integration and performance are the main reasons behind its popularity.

Let’s see how developers are being benefited by Flutter, when they work on MVPs.

1. Developing cost effective apps-

Previously, cost constraints used to be one of the key drawbacks for organizations willing to launch new applications. However, Flutter has discarded this issue, given that it comes free of cost. It supports the development of cross platform applications, where it is necessary for the developers to write a single code base. This serves the purpose for both Android and iOS stages. This has facilitated the process of working on both platforms and one can simultaneously develop applications, decreasing cost. Flutter allows developers to access features of native apps. This makes the tools pixel perfect. Large companies and small businesses benefit from the cross platform app development features of Flutter. Simultaneously, they need minimal money and time to access the mobile world.

2. Speedy app development process-

While building a finished product, developers require lesser time, due to flutter. It accompanies the hot reload feature, which allows the developers to see changes that have been made to the application coding spontaneously. When any change is made in the software, the developers can see it immediately. In this manner, the application development process turns out to be quicker and simpler. Flutter also encourages a closer collaboration between designers, developers and testers, when they need a quick change, improving the appearance of the application. The hot reload feature allows developers to add new features and fix bugs more rapidly. The experimentation process becomes faster, as the new version doesn’t need to be coded completely.

3. Attractive design draws investors-

For new companies and businesses, it is necessary to draw investors with possible ideas that may convert. Flutter accompanies an improved collection of UI features, interactive designs and the latest technology. This can draw the attention of customers and investors also. Flutter considers everything to be a widget. The SDK supports Material Design and Cupertino, a collection of behavioural, visual and motion oriented widgets. This gives a convincing look to the applications, both on iOS and Android gadgets. Flutter supports the widgets that are accessible and helps developers to customize widget, as and when they need. 2D GPU accelerated APIs are also upheld by Flutter. The application animation ends up being alluring and smooth, that allows developers to come up with rich UX and UI. The developers also have access to an wide range of themes. They can independently design themes for iOS and Android devices that render the best UI on a specific device. This enhanced set of features complements the development of simple to use and user friendly applications.

Is Flutter a right choice for building MVP?

Like each piece of software, MVPs have their very own unique features each. Since the Flutter community get direct support from Google, it is sufficiently immense to help any type of product development.

Therefore, Flutter is the best choice for app developers under the following conditions.

  • If you need a cost- effective solution to run your application, integrating evolving technology
  • Application developers looking to develop applications in a feasible way, with seamless rendering and features ready for the market
  • If you need to think of expressive UIs, Flutter gives you the best platform

Building high performance mobile applications need a good support from SDKs like Flutter. It can fit into the respective needs of the developers, offering a great deal of customization. Clearly, Flutter can complement business firms to build up their MVPs.

Final words-

From the above discussion, we can conclude that, Flutter complements MVP development. You can develop MVP more effectively and rapidly with Flutter. It is compatible with Firebase hence, you don’t need to have a separate backend for building a simple MVP. Because of the availability of widgets, building up an application with Flutter turns out to be simple.

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