Xamarin- A Rising Star For Mobile App Development

Xamarin- A rising star for mobile app development

Mobile apps have become a non separable part of our lives. Enterprises and their users prefer mobile apps to automate their work life. As the demand for mobile apps development increases, there is a need to develop the apps with the right tools and appropriate approach. Longer development cycle for mobile apps is a major concern for businesses. But, fortunately, Xamarin comes to develop, test and deploy mobile apps rapidly across iOS, Android and Windows. 

Some Important Points To Know About Xamarin-

Xamarin is the most popular open-source cross platform development frameworks that allow developers to build scalable, feature rich and also secure mobile applications. Here are some of the important points that you must know before selecting xamarin for app development.

  • Native Like Performance- Cross platform apps developed with Xamarin are categorized as native. Their performance metrics are comparable with Java for Android app development and Swift for native iOS.
  • Better User Experience- Apps developed with Xamarin appears completely native on all devices and hence offers better user performance.
  • Code Reusability- To build an app, Xamarin uses C# with .Net framework which means you can reuse the 95% of code and hence the development process becomes faster.
  • Easy Maintenance- Apps that are built with the Xamarin are easy to maintain and update also.
  • Use Of Xamarin.Forms- Xamarin.Forms is used to create apps that need less platform-specific functionality by using rapid prototyping. 

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Most Powerful Ways To Develop Mobile Apps Rapidly With Xamarin-

1. Using In-Built UI Frames And Controls-

Rather than jumping directly into developing mobile apps for ios, Android and windows separately, enterprises uses Xamarin to deploy these apps. This platform offers multiple in-built UI frames and pages with more than 40 cross platform layouts and controls to be used and hence development time reduces. These ready layouts and controls include lists, labels, buttons, gestures and so on. Xamarin experts use these particular controls to share the backend C# code across platforms so as to rapidly build completely native mobile applications.

2. Consider Cross-Platform Mobile App Solutions-

For multi-platform development native mobile apps come with heavy development overheads. To share the code across platforms for native apps, Xamarin is perfect. 75% of source code can be shared across iOS, Android and Windows for the faster time-to-market across cross-platform apps..

3. Adopt Lean Development Approach-

Lead development approach is a type of Agile development and is a popular approach for mobile development. The principles of lean development relate to rapid delivery, built-in quality, efficiency, deferred-commitment which are also a Xamarin’s features. Hence this approach is best for Xamarin development.

4. Using mBaaS For Backend Functionalities-

Many businesses creating mobile applications are reinventing business critical functions like data synchronization with cloud, social media integration, analytics platform, offline-online set-up, third-party apps are taking significant development resources. These important functionalities managed through a strong mobile backend system(mBaaS) like Azure mobile apps service. With Azure mBaaS, Xamarin allows smooth integration to focus on user experience and efficiency. 

5. Adopt Peerless Testing Features With Xamarin TestCloud-

Xamarin TestCloud is available for the Xamarin users due to which the testing of apps becomes easy and rapid by allowing users to interact with multiple mobile devices concurrently. And hence reducing the time and cost efforts in app testing results in reduced time-to-market.

Benefits Of Xamarin Cross-Platform App Development-

1. C#-Based Programming-

Xamarin is a C# based platform. It is a flexible, type-safe and object-oriented and easy to learn programming language. Most of the developers prefers it because it doesn’t require any extra coding effort and time to learn.

2. Less Development Time-

Native apps are for the one platform and hence development is a time  consuming task. Xamarin solves this issue by allowing developers to develop a source code for one specific platform and make it work on other platforms too.

3. High End IDE- 

Xamarin uses dynamic ISEs (Integrated Development Environment) like Visual Studio which brag of features like code completion, database schema designer, integrated debugger etc.

4. Multi-Platform Code Compatibility-

Sometimes, due to budget constraints users develop apps for only a single platform. This limits the source code to work only on one platform. By allowing developers to create code that works well with multiple platforms, Xamarin ensures multiple platform compatibility.

5.Multiple Library Support-

It is an important feature that any custom software development company looks for. Xamarin’s capacity to use a range of libraries encourages executing even complicated functionality with less efforts.

6. Insights-

No single app is perfect. Many problems and bugs can encounter with the time and sometimes developers didn’t know about it. With the help of Xamarin insights developers can monitor the real time performance of apps and effectively solve the issues.  

Wrap up-

Due to all the above benefits, choosing Xamarin for a cross-platform app development is the best decision for enterprises. If you are thinking of opting it for app development, we are here to help you. We have a dedicated team of skilled developers. You can hire Xamarin developers of a solace team for effective app development. Connect with Solace and get a free quote for Xamarin app development. We will be happy to help you.

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