Why WordPress is best known for its CMS?

Enormously, WordPress has shown its potential features which can CMS in a very flexible manner. In simple terms, a content management system(CMS) allows you to manage your content in a structured environment. Content management system(CMS) stores all of your documents, images, videos and any other type of online content in an organized way, so that you can easily add, retrieve, edit, delete and publish your content quickly and easily. Content management systems(CMS) also allow multiple editors to access, manage and work on the content and publish it under different sections of the site.

WordPress- Best known for its CMS

Here are some few reasons which suites as best for CMS:

  • WordPress Is Open Source and free

Well, for a start, WordPress is completely FREE to use! In fact, you can download the full WordPress software application free of charge, and host it on your own domain without having to pay any software license fees whatsoever. WordPress is an open-source Content management systems(CMS) means no accountability, no support, no updates, no continuity and no guiding light or development path.

  • Flexibility

One of the reasons why CMS WordPress has become so popular so quickly is that it requires no technical or programming skills to use or manage. Once WordPress is installed and configured, almost everything else, from using and running it, to redesigning and restructuring it, can be easily managed using simple interfaces and menus that require little to no web skills.
For example, WordPress has a built-in visual editor that allows anyone to create, format and publish content online quickly and professionally just by clicking on a few menu buttons. If you have ever used Microsoft Word, then you would have no problems at all managing your WordPress content.

  • Complete Control

With CMS WordPress, you don’t need to spend a great deal of money to have a professional web presence, you don’t need technical skills or programming knowledge to run a website, and you don’t need to depend on webmasters, web developers or web designers to manage your content or your site. Once your WordPress site is up and running, all you need to do is learn how to use all of the powerful features and functions that WordPress makes available, so you can achieve anything that you envision doing with your site. With WordPress, you can be in complete control of your own web presence.

  • Powerful scalability

CMS WordPress provides users with a framework that is extremely flexible and scalable, making it almost infinitely extensible. One of the core principles of the WordPress philosophy apart from developing it as an Open Source project, is to keep the core code as light and fast as possible while providing a rich framework that allows the growing community of WordPress software developers and web designers to keep expanding what WordPress can do with applications that enhance its core functionality (called Plugins) and flexible web design templates (called Themes) that allow you to instantly change the look and feel of your entire website in just a few mouse clicks.

  • Maintenance

Generally, free plugins and free themes don’t offer much in the way of support for users. In most cases, this is not a problem, as some of the most popular free plugins and themes are quite robust and their developers do provide regular upgrades to keep up with new CMS WordPress upgrades.

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