15 Essential Node.js Packages To Improve Developer Productivity

15 Essential Node.js Packages To Improve Developer Productivity

Node.js is a pioneer in the asynchronous framework markets and used to create quick and scalable network applications. It supports a huge pool of startups and businesses that earn hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Node.js is the greatest disclosure of modern server engineering that we use and is not showing any sign of stopping. A new release of Node.js secures some loopholes in OpenSSL, and supports languages like C and C++

Node.js packages helps you to use an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. These important features makes it efficient, lightweight and totally adept for data-intensive real-time applications. It helps in achieving many purposes like back-end, front-end, APIs and robotics, improvement of development workflow and work model.

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Significance of NPM-

NPM is a JavaScript node package manager. It is a default method to manage packages in Node.js runtime environment and supports use cases like publish, discover, install and develop node programs. By using NPM, javascript developers can easily share the code that they have compose to solve specific issues and other developers can reuse this code for their application.

Three specific components-

  • Website
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) known as the NPM client
  • Registry (it is the directory of information about packages)

Registry includes more than 1 million Node.js Packages. These packages help developers to code by bringing simplicity to work. They can just install many NPM packages, copy few snippets and get ready with a decent demo for a JIT presentation.

Top 15 Node.js Packages To Improve Productivity-

1. Browserify-

This package allows developers to develop organised, systematic and easy to navigate client-side codebase. With the use of Browserify, you can develop components that assign dependencies according to their use in different conditions. Generally, Node.js projects have many Node.js Packages, libraries and scripts. At such cases this package helps you to organize and give proper structure.

JavaScript libraries are complicated to manage and you have to continuously check the templates to analyse which script is used by which libraries. As soon as you go deep into a project, script increases and hence it becomes difficult to tab on libraries and widgets. 

2. Express-

One of the fastest ways to get a programming language to serve your needs is through a framework. Most of the common programming languages have similar structures. It is a widely used framework to create and publish applications, and APIs rapidly. This framework has a minimal structure and by using Express generator, you can immediately launch a functional application. Also you can combine it with other Node JS packages for better performance.

3. Socket.io-

It allows developers to build real-time communication applications that need real-time streams of content , either from data in working or through an API from an external source. For instance, an apps like Twitter bot to collect latest tweets, a Facebook bot to watch news and combinations of APIs that work with real-time data. 

4. Mocha-

Testing is necessary for any project because it shows the application’s  performance and the functioning of code. It is a Javascript framework that runs on browser and Node.js and also makes asynchronous testing easy. It runs sequentially with adaptable and accurate reporting.  Also it maps uncaught exceptions to the test cases. From the performance report, developers can find specific errors and find a solution for issues.

5. Bower-

These days, websites include external libraries, tools, JS related utilities, frameworks and hence it becomes complicated to keep track of all these. And here comes the significance of Bower. It is a great package manager to control such situations. It can manages all components like CSS, JS, HTML, fonts and visual content works also. Bower allocates all packages that you’re using and helps you to be updated and consistently checked against potential risks. 

6. Karma-

Testing is an essential part of your project as it maintains the stability and performance of application. Karma is an efficient testing tool that allows you to test the code in browser and cross-browser too. It is used for testing during local development, every file save and server integration. It works seamlessly with terminal too.

7. JSHint-

It is a linting tool that reviews your Javascript program and identifies mistakes and potential errors. When your codebase is large, possibility of errors also increase and hence requires more time for debugging. With this tool, developers can effectively detect issues in code that can be a leaking variable, syntax error or implicit type conversion that cause bugs. In short, this tool improves your code and saves time for debugging. 

8. Gulp-

With this node.js package, one can strengthen and automate  your application’s workflow and hence can increase your productivity in development workflow. It is easy to understand and implement and also offers a minimal API surface, major integrations that you can use with PHP, .NET, Node.js and Java.

9. GraphicsMagick-

ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick are the tools to manipulate visual content on the web. You can use both tools within your Node.js projects to optimize visual content. It’s documentation is easy to navigate and offers all tips and tricks, insights to use the GraphicsMagick library in a proper way.

10. Restify-

If you want to create a RESTful API, this library helps you with required tools to execute tasks. APIs are important in any node.js application as they make real-time more real. Restify is a helpful library for you while creating REST services for the web.

11. Morgan-

It is one of the most preferred library of Node developers. Morgan is a HTTP request logger that stores HTTP requests and give you appropriate insight into how your app is being used and where could be the potential errors might be that you haven’t explored.

12. JOI-

You can use this module for data validation process of your app. It could be easy scalar data types like strings and numbers or complicated values having multiple levels of objects and arrays. It is useful to build secure applications. 

13. MongoDB Node.JS Driver-

This library provides a necessary driver if you want to implement a full version of MongoDB within their Node.js projects. It provides a necessary space to use MongoDB to its node projects.

14. Babel-Core-

Babel-Core is a popular JavaScript transpiler having real name as 6to5. Initially it converts ES6 code to ES5 code but now it can convert ES6 to ES5, JSX to JavaScript, and Flow to JavaScript.

15. Chalk-

It is a very easy library that styles your terminal strings. Also the API of Chalk is simple and straightforward that works easily with all features of JavaScript that it offers natively.

Final Words-

These are some popular node.js packages that you can use for better performance of node.js development. There can be few others too. If you are facing any difficulty with Node.js development, Consult with solace experts. We have dedicated experts to help you through consultation and development. Connect with solace and get a free quote for node.js development.

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