A Battle of Trios: Python vs Ruby vs Golang

Each programming language has its own different features, benefits, history, efficiency and popularity which are different from other programming languages. Therefore, choosing the perfect programming language for developing a software solution is a crucial part. For this, let’s compare three prime languages – Python vs Ruby vs Golang.


Python is an interpreted, high level, general purpose programming language.

Python is an interpreted, high level, general purpose programming language. Its constructs and object oriented approach helps programmers to write clear and logical code for small to large projects. Python is a server-side scripting language which focus on simpler, crispier and high-performance codes. Know the uses of Python at- Using Python in Finance, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.


It is an interpreted, high-level, scripted programming language.

It is an interpreted, high-level, scripted programming language. It supports multiple programming paradigms such as procedural, object-oriented and functional programming. Ruby has followed the motto of ‘don’t repeat yourself’, so it saves time and effort. It is a great language for rapid development and many popular social networking sites like Twitter. Ruby doesn’t need specification each time because the code has implicit behavior.


Golang is a statically typed, compiled programming language that feels like a dynamically typed, interpreted language.

Golang is a statically typed, compiled programming language that feels like a dynamically typed, interpreted language. It is designed at Google and is syntactically similar to C. Similarly, just like Python, there is a single way to do the right thing here. Golang is fast and also it allows programmers to control over memory usage at a certain limit. Many startups use Golang for its concurrency.

Comparison- Python vs Ruby vs Golang.

1. Ways to do the right thing-

  • Python has always focused on ‘the best way to do it’ motto. So it offers simplicity over flexibility.
  • Ruby focused on ‘multiple ways of doing a single thing’. You can do things in multiple ways because of flexibility and freedom it offers.
  • Likewise Python, Golang has a single way to do the right thing.

2. Repetitive vs choice-

  • Python has automatic list expansion feature which is a plus point over the others. So it requires less code and less effort.
  • Ruby is more expressive than others.
  • Golang takes more line of code to do the same thing as compared to Python.

3. Speed-

  • Python and Ruby are slower than Golang. Golang has great built-in functionality.
  • Ruby and Python are slower as compared to Golang because Golang doesn’t need to be interpreted.
  • Golang has a standard library that contains a fully web server.

4. From beginner’s concern-

  • Python is considered as a great language to learn, if you already know any programming language.
  • Ruby and Python are great languages to run, only the previous takes up more memory for faster performance.
  • Golang code is to compile, just type go run mycode.go to compile. This makes it fast. For beginners, Golang is not efficient language.

5. Performance-

  • Python is used for development of desktop applications.
  • Ruby is ideal for creating tiny commercial projects, blogs, and personal pages. For complex solutions, Ruby is not very appropriate because its speed is slow and this will affect the satisfaction of demanding customers.
  • Golang is ideal for solving both simple and complex, multi-threaded tasks, which isn’t strange at all. Golang projects run faster than similar projects written in Ruby.

6. Community-

  • There are tens of thousands of Python developers. Companies such as YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, Reddit and BitTorrent used Python.
  • A single person developed Ruby language. Ruby has become less popular in the last couple of years. Besides that, many great companies such as Twitter, Shopify, Crunchbase has chosen Ruby.
  • Golang is designed by Google with its cloud infrastructures, supportive community, forums, tutorials and additional libraries that helps language to grow fast. One of the fastest-growing, loved and requested programming languages of recent years is Golang. Various companies like Docker, BBC, SoundCloud, Facebook, Dropbox, and even Medium adopted Go.

7. Compatibility-

  • Ruby has limited compatibility with most popular databases.
  • Golang is compatible with almost all databases as a server-side language.
  • Go is compatible with other languages, especially with the C- family languages.
  • Many programmers use Golang  in a bundle with different stacks like Python and Go or PHP and Go to improve general app performance.

8. Development Experience-

  • Programming in Python is more productive than other languages.
  • Ruby language is beneficial for use if you need rapid delivery of results and if the quality of performance is not that much important.
  • Golang is ideal for backend systems of any size and highly-scalable network servers. It provides you with fast and high-quality performance and good compatibility with other technologies.

Wrap up-

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