Why You Should Use JAMstack For Ecommerce?

Why You Should Use JAMstack For Ecommerce

Though the Ecommerce industry is the fastest growing industry, online stores are facing lots of challenges. They compete with each other with increasingly demanding customers. Fulfilling these demands and overcoming challenges is getting harder as it needs flexibility, readiness to make changes fast. Online store face some challenges such as- poor user experience, slow page speed, high maintenance cost, developing new features take more time. But JAMstack evolves as a solution to these issues. So here we’ll see the reasons to use JAMstack for ecommerce. But before digging into it, let’s see what is JAMstack?

What Is JAMstack?

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JAMstack is an architectural pattern of web app development. It is a tech stack that includes client-side javascript, reusable APIs and prebuilt markup. Chief components of JAMstack are explained as below-

Javascript- It is the most widely used language to write web apps and it includes lots of frameworks and SDKs. 

APIs- APIs carry out the HTTP requests to transfer data to server-side of the application through interface or resource.

Markup- It is HTML rendered before time through a static content generator. Markup is responsible to impart the appearance of web app’s pages. it is either built with the static-site generator or it is dynamically assembled when the page loads. 

With traditional website development systems, APIs controlling the plugins and extensions for web platforms were limited by boundaries of the monolithic systems. But JAMstack gives more freedom to APIs. One of the main goal of JAMstack is to help developers in fast building, securing and scaling the web solution. It does this by providing a possibility to use tools and workflows that support productivity.

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Why You Should Use JAMstack For Ecommerce?

1. Best-Of-Breed Approach-

JAMstack is a great solution for the developers who are going by best-of-breed approach. Best-of-breed solutions are flexible and economical also, because you pay only for what you need. This lets you choose the best tools, tech stacks and CMS to offer best services to your clients. Best aspect of this approach is that every tech stack has its own individuality and functionality. Though tech stacks are performing in integration with other tools, any update, issue or change in one tool won’t affect others. If you don’t need one specific tool in the whole group, you could keep the rest. This makes the best-of-breed approach safer compared with all in one solutions.

2. Faster Loading Speed-

JAMstack provides a simple setup as the static files are hosted on CDNs. It ensures that the static websites works with speed and maintain higher performance. Speed of website impacts SEO and user experience also. According to the SEO, even a one-second delay in page loading speed will reduce the conversion rate by 7%.

3. Better Developer Experience-

Developers don’t have to be full-stack developers who take care of implementing layout to connect it with the backend layer. JAMstack eases this makes it possible to use APIs, programmers can depend on ecommerce solutions such as Shopify and concentrate only on creating front-end layers. Thus the development time and cost reduces.

4. Improved Time To Market-

As mentioned above, better developer experience results in improved time to market. JAMstack improves development process and helps to-

  • Add new touchpoints without needing to use extra software.
  • Develop new features or implement changes quickly because it is possible to work on front-end and back-end layers at the same time
  • Build user interfaces according to your choice
  • Personalize customer experience 

5. You Can Sell Your Products Everywhere-

Developing an eCommerce store means decoupling the front-end layer with the back-end layer. So you can publish and display your products and contents on various platforms such as Amazon, Facebook and so on. Such a possibility accompanies the simplicity of managing all digital sales channels at one place rather than checking data in each channels independently.

6. Omnichannel And Scalable-

Scalability is important for eCommerce because they may experience quick increase in traffic and to handle that, eCommerce websites need to be easily scalable. Whenever traffic suddenly increases, the CDN can handle it. CDN is a global network of file servers that reduces the physical distance between server and customer, so reduces the loading issues. So JAMstack supports the website’s traffic rise and increase in the products and services seamlessly and reliably. Hence, eCommerce websites can seamlessly manage the end-of-season and festival special sales without worrying about site crashing issues. JAMstack websites works properly on web and mobile browsers also. Hence they help to achieve conversions from both platforms and so it is best for omnichannel marketing purposes.

7. Unlimited Experience Possibilities-

With JAMstack you can build a custom storefront for your customers, that provides unique shopping experiences and prepares to stand in the market competition. Now, you can design the front-end layer with more freedom. Also, JavaScript SDKs that Shopify provide you will help you to create a user-friendly shopping experience. If you have a number of customer groups, you can design a unique experience for each of them.

8. Less Maintenance Cost-

Static websites don’t need more storage space than dynamic websites. Hence hosting will cost less. And development costs will be less if building from scratch. There is no need to update tools. Users don’t face 500 error, database connection errors and a few other problems. So maintenance of websites becomes easy and cheap as compared to traditionally built websites.

9. SEO Efficiency-

For ecommerce JAMstack is important because eCommerce stores are very much in need of organic traffic. JAMstack websites are fast and static, so it helps to get google ranking and helps to get higher organic traffic.

Things To Consider Before Using JAMStack In Ecommerce-

Before you decide to use JAMstack in ecommerce, you must consider two important things.

1. Mixing eCommerce Functionality And Static Websites-

Most of you may think that static websites can’t offer important features like payment handling, product recommendations, product searching etc. But it is not true. There are some third-party tools that developers can use to build ecommerce store on the top of a static website.

2. Using JAMstack For Big Online Stores-

It is not a big issue to build a huge online store that can handle thousands of product pages. But the issue is, JAMstack approach needs to rebuild each page even if only one page has been changed. But there is a solution for this, called as incremental builds. This feature is available in Gatsby cloud and Next.js that limits rebuilding just those pages that have been changed. 

Final Words-

Ecommerce industry is evolving and so it is necessary to have a scalable, fast-performing and secure website that can deliver optimum user experience. JAMstack is the best solution to fulfill the user’s expectation. If you are thinking of building an ecommerce website/app, consult with Solace experts. We are here to help you through consultation and development. You can hire developers of the Solace team for effective ecommerce development. Connect with Solace and get a free quote for ecommerce website/app development. We will be happy to help you.

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