Best Golang Tools And IDEs For Development In 2021

Best golang tools and ides for development in 2021

Google’s Go programming language is gaining immense popularity among common users. It is a new language, considering modern architectures and made to be effective, competitive and simple. Go language is made to build low-level monolithic for Google and ultimately proved best suited to service-oriented architectures because of its easy deployment, productivity and scalability. Because of open-source, compiled programming language, Golang makes it easy for developers to create dependable, easy and proficient software. Golang reduces the amount of writing code and unique APIs without compromising performance. In the Golang development, some IDEs are well suited for Golang and are gaining popularity with its efficient features of the most popular programming languages. Here we will see best tools and IDEs for golang development.

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Best Golang Development Tools-

1. Gonative-

It helps to build Go Toolchains with the help of native libraries that can be easily cross-compiled. Gonative keeps the libraries updated by downloading binary distributions for each platform.

2. Apicompat-

Using this tool developers can detect exported declarations and incompatible changes in the background. One of the greatest advantage of this tool is that false positives can be avoided in Apicompat.

3. Depth-

With Depth, web developers can visualize and retrieve Go source code dependency trees.It can be used as a specific package within your project or as a standalone command-line app. You can add customizations by using the relevant flags on Tree before fixing it.

4. Go Vendor-

This tool works well with standard Vendor folder. Also it enables developers to copy current dependencies from $GOPATH with Go Vendor add or update. One can pull new dependencies or update current ones directly using Go Vendor fetch and transit legacy systems using Go Vendor migrate.

5. Go-Callvis-

This is a web development tool that enables visualization of Go program’s call graph using Graphviz’s dot format. It is helpful in developing large projects using complicated codebases. Also it helps to understand other developers’ code structures or recreate somebody else’s project. 

With Callvis, developers can concentrate on particular packages inside a program, group functions as per the package, and techniques according to the type and restrict packages to tailor path prefixes and neglect those which comprise them.

6. Gosimple-

This Golang linter concentrate to ease Go source code. It always targets the most recent Go version, so requires the Go version 1.6 or more. If there is a new Go launch, Gosimple will recommend the simplest and easiest technique to avoid complex structures.

What Is IDE?

Software suite which includes all the tasks of programming in one app is called an Integrated Development Environment or IDE. It plays a role of single interface that includes; Code editor, automation tools, compiler and debugger etc. It completes the requirements of developers for writing and testing software.

Why Use An IDE?

  • Integrated Testing
  • Integrated Debugging
  • Integrated Code Organization and Navigation

Benefits Of An IDE-

  • Easy collaboration
  • Improves productivity
  • Standardization
  • Effective project management
  • Encourages continual Learning

Best Golang IDEs-

1. Goland-

It is a Go language integrated development environment launched by JetBrains. It is also based on the IntelliJ platform and supports the plugin system of JetBrains. Goland allows you run tests directly on the code without need to switch to the terminal. Some other types of languages like SQL, Bash or support tools like Docker can be added manually, that are cross sectional for any of Jetbrains IDE. Goland is helpful to analyze- 

  • Code generation
  • Tabbed interface
  • Source code
  • Refactoring,
  • Inspections and quick fixes
  • Smart code completion
  • Quick navigation
  • Highlighting function exit points
  • Showing the type of any expression

Being a commercial IDE, it offers Golang developers a robust, ergonomic environment. It has a wide ecosystem as created by an established company. 

2. Visual Studio Code-

Visual studio code is an extensible open-source IDE developed by Microsoft. It offers support for a wide range of programming languages and is focused on web development. Visual Studio Code is based on Electron, that is, in turn based on Chromium. It supports golang development by integrating all Go tools and Delve debugger through Delve debugger. One can install some Go tools and packages to get started. Golang has a supportive and strong community including golang developers with regular contributions. Visual studio code is very quick and responsive. Features of Visual studio code are as follows-

  • Snippets
  • Signature Help
  • Find References
  • Workspace symbol search
  • Completion Lists
  • Symbol search
  • Call stacks
  • Code navigation
  • Code navigation
  • An interactive console
  • Bracket matching
  • Run Tests under the cursor, in the current file, in the current package, in the whole workspace
  • Semantic/Syntactic error reporting as you type
  • Add/Remove Tags on struct fields
  • Build-on-save & List-on-save
  • Generate unit tests skeleton

3. Vim-

It is an open-source, highly configured and customized IDE with various plugins. It installs all the necessary binaries automatically to create a hassle-free environment for Go developers. Some great features of Vim are as follows-

  • Source code analysis
  • Goto definition
  • Multiple 3rd liner support
  • Quick file execution
  • Adding and removing import paths 

4. IntelliJIDEA-

It is an open-source IDE released by Jetbrains. With the help of  Go language support plugin, this IDE can be used with Go. IntelliJIDEA uses a rapid indexing method which provides import suggestions for the IDE and contextual hints on auto-completion object members. Some of the basic features are error identification and refactoring. Every feature of this IDE is made to boost developers’ productivity and coding experience. Some of the features of this IDE are as follows-

  • Advanced refactoring
  • Shortcuts
  • Smart code completion
  • Detects duplicates
  • Supports other tools and frameworks.

5. Sublime Text-

It is one of the great and sophisticated IDE for Go with a huge community of programmers. It offers great speed and improved performance. GoSublime is a plugin for Sublime Text 3 and it provides code completion from Go Code, syntax check while you are writing code, automatic removal and addition of package imports etc. Some of the best features of this IDE are as follows-

  • Syntax check while wiring codes
  • Removal of package imports
  • Automatic code completion
  • Code completion from Go code, and more.

6. Komodo-

It is a full-featured Golang IDE that supports other programming languages like Node.js, Perl, Ruby, Python and so on. Developers can easily write clean code easily with Komodo. Komodo works well for team cooperation as several developers can edit a document at the same time. You should use only one license to install this IDE on Windows, Mac or Linux. 

Features of Komodo-

  • Intelligent code completion
  • Advanced code editor
  • Version control
  • Unit testing
  • Syntax checking
  • Golang code intelligence

7. Eclipse With GoClipse-

Goclipse is one of the plugins for Eclipse, that provides Go source code editing along with automatic indentation, configurable syntax highlighting and brace completion. Also, it works as a project builder and wizard that creates errors immediately and reports syntax. 


  • Source code editor
  • A builder to report errors
  • GDB debugger support
  • A project wizard and more.

Final Words-

Golang is gaining popularity among developers community and now it has a powerful ecosystem that comprises different choices for the development environment. Here we have seen the best tools and IDEs for golang development. This will surely help you for developing a software product with golang. 

If you’re thinking about using golang for development, must know these tools and IDEs. In case of any difficulty with Golang development, consult with Solace experts. We are here to help you through consultation and development. Connect with Solace and get a free quote for Golang development. We will be happy to help you.

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