Work From Home Vs Office: Which One To Choose Post Lockdown?

Work from home vs office

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic situation, many industries opted for the trending work culture which is Work From Home and this comes along with the rapid development in technology. This shows another face of work culture which is to communicate with their teams and supervisors regardless of their geographical areas. You can easily communicate with your teams because of B2B software and your work tools that are accessible regardless of your location. This gives you the flexibility to adjust your workflow as per your priority, wherever you are. This results in more job opportunities that may come your way. Working from home might come with a mixed blessing. Hence here we are comparing the office work and remote work with some benefits and obstacles of each so as to help you to decide Work From Home vs Office post lockdown.

Work From Home vs Office-

Work From Home vs Office

1. Dress code-

Work from Office-

When you work from the office, it is expected that you must dress up according to your profession, business industry, or location. Generally, you must be dressed up as per the standards defined by an organization which is usually formal clothes. One may get irritated by the formal clothes and results in its productivity throughout the day. According to a survey, it has been analyzed that a company that has decided the dress code is perceived negatively by 61% of employees looking for a job change.

Work from Home-

When it comes to remote working, you have 100% freedom to wear the clothes that you’re comfortable in. And it has been noted that employees are more productive when the dress code is relaxed.

2. Flexibility Of Work Hours-

Work from Home

We have mentioned in the introduction that remote working provides you the flexibility to schedule the work according to your priority. Obviously, you must be in touch with your team and accordingly schedule the team meetings, in queue tasks and end of the reporting but still, there is much more freedom than an office day.

Working remotely allows you to schedule your work hours as per your productivity peak hours whether it is early morning or late at night. And hence you can manage the work more productively when you are energetic which results in effective work done.

Work from Office-

Working from an office requires you to align your work between the specific office timings. And it is expected that you must be prompt at that time. But the truth is, you can not be effective all the time. This means you have to deal with your habits and nature with no choice of freedom to set the schedule.

3. Governing By Someone-

Work from home-

When you work from home, this is not an issue. No one will be there to judge you and the way you work. You can sit as you like. This will be healthier and you don’t have to mix your private life with it. Here comes one disadvantage that managers can’t see what efforts you are putting into some tasks to get it done. You will be judged by them only on tangible results. 

These all aspects depending on mindset. There are some introverts who avoid interaction with new people and work from home increases this a lot. It is always better to meet new people. This helps us to evolve in life and get to know each other. Know the tips for effective Work From Home at- Effective tips of time management for remote workers.

4. Can Take Care Of Families-

Work from home-

Remote working goes in a beneficial direction when you take care of yourself as well as others. When you are working from home, you can take clear breaks to eat healthy snacks instead of junk food. Also we can take some exercise breaks after a regular interval of time. Stretching and healthy food will surely help you to boost your stamina and improve health. You can easily take a break and go for a walk outside if you feel stressed. 

Working from Office-

When you work from the office taking care of children and yourself becomes more difficult. You can not take a frequent break or could not go for a walk whenever you feel stressed. Because you need to answer your manager or the higher authorities. Also, you may need to buy junk snacks whenever you feel hungry. This will negatively affect your health by increasing the cholesterol level. There are some standard routines and it is possible to bring everything together.

5. Salary-

We can say that salary of remote workers and office workers are generally equal. In some cases, remote workers might get better pay than that of an office employee because he is saving office space, water and electricity, parking and even computers too. Hence the company can pay some more money here.

Remote workers need to create a working space on their own or many need to join the coworking space if the residence is not suitable. 

6. Self-Motivation-

When you are working from home, it takes a lot of self-discipline to your daily routine because you don’t need to reach the office at 9 o’clock in the morning. Hence sometimes you may become lazy and avoid your exercise or essential work. You may avoid going outside for a walk and just lay down to Sofa which is truly harmful to your health.

Inversely, when you work at the office, you daily commute to different places, maintain some daily routine and minimally walk just for the office to bus transport which is good. 

7. Sense Of Solitude-

When you work from home, you can’t go out for lunch with your office colleagues because you don’t have work colleagues around. And hence sometimes you may get bored with your daily routine and miss some exciting things in life. And here comes the feeling of loneliness and directs towards frustration.

To avoid all this, you should be social in your private life too. You must meet your colleagues as well as private life friends, do some chit chat with them. It will keep your body and mind healthy.

8. Use of Technology-

Work From Office-

When you work with an office you may need less communication tools/software or work-related software to carry out your daily work. 

Work From Home-

But when you work remotely with your team, some of your team members may work from different geo-location. Sometimes you may have issues with some software to work for eg., UAE, Bangladesh, Morocco, and China have banned the use of Skype. You may face the difficulty to communicate with the team. At that, you must know an alternate solution to it.   You can use Trello for project management, Rescue time for time tracking, and skype for communication. Not every technology works effectively in every country. For some locations, it may be cost-prohibitive for a remote worker to participate in Skype meetings while others will cost nothing. One must know that the world wide web can look different in other countries and internet access may not be as fast as it is at the office. It is better to communicate and get solutions over the issue than to leave employees hanging. You can also know- Top 10 tools you’ll need to work from home.

Final words-

These are some key differences of Remote working and working from the office. In short, remote working allows you to work more comfortably and effectively with cost-saving and maintaining good health. Analyzing these you can easily choose the better one post lockdown. 

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