Yii vs Zend vs Laravel vs Symfony- Which One To Choose?

PHP is the most popular programming languages as compared to other programming languages. New version of PHP made this better and more stable over ever previously. There are many PHP frameworks available. Hence choosing the right one among them is a crucial act. Today, we can say that PHP commands the server side web development. Big companies like Facebook, Wikipedia, Magento and WordPress etc. are all built on PHP framework. Designing and building up a successful and high-quality website immediately was always a hard task for developers and the complexities increments when the site gets refreshed all the time. However, PHP supports web solutions and helps in easy implementation.

Why you should use PHP framework rather than using raw PHP?

  • Scaling the system is easy with the use of framework.
  • MVC model helps to rapid development.
  • Frameworks are better in security context.
  • Because of the DRY(Don’t repeat yourself) principle in framework you can code minimum with maximum impact.

PHP has many frameworks. But choosing the best one among them is not only confusing but also a crucial part. A development team should choose a framework according to their experience, requirements, application goal, testing, documentation and also with the consideration of quality of development team.

Introduction of Yii, Zend, Laravel, and Symfony-


This framework was developed in 2006. It provides high performance, fast and secure web development framework that allows developers to create forums and web-portals within less time. Yii is equipped with JQuery integration, it turns out to be simple for front end developers to deal with the entire system.


This is a robust framework and primarily used to develop large web applications. It incorporates various customization features and is excellent at documentation.


Laravel is the most popular and used framework in PHP. It also has excellent community support and is easy to learn. It is the best framework for developing highly complex back-end system within less time.


Symfony enables developers to make amazing applications with reusable PHP codes. The developer gets the opportunity to choose from over 30 different components so as to build an easy to understand application. Drupal and PHBB utilizes Symfony frameworks for their huge projects.

Yii vs Zend vs Laravel vs Symfony- A Comparison-

1. Database Support-

Yii: Yii supports Database such as MYSQL, Oracle, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Microsoft Bl.

Zend: Zend supports Database such as IBM DB2, MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MYSQL, DBeaver.

Laravel: Laravel supports database such as MySQL, Postgress, SQLite, and SQL Server.

Symfony: When compared with Yii, Zend, and Laravel, Symfony has the best and largest database support such as Apache Jackrabbit, Couch DB, Dynamo DB, Gemfire, Graph DB, MYSQL, NoSQL, Oracle etc…

2. Installation-

All Yii, Zend, and Laravel have their own procedures for installation. And all these frameworks are very easy to install.

3. Templating Engine-

Template engines helps the developer to furnish better functions with clean codes. It likewise offers features such as filling the gap left by raw PHP, Automatic HTML escaping and filtering.


It doesn’t support any third party templating system. Twig and Smarty are the most preferable templating engines for Yii. 


Smartly is the only one templating engine used in Zend.


Laravel is the framework that uses Blade templating system. Hence you can clean and efficient code in minimum time.


Symfony also uses Twig as a templating engine to write neat and simple codes. 

4. Rapid Development-

This is the most significant factor when examined from an organization and client point of view, since launching a site to the market to fulfill the need of the clients. Quick development revolves around building up an application to fulfill the client needs by beating the rivals in the fragment.


Yii is great being developed as it takes execution to the next level and meets business prerequisites and work productively with AJAX and supports caching.


Zend enables developers to work with libraries, which they access processed components without finishing the entire framework. Because of this Zend turns out to be progressively complicated for beginners.


It has the most recent methodologies and also support to execute your plans. It has even got incorporated technical support which permits accomplishing right output in real time.


Software components are accessible for developers making them reliable and fast framework. Symfony appreciates a strong network behind them and hence is robust.

5. Security-

Security is one of the most important factors in the success of mobile app. You should use the framework that gives best security features. All the above PHP frameworks underpin the regular malware, for example, SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting and unapproved validation.


Yii is seen as the most secured among the frameworks. It fuses the most recent security highlights for verification, approval, passwords, decryption, and encryption and so on.


Laravel offers numerous features that guarantee the security. Besides, Laravel is outfitted with its very own verification framework which is very successful.


Zend is equipped with BSD license which infers that it shields the content in the site from being ruptured by any outsider tools. It is also equipped with various components to secure the application from XSS attacks and errors.


Symfony offers to install a security component that is apportioned into four sub-segments. These segments can be used independently. Some of the features incorporate validation and authorization and insurance against Cross-Site Request Forgery and other attacks.

Final Words-

PHP structures have limited the complexity and tasks in web development. Analyzing all the above facts, we can say that Laravel is the best player in the market and gives no indication of halting. Symfony and Yii are also an excellent framework. On the off chance that your necessities are for all around supported and a modular network, at that point Symfony ought to be your decision. Yii has an intuitive system that is powerful and secure. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are searching for quick prototyping and ease of use, at that point go with Laravel.

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