Why you should use Golang for enterprise mobile apps?

Enterprise application development is the development of the application which is a mind boggling development process that should be accomplished for the ventures. Generally these apps are developed for the enterprise apps development and used by various enterprises. With the help of this technology and development they can connect their different sectors handling various activities of an enterprise to stay connected to each other with the help of data transmission and collection.

They really help their whole enterprise with the information extending to various areas like the information from the CRM about the customer management and the details of the client, the account part who handles the income, benefit every one of these activities. So all these information are gathered or coordinated together on any computer hardware or server for further help later on, for reference to a specific information or data. And furthermore to limit data overwriting and chance for the loss of the information.

The enterprise versatility solutions are also getting developed using the services of these applications. This loaded information can be achieved by any sector of the enterprise at any time. There are some sectors where the data need to be integrated. These sectors are, supply chain management, Business Intelligence, Customer relationship management, Human resources and e-commerce systems also. EAI interfaces with all these sectors of an association and also this application of EAI truly helps in the development and progress of the organization. In big companies like android app development company, EAI can be used to understand the requirement of the client and also to check the feedback. This encourages the organization to manufacture the product with further details and information procured by their team and furthermore dealing with the applications. It can be used in the mobile app development.

What is GoLang?


GoLang is created by Google. It is an open source programming language. It provides the platform for anyone to contribute to it by creating new proposals, making it faster and fixing existing bugs also. Github hosts the Go language’s source code. Github is hosts the source code for Go language. As an open source-based platform it doesn’t have any owner so it is totally founded on the work and required changes made by and for people in general. They are one of the responsive design services.

Reasons to choose the Go language-

1. Open-source language-

Go language is an open-source language. They rely upon the users how they work for it, what changes they favor it and also create for specific proposals. In addition, nobody possesses it. It is free and anyone can contribute their effort to it.

2. Easy learning-

GoLang’s syntax is smaller than other languages hence is easy to learn. This language is easy to understand and an individual can easily use it. It is also easy to read for those who are not familiar with C.

3. Security purposes-

It is truly secured in built up a clean and clear platform with no bugs and it itself fixes numerous things. This is a strongly typed programming language that permits the provision for the user to only type valid and essential data into it. Compilation of Golang is strict and can also has a knowledge of various types of variables that you are going to use in this platform. It cleans the waste information and furthermore gathers and coordinates the information in a moreover executable way. This makes the system of Golang besides protected and secured.

4. Built-in framework-

Built i frameworks in GoLang helps to build a valid testing framework. This permits its users and provides them a library where a wide variety of work can be executed according to the requirements and services.

5. Concurrency model-

This language is designed on the basis of concurrency model. Here programmes can be performed partially without affecting the final output. There are no heavy threads in this model. Rather than it has got channels and also is a lightweight.

6. Designing for cloud-

Most of the recent apps are designed to be cloud-native. It is necessary for programming languages to be designed with the cloud. GoLang is expressly designed remembering these necessities. Composed particularly for the cloud, this is another explanation behind the purpose for its development and ubiquity.

7. Fast Performance-

GoLang’s concurrency model and small syntax structure make it a truly fast language. Since GoLang is compiled to machine code, it outflanks languages that are interpreted or have virtual runtimes. Compilation of Go is extremely fast. GFo links all the dependency libraries into one binary file so eliminating the dependency on the servers.

Advantages Of Google Programming Language (Golang)-

1. Modern Language-

While Go keeps running on a similar syntax as C, it is more modern and fast language. It has built-in support for multi-core networked distributed apps etc.

2. Easy Compiled Language –

The language is easy to read, it’s concise and explicit and it compiles directly to the machine code. 

3. Garbage Collection

Go language collects your garbage on your behalf and then integrates the whole garbage collected into an executable binary. 

4. Rich Library-

Golang brags of a standard library, that is loaded with highlights that needn’t bother with outsider help.It provides built-in functions especially for working with primitive types. It has packages for easily standing up a web server, handle I/O, cryptography, etc.

5. Scalability

Golang is best suited for scalability because of its coroutines which it calls “goroutines”. This Goroutines allow multiple lightweight threads to be performed simultaneously, communicating to channels, with parallel tasks executed easily and reliably. 

6. Large Community Base

Go, is a comparatively new programming language. It has almost half a million programmers in its community. However, the community has been called difficult since it shows a lack of interest in suggestions. The community also isn’t very open to web frameworks. 

Final Words-

Golang is a best alternative for C or C++. It is changing and updating every day hence adding new frameworks. It is preferred by most of the software developers and top enterprises for their application development. Go is a powerful language. Its features such as garbage collection, goroutines are more popular. Large community is beneficial for the Go language. It’s documentation is continuously improving with new open-source libraries.

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